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9 Handy Japanese Phrases To Get From The Airport To Your Destination

9 Handy Japanese Phrases To Get From The Airport To Your Destination

Translated by Lester Somera

Written by Kobayashi

2018.11.30 Bookmark

Once you've landed at the airport in Japan, it's time to head to your destination! Review these simple Japanese phrases to help you find and ride the right public transportation to begin your travels.

Head To Your Destination With Simple Japanese!

You’ve arrived at an airport in Japan! You’d like to head into the city and start exploring, but first, you have to leave the airport. In particular Narita Airport and Haneda Airport are very large and visitors often get lost. If this happens to you, there are several phrases that we recommend you use to help you navigate through the airport.

Here is a list of phrases for you when you’re trying to travel to your destination via airport limousine bus, taxi, or train.

*For how to pronounce the words in [ ], refer to our pronunciation guide.

When You Get to the Airport

1. ◯◯ noriba wa doko desu ka?

[◯◯noribawa dokodeska]

“Where is the place to catch ◯◯?” Replace the ◯◯ with the form of transportation you want to ride.

Where can I catch a taxi?

[takushi:noribawa dokodeska]

Where is the bus stop?

[basu noribawa dokodeska]

Where is the train?

[denshawa dokodeska]

2. ◯◯ e wa, douyatte ikemasu ka?

[◯◯ewa douyatte ikemaska]

◯◯ is your destination. You can use this to ask how to get to where you want to go.

How do I get to Tokyo?

[to:kyo:ewa douyatte ikemaska]

3. ◯◯ made, dono kurai kakarimasu ka?

[◯◯made donokurai kakarimaska]

◯◯ is your destination. Use this phrase to ask how long it will take to get there.

How long does it take to get to Osaka?

[osakamade donokurai kakarimaska]

Buying a Ticket

4. ◯◯ made no chiketto o kudasai.

[◯◯madeno chikettowo kudasai]

◯◯ is your destination. “One ticket for ◯◯, please.”

I'd like a ticket for Shinjuku.

[shinjukumadeno chikettowo kudasai]

5. ◯◯ made, ikura desu ka?

[◯◯made ikuradeska]

How much is it to ◯◯?

How much does it cost to get to Sapporo?

[sapporomade ikuradeska]

6. Norikae wa arimasu ka?

[norikaewa arimaska]
Do I have to transfer trains?

You may have to change trains to get to your destination from the airport. If you’re unsure about whether or not you’ll have to transfer, use this phrase to check when you buy your ticket.

Moving Around Comfortably

7. Nimotsu o azukeraremasu ka?

[nimotsuwo azukeraremaska]
Can you take my luggage?

If you have large luggage, use this phrase with bus or taxi drivers to ask if they can handle it.

8. Seki wa doko desu ka?

[sekiwa dokodeska]

Where’s my seat?” Use this phrase if you have a reserved seat on the airport limousine bus or a limited express train.

9.Wi-Fi wa arimasu ka?

[waifaiwa arimaska]

“Do you have Wi-Fi?” Airport limousine buses and limited express trains may have Wi-Fi, so you should remember to ask. You can also use this phrase in the city at coffee shops and other stores.

Were these phrases helpful? Speak Japanese and have a fun trip!

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