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Takeya: Tokyo's Well Kept Shopping Secret

Takeya: Tokyo's Well Kept Shopping Secret

Translated by GonzalezLaura

Written by Ai Yoneda

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Takeya is a discount shop located in Okachimachi, next to Ueno. This shop is popular with travelers for having multi-lingual support and a duty-free counter.


You can say that Okachimachi Station, next to Ueno Station (which has a direct line to the airport and is a popular tourist spot), is not as well known among visitors to Japan as the latter station.

However, next to that 'not-so-famous' Okachimachi Station is a store that is, for some reason, is always jam packed with non-Japanese customers. The shop, a distinctive purple building, is called Takeya.


Takeya's shops are concentrated around Okachimachi station, having a whopping 9 stores in total. The shop buildings are separated by genre, such as a ladies' building, an interior design building, and a household goods building. Takeya's not just well known by the locals though, it's also popular with visitors from overseas, and that's where this shop's secrets lie.

Secret No.1: You Can Find Everything Here... For Cheap

The most alluring part of Takeya are hands down its wide array of good-quality products and low-prices. In this shop, you can find everything from kitchen goods, to bags, suits, watches, electrical appliances, televisions, computers - pretty much anything. Here, we'll show you around the main building.


The first floor of the main building sells foodstuffs. There are scores of ingredients you can only buy in Japan lining the shelves of the store. You can buy Japanese sweets, tea, snacks, and other great souvenir foods in large quantities here.


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