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Do You Love Japanese Culture? MATCHA Is Seeking Professional Writers!

Do You Love Japanese Culture? MATCHA Is Seeking Professional Writers!

Do You Love Japanese Culture? MATCHA Is Seeking Professional Writers!

Written by MATCHA_En

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Use your writing skills to introduce Japanese culture! We are seeking English language writers based in Japan who are enthusiastic about Japanese culture and enjoy introducing it through their writing to an international audience.

Written by MATCHA_En

Are you passionate about Japanese culture and feel inspired by it? Do you enjoy exploring this culture through travel and reading and like to tell others about your discoveries? Are you interested in the stories related to Japan's famous places and World Heritage sites and enjoy writing about them in English?

If your answer to any of these questions was yes, and if you have relevant writing experience, please read on. MATCHA is seeking collaborators and culture writers now!

Writing about Japanese Culture - What Is It Like?

Do You Love Japanese Culture? MATCHA Is Seeking Culture Writers!

Try to remember the first time you came to Japan. What kind of guides and books did you use to learn about the places that you visited and the aspects of culture that interested you? Was the information you found there enough or was it too much? After you got acquainted with Japanese culture, have you ever wished you'd write those guide articles yourself?

At MATCHA, our task is to introduce Japanese culture in an attractive and professional way. From famous destinations and World Heritage sites to local charms and facilities, we strive to offer just the right amount of information so that travelers can enjoy their experience of visiting Japan to the fullest.

Japan boasts a rich history and multi-faceted culture and contributing to a deeper understanding of this culture among international visitors is a type of work that is both enriching and requiring a lot of responsibility.

That is why we call out to everyone who has an authentic passion for Japanese culture and enjoys learning and writing about it to help us in our work of introducing quality information related to Japan.

Culture Writing at MATCHA - Position Details

Do You Love Japanese Culture? MATCHA Is Seeking Culture Writers!

- The main task of the culture writers we seek is to contribute to a better understanding of Japanese culture through their articles.
- The articles commissioned from our writers are related to historical sites, temples, shrines, monuments, World Heritage sites, festivals, arts, traditional arts and crafts, and other aspects of Japanese culture.
- We expect the writers to introduce information that is accurate and based on verifiable sources.
- In the case of commissioned articles, apart from the article compensation (which differs depending on the project), travel expenses to the location to be introduced in the article are covered.


- The candidates should be residing in Japan with a valid working or student visa that allows them to perform freelance activities. Please be aware that this is NOT a full-time position.
- We need to provide high-quality content in excellent English, so the writers are expected to be native level English speakers.
- Our culture writers are required to possess Japanese language skills that correspond to no less than level N3 of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test. Japanese language is required in the process of researching and covering a subject, as well as in conducting interviews.
- The writers are required to possess a good knowledge of Japanese culture and history, as well as of Japan's geography.

How to Apply

Step 1. Please send us your resume and a trial article by e-mail to The article should be related to a travel destination in Japan or to Japanese culture and should be written with MATCHA's readership in mind (about 1000 words, containing at least five pictures taken by the article's author).

Step 2. The candidates who pass the first screening will be contacted and invited to an interview.

Step 3. The successful candidates will be contacted by e-mail.

We are looking forward to your applications!

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