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Where To Find Free Wi-Fi In Japan - Japan Connected-Free Wi-Fi

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This article introduce free Wi-Fi services that can be used in Japan. Japan Connected-Free Wi-Fi is one of them. Other options include cafes and convenience stores. Find out more and stay connected during your trip!


Free Wi-Fi in Japan

Free Wi-Fi has become easier to find at cafes and convenience stores, as well as around sightseeing spots, but it still cannot be found everywhere in Japan. In this article we share information about free Wi-Fi in Japan and where to find it.

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Japan Connected-Free Wi-Fi

Japan Connected-free Wi-Fiサービスって?日本で無料wifiが使える場所まとめ

Picture courtesy of Japan Connected-free Wi-Fiサービス

First, you'll want to make use of Japan Connected-free Wi-Fi, a Wi-Fi service for visitors to Japan.

It's free, and all you have to do to use it is to download the designated application. The app will automatically connect you to registered Wi-Fi spots found throughout Japan. Some of the spots where you can find Wi-Fi include the airport, subway stations in Tokyo, convenience stores, outlet malls and shopping centers, as well as other public spaces, such as museums. You can search for Wi-Fi spots on the map within the app.

Download the Japan Connected-free Wi-Fi application here.

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