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Free WiFi in Japan: Locations, Apps, and Other Tips

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In recent years, free WiFi areas has been increasingly available in Japan. We introduce the benefits and drawbacks of free WiFi, spots where it can be used including airports, free WiFi-related apps, and also highlight SIM cards and pocket WiFi services that can complement free WiFi usage.

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Free WiFi in Japan

In recent years, free WiFi has become available in many places in Japan, making it available in many places. In this article, we introduce places where you can use free WiFi in Japan along with recommended apps.

When traveling in Japan, relying solely on free WiFi is not sufficient, however, so we also introduce cost-effective pocket WiFi devices, SIM cards, and other options that complement free WiFi for a better travel experience.

Table of Contents

1. The Pros and Cons of Free WiFi
2. Free WiFi Hotspots
3. Free WiFi Apps
4. Other cost-effective ways to access the internet

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The Pros and Cons of Free WiFi

Japan Free Wi-Fi

The registration page for McDonald's free WiFi network

The greatest advantage of free WiFi is that it requires no cost to users. At hotspots with fast internet speed, you can even download a huge amount of data.

Free WiFi hotspots are mainly located in airports, train stations, coffee shops, and lodging facilities.

On the other hand, it can be challenging to use free WiFi on the street in Japan, so when you are lost and need to check a route on Google Maps, it might be difficult.

Furthermore, compared to communication through private lines like SIM cards or pocket WiFi, free WiFi is more vulnerable in terms of security. It is risky to exchange sensitive information such as credit card details over free WiFi networks.

In general, it is recommended to use free WiFi for tasks that do not involve personal information, such as looking up information about tourist destinations or checking routes.

Free WiFi Hotspots

Free WiFi is available at many locations in Japan.

Airports and Train Stations

Japan Free Wi-Fi

Photo by Pixta

Currently, major airports and train stations in Japan provide free WiFi services. This is convenient for looking up information about your next destination or checking train schedules.

However, at airports and train stations, since many people connect to the free WiFi networks, there can be a decrease in connection speeds.

Additionally, many airport and train station free WiFi networks do not have passwords set up. Therefore, it is risky to exchange information containing personal data over these networks.

Hotels and Other Accommodation Facilities

Get Cheap Internet in Japan: Free Wi-Fi Hotspots, Affordable Portable Routers, and SIM Cards

Currently, many accommodation facilities in Japan offer free WiFi services.

One of the most reliable places to use free WiFi in Japan is at accommodation facilities. During stays at popular Japanese hotel chains like APA Hotel or Super Hotel, our writer was able to smoothly stream videos with large data capacity.

One of the advantages of using free WiFi at accommodation facilities is that it is relatively secure due to the limited number of users.

In recent years, in Japan, the majority of accommodation facilities, including business hotels, luxury inns, and budget guesthouses, have equipped themselves with free WiFi. However, it is essential to note that some older inns or traditional ryokans may still not have free WiFi, so it's necessary to be cautious.

Coffee Shops (Starbucks, etc.)

Get Cheap Internet in Japan: Free Wi-Fi Hotspots, Affordable Portable Routers, and SIM Cards

When it comes to cafes offering free WiFi in Japan, Starbucks Coffee is a prominent choice. When you visit Tokyo, you'll often see business professionals working at Starbucks using the free WiFi service.

Starbucks Coffee's free WiFi is user-friendly with screens available in multiple languages, making the process straightforward.

In addition to Starbucks, several cafe chains in Japan such as Tully's Coffee and Komeda Coffee also provide free WiFi services.

It is worth noting that in some cases, Starbucks located within shopping malls may not offer free WiFi. In such instances, the shopping mall itself often provides its own free WiFi service, but it may not be as convenient to use as Starbucks' WiFi, so please be mindful of this discrepancy.


Japan Free Wi-Fi

Photo by Pixta

In addition to Starbucks Coffee, another easily accessible option for free WiFi in Japan is McDonald's. McDonald's also provides a user-friendly interface with screens available in multiple languages.

As of 2024, there are approximately 3,000 McDonald's locations in Japan. Their widespread presence, even in rural areas and along highways, makes them very convenient for WiFi access.

It is important to note that similar to Starbucks, McDonald's may not offer free WiFi when located inside shopping malls, so please be aware of this when seeking WiFi connectivity at these specific locations.

Shopping Malls

Most shopping malls and large commercial facilities, such as Aeon Mall, offer free Wi-Fi.

The Internet speed at these places may be slow, so please consider this disadvantage.

Local Free WiFi

Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building

Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building

Municipalities, tourism organizations, and other entities in various regions also provide free WiFi services. For example, in Tokyo, there is TOKYO FREE Wi-Fi (available in 5 languages), and in Osaka, there is Osaka FREE Wi-Fi (available in 6 languages).

Not limited to major cities like these, in Kagawa Prefecture where the author of this article resides, services such as KAGAWA-WiFi are also available.

It is worth noting that free WiFi services offered by local governments or official tourism organizations may have security concerns such as the lack of encryption in communications. Therefore, it is advisable to refrain from exchanging information containing personal data over these networks as much as possible.


convenience store

Japanese convenience store. Photo by Pixta

Some convenience stores in Japan also provide free WiFi services.

For example, the major chain Lawson offers free WiFi that can be used without prior registration. You can find more information about Lawson's WiFi service here.

Additionally, FamilyMart provides "d Wi-Fi," which is available for members of Docomo's d POINT CLUB. This service allows members to connect to WiFi at FamilyMart stores.

Free Wi-Fi Apps

In Japan, there are several apps available for free WiFi access.

Typically, when using free WiFi, you need to input personal information like your email address each time. However, by registering through an app, you can save the hassle of entering this information repeatedly.

Moreover, these apps often include maps that show locations where free WiFi is available, making it easy to find spots where you can access free WiFi quickly.

Japan Wi-Fi auto-connect

Japan Free Wi-Fi

From the Japan Wi-Fi auto-connect official website

Japan Wi-Fi auto-connect is provided by NTT, a major telecommunications company in Japan. It supports 5 languages, making it accessible to both Japanese and foreign users.

It can be used at over 50,000 locations nationwide in Japan. Please visit here for more information.

Town WiFi


From the Town WiFi official website

The app TownWiFi is provided by GMO Internet Group, which engages in various internet-related businesses. There are over 150,000 connection spots nationwide in Japan accessible through this app. TownWiFi is operated through collaborations with various businesses, featuring functions like in-app advertising.

In exchange, users can accumulate points that can be redeemed for discounts on shopping through programs like Ponta and PayPay.

Please note that the app is only available in Japanese, while the official website supports Japanese and English. You can find more information here.

Other Cost-Effective Ways to Access the Internet

As mentioned earlier, free WiFi does have its disadvantages. Therefore, when traveling to Japan, it is recommended to also prepare a pocket WiFi device or a SIM card (including eSIM) for internet access.

Here, we will introduce budget-friendly services for those who want to save money as much as possible.

Pocket WiFi Portable Routers

Portable Router Wi-Fi

Photo by Pixta

Pocket WiFi, or a portable router, is perfect for group trips or business travel as it allows multiple devices to be connected at once and often offers a generous amount of data usage.

In Japan, there are various pocket WiFi services available, with one particularly cost-effective option being Ninja WiFi.

With Ninja WiFi, you can use up to 3GB of data per day for a fee of 770 yen. Additionally, there is a 20% discount available for MATCHA readers. You can find more information about this offer here.

Furthermore, platforms like Klook also provide pocket WiFi services in Japan.

SIM Cards or eSIM

Japan Free Wi-Fi

Photo by Pixta

SIM Cards offer less data than pocket WiFi but are cost-effective and easy to carry around.

SIM cards are available from various providers, online shops like Amazon, and electronics stores. As of April 2024, for a SIM card with around 1GB per day of data usable for 3 days, the price ranges from 1,000 to 2,000 yen.

For travelers needing about 1-2 GB per day for a week-long trip, a particularly good deal is the service provided by Mobal. Additionally, for English-speaking travelers, Sakura Mobile is highly rated for its customer service.

Services like Klook also offer SIM cards for purchase.

Moreover, the use of eSIM, which allows usage without physically inserting a card, has been increasing in popularity in recent years.

Make the Most of Free WiFi!

By utilizing free WiFi, you can save money on internet expenses during your trip to Japan.

Use this article as a guide to make the most out of Japan's free WiFi and enjoy your travels to the fullest!

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