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Improve Your Listening! Download MATCHA's Easy Japanese Articles

Improve Your Listening! Download MATCHA's Easy Japanese Articles

Translated by Ken

Written by MATCHA

2020.09.03 Bookmark

Articles on MATCHA's Easy Japanese website are now available to download as recordings. Read by native Japanese speakers, these recordings are ideal for those studying or wanting to practice their language skills while learning about Japanese culture, etiquette, travel, and more.

Practice Japanese by Reading MATCHA's Easy Japanese Articles

MATCHA's Easy Japanese website contains articles with audio versions that you can download onto your personal electronic devices.

These listening materials are recordings of our Japanese staff reading the articles in basic Japanese. You can train your ears to listen to the natural pronunciation of the language, as if you're living in Japan with native Japanese speakers.

The audio downloads cost 100 yen per article and are available for purchase online. A number of them are free to download for your listening pleasure!

MATCHA Easy Japanese Listening: (Japanese)

How to Use MATCHA Easy Japanese Listening

1. Get Used to the Sound of Native Japanese

MATCHA Easy Japanese Listening: Listen To MATCHA Articles Anywhere!

Since all recordings are done by MATCHA staff members, you can listen to native Japanese and become familiar with the natural pronunciation, intonation, and sounds of the language.

2. Learn More about Japan

Easy Japanese Articles

At MATCHA, we offer a wide range of articles that cover Japanese culture, etiquette, and travel information. With these recordings, you can learn more about Japan using both your eyes and ears.

3. Study Japanese On-The-Go

Easy Japanese Articles

As long as you have a phone on hand, you can listen to articles on-the-go anytime, anywhere. Whether on the train or driving, you can spend your free time listening to native Japanese and sharpen your skills with whatever free time you have.

Sample Articles

As of September 2020, we have around 50 audio versions of our articles available for purchase and download. They are a fantastic way to learn about Japan in the Japanese language!

Sample articles:

  • Japanese Ryokan Guide: Room Rates, Manners, And Suggested Lodgings (Free)
  • 7 Table Manners In Japan You Should Know Before Visiting (Free)
  • Common Japanese Words That Sound Similar
  • For more articles with audio versions, check here (Japanese).

    MATCHA Easy Japanese Listening: (Japanese)

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