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Rakuten Mobile’s English Support and International Calling Fee

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Rakuten Mobile has gained attention for its inexpensive and stable communication network. This article takes an in-depth look at this mobile carrier, including language support, international calls, and roaming fees when used abroad.

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Rakuten Mobile for Foreign Residents

Smartphones are essential items in our daily life. Among the numerous mobile carriers in Japan, Rakuten Mobile (Japanese) has gained attention over the past years for its inexpensive and stable mobile network.

Many international residents worry about language support when applying, as well as fees for international calling. With Rakuten Mobile, international calls are free depending on certain conditions.

In this article, we've put together a guide for international residents on what to know when using Rakuten Mobile.

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Table of Contents:

Rakuten Mobile's Language Support

For Foreign Residents! Rakuten Mobile’s English Support and International Calling Fee

What kinds of language support are available when using Rakuten Mobile and the Rakuten Mobile app?

Accessible in Japanese

Rakuten Mobile's official website and "my Rakuten Mobile"—Rakuten Mobile's app to check data usage and registration information—are only available in Japanese.

Since the official website is offered in Japanese, the application form must be completed in Japanese. Furthermore, the website inquiry page only has Japanese support available.

Rakuten Link: English Settings Available!

Nevertheless, it is possible to change Rakuten Link's settings to English. Rakuten Link is a mobile app that can be used to make free domestic calls and messages.

If you want to displayed the app English, simply switch your smartphone language settings to English. The Rakuten Link app will automatically change over to English on your phone. This is applicable for both Android and iOS phones.

Making International Calls from Japan

For Foreign Residents! Rakuten Mobile’s English Support and International Calling Fee

International residents often call friends and family living outside of Japan.

In some cases, Rakuten Mobile offers international calls at no charge. Let's take a closer look at international calling fees.

Incoming International Calls are Free!

When you receive an overseas call from an international number while in Japan, there will be no overseas charges.

Incoming calls are free of charge. This applies regardless of whether the other party is a Rakuten Mobile user.

Free Between Rakuten Link App Users!

When you make a call to another Rakuten Mobile member using the Rakuten Link app, the calls are free, even when the other user is currently overseas.

Calls Outside the Rakuten Mobile Network

However, international calls in any of the following cases will be charged a fee.

・If the other party is using a phone number outside the Rakuten Mobile network.

・If you or the other party are not using the Rakuten Link app for the call, despite being a Rakuten Mobile user.

In short, you must meet at least one of two conditions to call someone abroad for free: the other party is also a Rakuten Mobile user; or both you and the other party are using the Rakuten Link app.

Please be careful, because you will be charged an international calling fee if these conditions are not met.

Easy Online Application! Apply for Rakuten Mobile (Japanese)

Using the Network Overseas

For Foreign Residents! Rakuten Mobile’s English Support and International Calling Fee

Many international residents return to their home country for a visit, or have the opportunity to travel abroad for work. Let's look at the costs for data connectivity and calling when using Rakuten Mobile overseas.

Free International Roaming in Designated Countries and Regions

Roaming is a service that enables you to use your smartphone abroad using service from local partner networks.

Rakuten Mobile allows international data roaming in 66 countries and regions worldwide. You can use data at a flat rate without any extra charges as long as you're in a region covered by Rakuten Mobile.

Covered countries include the United States, countries in Asia such as China and Taiwan, England, and European countries like France.

Please check Rakuten Mobile's official website for more details on covered countries and regions.

Countries and Regions with International Roaming Coverage (Japanese)

Settings for International Roaming

Setting up your phone to use international roaming is simple. There are just two steps, listed below.

Step 1: Before departing from Japan, go to “my Rakuten Mobile” and turn on international roaming.
Step 2: Upon arrival at your overseas destination, go to your phone settings and turn on data-roaming.

There are no additional charges for using your phone in regions where international roaming can be used. However, your connection speed will be limited to a maximum of 128kbps once you exceed 2GB of data usage.

Please keep this limit in mind.

Free Calls Between Rakuten Link App Users

While abroad, you may want to call a friend in Japan. Or perhaps you have to call a friend in another country while overseas.

In these scenarios, use the Rakuten Link calling app to make calls for free.

However, there are two conditions you must meet. You and the other party must be Rakuten Mobile users, and use the Rakuten Link app to place the call.

What if the Other Person Doesn't Use Rakuten Link?

If the other party does not use the Rakuten Link app to answer the call, please be aware that this will incur calling charges.

Charges will vary between each country and region. Please check the link below for more details.

Calling Rates in Every Country and Region (Japanese)

Switch to Rakuten Mobile!

For Foreign Residents! Rakuten Mobile’s English Support and International Calling Fee

With Rakuten Mobile, you can make international calls for free and easily change your settings for data connectivity abroad. It's one of the most recommended mobile carriers for foreign residents.

Are you planning to use a smartphone in Japan and debating which mobile carrier to sign up for? Make sure to add Rakuten Mobile to your options!

Easy Online Application! Apply for Rakuten Mobile (Japanese)

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