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Learning Japanese Online: Business, Conversation, And JLPT Courses

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Taking Japanese lessons online is a great choice if you want to improve your skills in conversational, business, or advanced Japanese without having to go regularly to a language school. We introduce the best online learning classes and resources for each type of need.

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How to Learn Japanese Online

Japanese Online Lessons - Convenient, Affordable And Available Worldwide

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Learning Japanese is an important step toward fulfilling your dream of living and working in Japan. While taking classes at a Japanese language school ensures excellent results by combining learning with the full immersion of a Japanese-speaking environment, online Japanese lessons have the great advantage of being available worldwide.

Whether you wish to study basic phrases and conversational Japanese, business Japanese, or you want to prepare for taking a Japanese language proficiency test (JLPT), there are excellent online Japanese schools out there. In this article, we introduce a few recommended services for each category of needs.

Find Online Japanese Lessons by Your Goals

1. Learn Japanese for Work, Study or Everyday Life

Study in Japan This Year! 3 Japanese Language Schools in Tokyo

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Many of those planning on living in Japan long-term require Japanese communication skills appropriate for study, career advancement and everyday life. For many, having the Japanese proficiency level to navigate a broad range of situations is absolutely vital.

Tokyo Central Japanese Language School (TCJ) caters to a broad range of students, and currently offers online courses for those who need Japanese for university studies in Japan, for professional use and for everyday conversation.

TCJ is also currently offering incredible discounts for new students.

Learn Japanese and Save! Discounts and Coupons You Should Know About

The coupon above offers a promo code that allows you to get a discount on learning materials at TCJ! The discounts available range between 5,000 yen and 20,000 yen depending on the course you're applying for.

Be sure to check their official website regularly for updates on discounts and special offers.

2. Learn Business Japanese Online

Japanese Online Lessons - Convenient, Affordable And Available Worldwide

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If you intend to work in Japan, a good command of business Japanese will be essential, especially if you aim for career advancement.

Business Japanese involves the use of special formal phrases for certain professional situations, such as when you have to introduce yourself or greet a client. E-mails or letters tend to begin and end with fixed phrases, which you will also learn if you take classes of business Japanese.

The Online Business Japanese Lessons offered by Zipan are held by instructors with a solid professional background in the business world. The lessons last about 25 minutes and are held five times a month to ensure optimal results. You can also sign up for a free trial lesson.

3. Conversational Japanese

Services For Learning Japanese Online: Business, Conversation, Or JLPT

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If you plan a short stay in Japan for travel or study, you might want to be able to speak conversational Japanese. Not only will it be easier for you to make friends, but it will also help you get a deeper understanding of what you see and experience in this country.

The online lessons and conversation practice provided by Cafetalk are a pleasant way of mastering the basics of spoken Japanese language. As a MATCHA reader, you can use this coupon when signing up and you'll automatically receive lesson points worth 1,000 yen.

JapanesePod101 is a highly recommended platform offering audio and video lessons for all levels. You can learn at your own pace with this helpful online service.

Another popular service is JapanTalk, which offers everything from lessons based on standard Japanese textbooks such as the “Mina no Nihongo” and “Genki” to conversation classes with native Japanese speakers of all ages.

4. Advanced/Proficiency Level Japanese

Japanese Online Lessons - Convenient, Affordable And Available Worldwide

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Taking the JLPT (short for Japanese Language Proficiency Test) increases your chances of getting employed at a good company in Japan.

Many Japanese language schools offer intensive preparation for the JLPT. Among the online learning options, Attain Online Japanese is a school that provides a special curriculum for those who want to prepare for the JLPT.

5. Useful Tips and Affordable Options

Japanese Online Lessons - Convenient, Affordable And Available Worldwide

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Online lessons tend to be more affordable than taking classes at a regular Japanese language school because there is no need to provide a classroom or cover the instructors' travel expenses. If you have a tight budget, consider starting with classes offered by a school like the Japanese Online Institute, for example, which offers fifty-minute lessons starting from 500 yen.

Japanese Online Lessons - Convenient, Affordable And Available Worldwide

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Online lessons are much more flexible and easier to schedule around work than regular classes. Many instructors are available at different times of the day, especially before and after work hours. A school that is especially flexible in terms of scheduling is Shinjuku Japanese Language School.

Japanese Online Lessons - Convenient, Affordable And Available Worldwide

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While most of the services introduced above provide online Japanese lessons, some may be available only for those who reside in Japan. If you're looking for a service guaranteed to be available worldwide, try the classes provided by the Japanese Online School, which also accepts PayPal.

Enjoy Learning Japanese Anytime, Anywhere!

Japanese Online Lessons - Convenient, Affordable And Available Worldwide

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Convenience, worldwide availability, and affordable prices are some of the features that make online Japanese lessons so appealing. Find an online service that offers the type of Japanese courses you need and give it a try.

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