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Japanese Tea Delivered to You! Support Kagoshima Tea Farmers

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Support Japanese tea farmers and receive delicious tea in exchange! Read more about the crowdfunding campaign initiated by

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All About Kagoshima Tea

Crowdfunding for Kagoshima Tea!

Kagoshima is the second-largest tea producing region is Japan. Kagoshima's temperate weather and volcanic soil provide the perfect conditions for tea farming. The tea produced in Kagoshima is known for its rich, refreshing flavor.

MATCHA's Japan Tomorrow has partnered with, a website that offers Kagoshima tea direct from local farms. Offering a wide variety of teas both loose leaf and bagged, this site is a great way for people around the world to enjoy the best of Japanese teas.

Details on Kagoshima Tea - Premium Japanese Tea to the World


Kei Nishida, Founder of

Crowdfunding for Kagoshima Tea!

Kei Nishida, founder of, is incredibly passionate about Kagoshima's local farmers and tea culture. After spending time abroad, Mr. Nishida was inspired to share the unique qualities of Japanese tea with the world.

By partnering directly with Kagoshima producers, the website can ship delicious tea internationally while supporting the region's ancient tea culture.

Crowdfunding Rewards: Delicious Japanese Tea Delivered to Your Home!

Crowdfunding for Kagoshima Tea!

Kagoshima Tea's new crowdfunding campaign with Japan Tomorrow is the perfect opportunity to enjoy Japanese tea at home. There are several reward options including loose leaf tea, tea bags, and even monthly tea subscriptions!

The available teas include sencha, a classic Japanese tea with a distinctive and mellow green tea character, as well as loose leaf gyokuro. Gyokuro, one of our favorite varieties, is a light, refreshing tea with a mild natural sweetness that makes it truly delicious.

Japanese Tea Delivered to You! Support Kagoshima Tea Farmers

As a special bonus, any pledge reward also includes a digital copy of Kei Nishida's book Cook With Matcha and Green Tea, which features fantastic culinary tips for using green tea!

Japanese Tea Delivered to You! Support Kagoshima Tea Farmers

Join the crowdfunding campaign to enjoy the amazing flavors of Japanese tea and support local farmers in Kagoshima.

Details on Kagoshima Tea - Premium Japanese Tea to the World


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