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THE GATE HOTEL TOKYO by HULIC - Take In The Splendid Ginza Night View

THE GATE HOTEL TOKYO by HULIC - Take In The Splendid Ginza Night View

Translated by Shinji Takaramura

Written by MATCHA-PR

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Experience urban Tokyo for yourself by lodging at THE GATE HOTEL TOKYO by HULIC. Each room is designed with comfort in mind and offers a breathtaking view of the city. Stay at this hotel and create lasting memories of your trip to Japan's metropolis.

Feel and Experience Tokyo Your Way


What are your requirements when choosing a hotel?

Should it be a place where you can enjoy a memorable stay with your significant other? Do you want to stay in a place where you can feel the urban atmosphere while being close to major points of interest in the city?

THE GATE HOTEL TOKYO is precisely this type of hotel. This facility aims to be a hotel open to its surroundings, where guests can sense the pulse of the city.


The Ginza townscape, with its many high-fashion stores, can be observed from the hotel. The pedestrians and the bright neon lights create the atmosphere of a metropolis.

There are 164 rooms for hotel guests. This number was chosen so that the staff, who all speak English, can properly exercise hospitality to all visitors.

This article introduces THE GATE HOTEL TOKYO by HULIC and the experiences guests can have here.

Ginza Is Right Before Your Eyes! An Excellent Location


One of the appeals of this hotel is its location, which is perfect for sightseeing. Famous places in Tokyo such as the Imperial Palace, Ginza, and Kabukiza are all within walking distance.

Two subway stations and a JR station are located within a three minute walking distance, so other sightseeing areas can be reached easily. Asakusa, Ueno, Shinjuku and Shibuya are all just one short train ride away.

Terrace and Lounge - Feel the Pulse of the City

Use as You Please - The 4th Floor Lobby Terrace and Lounge


The reception is on the 4th floor, with the lobby lounge right in front of the elevators. Light filters in from the glass windows into this spacious area.

The hotel has all types of chairs here so that each guest can choose their favorite seat to sit down and relax in.


Step out onto the terrace to feel the atmosphere of Ginza, one of Tokyo's iconic neighborhoods. You'll hear quintessential Tokyo sounds, like traffic and the voices of pedestrians in the distance.


Beverages and snacks can be purchased at the lounge, making it an ideal place to take a break from shopping. This floor is open to the public, so it can also be used as a place to meet with your friends in Tokyo.

Only for Guests! The 13th Floor Premium Lounge


The Premium Lounge on the 13th floor is open to all the hotel guests from 6:00 to 13:00. This lounge also has different types of chairs, from a rocking chair to a vivid blue sofa for two.

Being on the 13th floor, guests can get a great view of the Ginza cityscape at this lounge. During nice weather this is the perfect place for sunbathing or reading.


Depending on the type of room (*) guests stay in, the Premium Lounge is available for use from 14:00 to 23:00. Beer is offered free of charge. For an additional charge, guests can also enjoy whiskey and wine.

*Guests staying in "THE GATE," "Luxe," and "Canopy" rooms can use the Premium Lounge.

Guest Rooms for a Very Special Stay in Tokyo

There are six type of rooms. Those who wish to feel the urban atmosphere of Tokyo in their rooms should try one of the following two types.

1. THE GATE - Relax on the Balcony with a Jacuzzi


THE GATE, a suite room, is perfect for those who wish to experience a luxurious stay.

A broad dining table and an L-shaped sofa grace the interior, along with a separate bedroom, making guests feel like they are living in a high-rise apartment in Tokyo.


The open-air jaccuzi on the balcony is also fantastic. The nighttime view from the jacuzzi will help create an unforgettable experience.*

The room comes with stylish glassware too, so how about opening a bottle of a local beverage that you find during your trip? Relax and spend quality time with your significant other at THE GATE HOTEL TOKYO.

*Guests are requested to wear bathing suit and shorts in the jacuzzi.


There is also a bookshelf in the room, with "Lonely Planet Tokyo," other books written in English, and collections of Japanese photographs. You can use these when making your travel plans.

2. Luxe - Float in the Sky


The Luxe guest rooms are located on floors 6 to 12. The charm of the Luxe king room on the 12th floor is that it's a corner room with two windows. The room is bright during the day, and dreamlike at night. The carpet design is inspired by the neon lights of Ginza. Looking out the window from the bed will make guests feel like they are floating in the sky, over the city.


To help guests better enjoy the view, all the sofas are by the windows, with the Ginza nightscape creating a special ambiance.

Bathroom and Bedding for a Relaxing Stay


All the bathroom amenities have the pleasant scent of Darjeeling tea, which is not too strong and refreshing, helping the body to recuperate.

There are also bath salts you can use for a relaxing experience at the end of a day.


The bed mattress is made by the famous brand SIMMONS. It will adapt to the movement of guests as they sleep, helping to maintain a stress-free posture.

The nightwear made from double gauze fabric is very soft and comfortable. The two-piece pajama will allow you to get a good night's sleep, helping you rise refreshed and ready for another exciting day of sightseeing.

A Luxurious Breakfast to Start the Day


Breakfast is served at the 4th-floor restaurant, Anchor Tokyo. Seating is available at tables, the bar counter or on the open-air terrace.


Guests can choose their main dish from three types. The most popular is the Eggs Benedict, with the fluffy egg and cheese pairing deliciously with the salmon and bacon.

For side dishes, visit the Vegetable Station that offers a selection of vegetables, bread, and homemade jams.


Fresh-squeezed juice (orange, grapefruit, and tomato) is served at the bar counter. The strong, refreshing flavor of the juice will help you wake up.

The Restaurant Is Open 24 Hours a Day


Anchor Tokyo is open 24 hours a day to the hotel guests, who can come and use the bar counter seats.

The purpose of the 24-hour service is to serve guests who arrive late in the night on late flights or guests who suffer from jet lag.

The hotel offers this full-time service to make travelers feel at home. Feel free to make inquiries about the meals. If you are vegetarian or have any dietary restrictions, be sure to tell the staff when you make a reservation.

Get Sightseeing Tips for Your Trip


THE GATE HOTEL TOKYO strives to be connected with the city. The hotel staff remain informed and search for places in the area to introduce to guests.

For example, first-time guests may not be familiar with central Tokyo and miss the jogging course around the Imperial Palace, or locations with great views.

The staff created a jogging map of the nearby area with jog distances, sightseeing spots, and nice observation spots. Guests should also ask about restaurants in the area.

THE GATE HOTEL TOKYO by HULIC - A One-of-a-Kind Tokyo Experience


According to the public relations manager, the greatest appeal of THE GATE HOTEL TOKYO is its location. Guests here can experience various sides of Tokyo within walking distance.

Ginza, with cultural spots such as Kabukiza, along with its high-end shopping, is on the east side of the hotel. To the south, there is Shinbashi, which has many izakaya (taverns) frequented by office workers. Hibiya Park and the Imperial Palace are located on the west side, with the skyscrapers around Tokyo Station on the north side.

Each area has a different atmosphere and personality that transforms depending on the time of the day. THE GATE HOTEL TOKYO by HULIC is a place where one can enjoy all these sides of Tokyo, either by themselves or with their significant other.

Make THE GATE HOTEL TOKYO by HULIC your base for exploring TOKYO.

The Gate Hotel Tokyo by HULIC

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