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Recommended by a Mom! Top 25 Baby Products in Japan


Translated by Sandy Lau

Written by Lin


Baby products are must-have essentials for your future bundle of joy. Are you becoming a new parent and feeling lost on what to buy? Then this is a must-read article! Our writer, a mother herself, introduces 25 recommended products, including baby bottles, clothes, strollers, and more.

Many parents feel a combination of joy and confusion upon the birth of their child because stores and online shops are overflowing with wonderful baby products.

As a new parent, you don't want to buy the wrong items. However, the more you research, the more confused you are about what to purchase.

In this article, our writer—a mother herself—will introduce baby products that she personally found useful and continues to use even now when her child is no longer a newborn.

Table of Contents:

1. Tableware for Children
2. Baby Bottles and Baby Food
3. Baby Clothes
4. Skincare
5. Strollers
6. Useful Appliances
7. Toys

Tableware for Children

Child tableware is one of the first baby products a new mother will buy. Many of these are lightweight, difficult to break, and adorably designed. It would also be delightful to receive any of these products as a gift in celebration of your baby’s birth.

1. LE CREUSET baby

Le Creuset Kids Tableware

Picture courtesy of Amazon
LE CREUSET is a kitchenware brand from France.

A popular product from LE CREUSET is their Baby Bear Plates, designed to have lovely bear shapes. The plate set includes one large and one small plate. Since the plate is deep, it is perfect for scooping baby food.

It also has great heat and cold resistance while being microwave and dishwasher safe.

There are three colors available, so we recommend this product as a baby shower or celebratory gift! It can be used as a small dish once your baby gets older, becoming a treasure for life.

2. EDISONmama

Study Chopsticks

EDISONmama’s kids’ category is full of must-buy items that everyone knows about.

The Edison’s Chopsticks are a longtime bestselling item. It was made to induce joy in kids as they learn to feed themselves.

After-sales service (Japanese) is also provided. If the ring sleeve on the chopsticks breaks, you can request an exchange for a new one.

EDISON Kids Tableware

The Edison Fork and Spoon is another useful product. The deep spoon makes it stable for holding food when your child is practicing feeding themselves. Likewise, it’s the perfect spoon for other situations like eating yogurt.

Baby Tableware

If your child cannot use chopsticks yet, we recommend trying a fork when eating noodles and other food. The saw-like design on the fork prongs makes it easy to scoop up noodles. This will also help kids with irregular appetites want to eat more and be willing to eat by themselves!


3. 10mois

Bamboo Fiber Tableware Set

The Silicone Meal Placemat from 10mois and Plate Set from mamamanma are popular items that are often featured in baby magazines.

This silicone placemat, a strong material against heat and stains, is decorated with a starry sky design. Put a cloud-shaped plate on top to make even the simplest baby food look amazingly yummy.

Food spills and stains can be easily washed off with running water. The raised edges are designed to prevent spilled water and juice from leaking onto the table. The pockets can store food spills in one place, making for an easy clean-up.

Baby Bottles and Baby Food

Even babies have preferences for their first baby bottle. Every baby will naturally have different preferences and personalities. There are several types of bottles available.

It’s practically impossible for a baby’s feeding to go well from the start or for them to eat without being fussy. These next few baby goods are not only well-rated by our writer, but also by many experienced mothers.

4. Pigeon

Baby Bottles

Picture courtesy of PR TIMES
For mothers, the design and price of baby bottles are important. However, the bottle nipple is even more important for the baby.

Three movements occur when a baby drinks breastmilk: latch, suck, and swallow.

The Nursing Bottle—a brand of baby bottles from Pigeon—was designed to fit the shape of a baby’s mouth. It was developed after 60 years of researching these three mouth movements.

Baby Bottle

Picture courtesy of PR TIMES
Previous baby bottles released by Pigeon had a relatively simple design. This has changed in recent years. Pigeon now sells aesthetically pleasing bottles made in collaboration with Akachan Honpo.

Akachan Honpo (Japanese)

5. Dr.Bétta

Long Baby Bib

Picture courtesy of Bétta tonton

Dr.Bétta carries a selection of cute baby products alongside their famous baby bottles.

In particular, the long Feeding Apron Bib is an essential item when babies begin eating with their hands. The bib will fully cover the baby down to their feet.

This practical apron bib is made from towel materials, making it highly absorbent and easily washable.


6. Canyon Spice

Curry Roux for Kids

Canyon Spice is a company that mainly sells curry, ready-made meals, and spices. They also sell Curry Roux for Kids and other kid-friendly products with ingredients carefully selected for children ages one and up. This includes lots of vegetables and fruits such as apples, carrots, and tomatoes.

By neutralizing the spiciness, the ingredients' natural aroma and sweetness will stimulate the child's appetite. These products do not contain any of the seven major allergens, chemical seasonings, or flavorings, making them safe for children to consume.

What is noteworthy is that the curry contains a mere 3.4 g of sodium in the 75 g product. You can feed yummy curry to your child without any stress!

7. Toothbrushes

Children's Toothbrush

The controversy over brushing your baby’s teeth is a much-talked-about topic in Japan. There's no question about the importance of tooth brushing. So, the moment your baby becomes interested in brushing is a chance to instill this healthy habit.

LION Children's Toothbrush

LION’s baby toothbrushes are separated into two different stages: 0 to 2 years old and 3 to 5 years old.

Compared to other baby toothbrushes, the round bristles resemble an adult toothbrush. The brush head is also flexible, making it safer for kids.

A standout feature of the toothbrush is the ability to easily adjust the pressure when gently massaging your child's teeth and gums.

8. arau baby

Wet Tissues

Arau is a brand producing laundry detergent and other additive-free products.

The Virus Infection Prevention Wet Wipes by arau baby is a hit product that sells out as soon as it's on the shelves due to COVID-19.

The wipes contain 50% alcohol, have no chemical fragrances or antiseptics, and can kill 99.99% of germs and viruses. It's also perfect for wiping toys, tables, and chairs.

It's a handy item for parents since it can be used while carrying your child. Please avoid using the wipes directly on your baby's skin since it contains alcohol.

Baby Clothes

It's advised to refrain from going out in public during the newborn period. Your baby will spend a majority of the day sleeping, so it’s crucial to choose the right clothing and shoe sizes. It’s recommended to purchase these items when they can stand since babies will start walking at different times.

9. Hoppetta

Hoppetta Mushrooms

The name Hoppetta comes from the word for a baby’s cheeks (“hoppeta”) in Japanese.

Their Soft Six-Layered 2way Blanket Sleeper is made with six layers of gauze fabric. It has a light, soft, and pleasant texture that feels good for babies and mothers.

The six overlapping layers of gauze allow the fabric to adapt to its surrounding environment and air. This makes it warm in the winter or cold in the summer, regulating your baby's body temperature to a suitable level.

Hoppetta pays special attention to its products' materials, quality, and functionality. Many of the items they carry can be comfortably used by both mothers and babies.

10. Sun Hats

Japanese Children's Clothes

Picture courtesy of PR TIMES
Baby hats are available at various prices and styles. In this section, we will introduce sun hats for babies that are popular and highly recommended in Japan.

The baby sun hats sold in Japan come with a sunshade covering the back of the neck. This helps protect the baby from ultraviolet rays from every direction.

BabyGoose—a specialty baby clothing store in Shirokanedai—sells sun hats with unique designs. In addition to the neck sunshade, there's a little animal added to the chin strap.

BabyGoose Rakuten Store (Japanese)

11. The Official Pokémon Baby Brand monpoke

The Official Pokémon Baby Brand monpoke

Picture courtesy of Rakuten Ichiba
Monpoke is Pokémon’s official baby brand. The brand develops and creates products with trendy, sophisticated designs that are perfect for new generation parents.

The brand's name is a rearrangement of the syllables in Pokémon. It can also be broken down into "mon," meaning "my" in French, and "poke" from "Pokémon," meaning "pocket." The name captures how your small baby is both precious and someone you should protect.

The Pikachu baby clothes set pictured above has a Pikachu tail on the bottoms. It has room around the diaper, so your baby will feel comfortable wearing it.

How about giving this as a welcome baby gift?

monpoke Rakuten (Japanese)

12. IFME Baby Shoes

Japanese Children's Shoes

Picture courtesy of PR TIMES

Many parents tend to focus on the shape, slip resistance, and width of the toes when shopping for baby shoes. There are several other factors you should look out for, including the stiffness of the insoles and the softness of the toes.

IFME was created after research and development with Waseda University's Graduate School of Sports Sciences. It combines healthy features and adorable designs while keeping kids' feet in mind.

13. MOONSTAR Baby Shoes


Picture courtesy of MoonStar Company

Another recommended product is the high-functioning baby shoes from MOONSTAR. This brand promotes the growth of children's feet.

Attention is given to four areas: rectangular heels, flexible soles, wide toes, and removable insoles. The shoes effectively prevent clubfoot, valgus foot, and bunions while maintaining the health of your child's feet.

Genki-kids, a children's shoe brand under MOONSTAR, carries several cute shoes featuring anime characters.

While parents may prefer simpler designs, shoes featuring character designs are definitely popular among kids.

14. SOU・SOU Children’s Clothing with Traditional Japanese Designs

SOU・SOU Baby Products
SOU・SOU Japanese Clothes

Picture courtesy of SOU・SOU

SOU・SOU items have a charm recognizable by any generation. You can tell at a glance that these colorful, boldly designed kids' clothing come from the same brand.

The materials used are Ise cotton, a breathable fabric that sits comfortably on the skin. Their kids' clothes are especially suitable for children who have poor thermoregulation.

Thinking it might be a waste to throw them away after your baby grows up? It's equally wonderful to store these clothing as memories.

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Regarding baby lotions and creams, the thing you may worry about the most are the ingredients. Fortunately, the products below are introduced with descriptions of the ingredients.


ALO baby

Picture courtesy of Amazon

When it comes to UV protection, don't forget to apply sunscreen in addition to wearing a hat.

ALOBABY is a sunscreen with SPF15 and PA++ that can be used on newborn babies.

The product contains 99% naturally deriving ingredients. It is made without fragrances, additives, colorants, or UV absorbers. It has even received the organic certification from ECOCERT based in Europe.

The product has a firm texture but spreads quickly and evenly on the skin. To reduce chafing when applying sunscreen, adults should first warm up the product in their palms before rubbing it on their baby.

Babies with fragile skin can use this product alongside adults with sensitive skin. It even comes off quickly with lukewarm water.

16. Skin vape

Mosquito Repellent

“Additive-free” is a term often found on baby products. Please be aware that there are limitations to the effectiveness of additive-free products, especially insect repellents.

The two active ingredients in insect repellents are DEET and Icaridin (also known as picaridin). The latter is used more widely in products because it's nearly colorless and scentless.

Blue Bottle Gold Bottle
Ingredients 10% DEET, alcohol, hyaluronic acid, water, fragrance 15% Icaridin, alcohol, hyaluronic acid, water, fragrance
Restrictions Do not use on infants younger than six months old. Use once per day on children older than six months to two years old, and three times per day on children older than two years to twelve years old. None

The next question is what concentration of ingredients is safe. A concentration of 10-20% DEET or 10-25% Icaridin is safe to use on children.

In Japan, insect repellents sold by Fumakilla have a concentration of 10% DEET in their blue bottle and 15% Icaridin in their gold bottle.

Neither product should be sprayed directly onto clothes. If used with sunscreen, it is most effective to apply sunscreen first, wait for the product to be absorbed into the skin, then spray on insect repellent.

17. Muhi Baby

Baby Anti-Itch Medication

Babies with high body temperatures tend to have skin issues such as rashes or insect bites.

Muhi Baby b by Ikeda Mohando is a steroid and alcohol-free cream that is gentle on the skin. It can be used on your baby once they turn one-month-old.

Additionally, the product can be used for many purposes, including bug bites, heat rashes, and diaper rashes. It's a useful product to have in your medicine cabinet for skin issues.

Please exercise caution when applying it on the face to avoid your baby accidentally getting the product in their eyes or mouth.

18. Muhi Patch A

Anti-Itch Cream

Muhi Patch A, another Ikeda Mohando product, is applied onto mosquito bites. It’ll not only stop the itchiness, but prevent skin issues caused from scratching.

The patches feature illustrations of Anpanman, a cartoon hero who is immensely popular among small children.

The patches have a strong adhesive. When removing the product, it is recommended to soak the area in water before slowly peeling it off.

19. New Biofermin S Granule Powder

New Biofermin S Granule Powder

Newborn babies will only drink breastmilk or infant formula. Their stomach and bowel may become sensitive during this time.

New Biofermin S Granule Powder is a probiotic that can be taken when a newborn turns three months old. It may be a good idea to try this supplement when your baby is constipated or has loose stools after consulting with a physician.

The probiotic combines three types of lactic acid bacteria—faecalis, acidophilus, and bifidobacterial—with high absorption due to its tiny granules. As a result, this product will improve the condition of the bowel from the small to large intestines.

Strollers and Related Products

Strollers are usually the first item that mothers-to-be think about buying.

Find out which type of stroller fits your needs by setting priorities. First consider the frequency of your excursions and where you might visit with your baby.

19. Net Cover

Insect Net Mesh

Picture courtesy of PR TIMES
This stroller cover from Daiya is compatible with a variety of strollers. The insect mesh cover will protect your baby against bugs and block 80% of UV rays. Installation is easy, making it a must-buy baby product.

20. Combi Sugocal α Stroller

Japanese Baby Stroller

Picture courtesy of PR TIMES

Combi’s SUGOCAL α Stroller is a Type A Stroller that can be used when your baby is one-month-old. The stroller is reversible, holding a maximum weight of 15kg, while the stroller weighs 5.4kg. It is much lighter than other Type A strollers and can be easily folded or carried around in one hand.

The seat sits 55 cm above the ground. This protects your baby from the heat with its unique ventilation design.

Thanks to these features, the inside of the stroller is always five degrees cooler than the outside temperature. It also has a complete cover design that blocks out 99% of dust and UV rays while providing sufficient storage space for your belongings.

Parents don't need to be concerned about their baby feeling any impact while on the move. The stroller's large wheels absorb shock, reduce vibration, and protect the baby's head with stable support.

COMBI Official Website (Japanese)

Useful Appliances

Once your child is born, the criteria for choosing appliances significantly changes. The products introduced in this section are household appliances available at reasonable prices that our writer found useful.

21. Combi Baby Nailcare Set

Baby Nailcare Set

Baby’s nails are very small and delicate. We recommend Combi’s Baby Nailcare Set to parents that may have bad eyesight or are nervous about cutting their child's nails.

The set comes with nail filing attachments with 360-degree rotation. The device's quiet sound and small light enable you to take care of your baby's nails even as they sleep.

The nail filing attachments are disposable, so you can always purchase more replacements. The pink file is the softest and used for babies one to three months old. The green file has a medium hardness for babies four to eleven months old. Lastly, the blue file is the hardest type for children over twelve months old.

It also comes with a silver and white file for adults.

22. Iris Ohyama Handy Strong Futon Cleaner

Iris Ohyama Handy Strong Futon Cleaner

Picture courtesy of PR TIMES

Many children have allergies; it may be rare to have children that don't have any allergies. However, it's difficult to find time to air out your futon daily. This is how futon mites become problematic.

Iris Ohyama's Futon Cleaner catches mites and rubbish lurking in your futon to the surface and powerfully sucks them out. The cleaner's high-speed frequency and powerful suction catches all allergens in one fell swoop.

The cleaner has a highly sensitive dust-mite sensor. In addition to detecting house dust in your futon, it will alert you of its findings through the lamp. You'll visibly see how effective it is at cleaning, making it a recommended product.

23. BabySmile Electric Nasal Aspirator Merci Pot

BabySmile Electric Nasal Aspirator Merci Pot

Picture courtesy of Amazon
BabySmile’s Merci Pot is an electric nasal aspirator that is useful to have in every household.

It requires a bit more labor than manual and oral aspirators. However, the suction power of an electric aspirator is entirely different. This device will suck up the mucus in your baby's nasal cavity and would be great for babies who can't sleep because of a stuffed nose.

It is recommended to wet the inside of the nose with warm water before using this device to avoid causing injuries during suction.


As a general rule of thumb, we recommend choosing toys that you can enjoy with your baby.

24. Genderless Playing House Toys

Genderless Playing House Toys

Picture courtesy of Amazon
Playing house might be a game most associate with girls, right?

But a lot of boys like playing house, too. Playing house is a fun toy game that parents can play with their children.

Wooden playing house sets are also popular for their durability.

Make sure to choose a playing house set with large pieces when gifting a set to small children to prevent any accidental ingestion.

25. monpoke Toy Pool

monpoke Toy Pool

Ever experienced toys scattered everywhere or some missing? This product helps solve common problems that come with playing with wooden building blocks, plastic toy blocks, and toys with small pieces.

It's easy to clean up after playtime. All you need to do is twist and fold for neat storage.

The pool's simple and cute design will match any interior.

*Wooden building blocks and storage bag sold separately

Find the Best Products for Your Baby in Japan

Many stores in Japan carry baby products. Why not give one a visit?

While each household and child has different needs, we hope you can find the best baby products that meet your budget!

Main image courtesy of PIXTA

The information presented in this article is based on the time it was written. Note that there may be changes in the merchandise, services, and prices that have occurred after this article was published. Please contact the facility or facilities in this article directly before visiting.