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Get Anything Your Heart Desires At Ueno's Top 5 Shopping Malls

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So you're in Ueno, you've seen the sights and now you want to do some shopping? Here are our top 5 picks for places to shop in Ueno!

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Ueno has plenty of small, interesting boutique shops to chose from, but they can't always offer you the selection of items you may be looking for in a convenient location. That's why, sometimes, you just have to make your way to a big mall to get everything you want and more! With so many options packed into one building, you're sure to find what you're looking for.

Atré: Right at JR Ueno Station


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atré Ueno is directly connected to the JR Ueno Station building. Though there are two atré stores in the Ueno area (EAST and WEST), we recommend atré WEST for all your shopping needs. The 1st floor of WEST has tons of ladies' clothing shops, and the entrance right outside Shinobazu Gate.

atré is home to styles and the fashion items Japanese teens and ladies thru their 20s love. The mall enjoys a very high acclaim from this segment of the population. So, if you're into Japanese ladies' fashion or want to give it a try, then we recommend you make your way to atré.

Ecute: Shop Inside the Ticket Gates


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ecute Ueno is located within the JR Ueno Station building on the 3rd floor and is home to a wide range of different shops ranging from miscellaneous goods to treats and clothing.

Maybe you forgot to buy a gift or special item while touring around Ueno, or you don't have much time, but want to get a feeling for the town while you're here, then head on over to ecute for a taste of Ueno.

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