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Nature All to Yourself! 7 Glamping Locations Easily Accessible From Tokyo

Glamping is gaining popularity in Japan. Read on to discover seven excellent glamping locations outside of Tokyo. There are many popular spots with amazing views, chic tents, and more!

1. PICA Fujiyama: A VIP View of Mt. Fuji

PICA Fujiyama

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PICA Fujiyama—spanning five hectares—is an outdoor resort situated at the base of Mt. Fuji.

There are three types of lodgings housed on this massive ground. The most popular is the Amazing Dome, a semicircular transparent tent. It is crafted so guests can see nature even while inside, making it possible to experience being one with the natural elements.

There is no kitchen inside the Amazing Dome. For this reason, guests will be served a full-course dinner and breakfast buffet during their stay (*currently, meals are no longer served inside the restaurant but are eaten inside the Amazing Dome as a countermeasure against COVID-19).

Other available lodgings are furnished with a kitchen or barbeque grilling set, so you can prepare ingredients to cook yourself.

Don’t want to go through the trouble of cooking? Enjoy a meal lavishly made with local ingredients at the restaurant adjacent to the glamping grounds.

Mt. Fuji Accommodation

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Hang out in nature at the facility and experience several outdoor activities like rafting. There are plenty of fun activities to be enjoyed outside your tent!

Guests can easily rearrange their travel plans to climb Mt. Fuji or trek through thick woods and caves with PICA Fujiyama as their hub. This is all thanks to its amazing location.

Access to PICA Fujiyama
Travel to the Fuji-Q Highland bus stop by express bus or Kawaguchiko Station by train. From there, transfer to the free sightseeing loop bus.

2. Mt. Shakushi Gateway Camp: A Picturesque Location Near Mt. Fuji

Japanese Drama Location

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Mt. Shakushi Gateway Camp is in an ideal location for admiring Mt. Fuji from the front and the Southern Alps on the opposite side. You can see beautiful sky gradations at sunset since there are no obstructions within these natural surroundings. You could even say that this ambiance can’t be experienced in the city.

Mt. Shakushi Gateway Camp was used as the filming location for the glamping scene in “There’s a Reason for the Love I’m Wearing.” The Japanese TV series features popular actors such as Haruna Kawaguchi, Ryusei Yokohama, and Osamu Mukai. It also brought glamping into the spotlight.

Nature All to Yourself! 7 Glamping Spots Accessible Without a Car Outside Tokyo

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The dome tents have a double-layered structure that provides heat-insulating properties while furnished with an air conditioner. Guests can comfortably spend time here during any season. For meals, you can choose to bring your food or prepare ingredients beforehand for a barbeque. Guests can also select a meal proposed by an in-house food director made with locally sourced ingredients.

You are welcome to bring your own food for breakfast. But it's popular to order a breakfast basket from the facility packed with bread and a seasonal soup to have a picnic while admiring the view of Mt. Fuji. Your food will be even more delicious when eaten out in the delightful morning air.

Access to Mt. Shakushi Gateway Camp
10 minutes by taxi from Mt. Fuji Station. You can travel to Mt. Fuji Station by taking the train or express bus from Tokyo Station.

Mt. Shakushi Gateway Camp Discount Reservation

3. BUB RESORT -chosei village-: Activities at No Extra Charge in Chiba

Parent-Child Trip from Tokyo

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BUB RESORT -chosei village- is based on the concept of a “theme park where you can stay in nature and play as much as you want.” There are 30 activities available daily. Guests can choose based on how they feel that day without any extra charges or advanced reservations.

There are no participant limits for any activity, so the fact that anyone can easily join is an attractive feature. They offer a variety of activities including how to make a campfire, dessert-pizza-making class, and seasonal events.

Parent-Child Trip from Tokyo

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Meals are included in the lodging fees. The most popular option is a classic barbecue grilling experience in front of your tent. Enjoy your fill of wonderful nature while staying in a chic tent or cottage!

Access to BUB RESORT chosei village
15 minutes on foot from Yatsumi Station on the Sotobo Line or 10 minutes by taxi from Kazusa-Ichinomiya Station. (It will take 90 minutes from Tokyo Station by car. There are 30 parking spaces available in the parking lot.)

BUB RESORT -chosei village- Discount Reservation

4. THE FARM: Glamping a Notch Above the Rest in Chiba

Tokyo Glamping

THE FARM—the earliest venue to introduce glamping to eastern Japan—is a resort with a wide selection of tents. One type comes with a slide and bouldering wall, while another is set up by the riverside.

They also offer a cottage with a private sauna and luxury cottages exclusively open to three groups per day. This is perfect for those who want a glamping experience a notch above the rest.

You can also experience picking vegetables throughout the year at a farm located onsite (separate charges apply). Guests are welcome to eat the vegetables they harvested that day at peak freshness during their barbeque.

There are several other activities you shouldn’t overlook, including hot springs sourced from water gushing from 1,500 meters underground (scheduled to reopen in 2022). Ziplining, which originated in France, is another activity that involves wearing a harness to slide down a cable.

Chiba Sightseeing Spots
Tokyo Farm

Freshly-picked vegetables from the farm can either be eaten in dishes served at the onsite cafe or prepared as ingredients for a barbecue. The all-you-can-eat vegetables at breakfast are also grown at an in-house farm. The amazing value for your money is what makes this spot a top contender among the places our writer has stayed.

Access to THE FARM Camp
15 minutes by free shuttle bus (three buses per day) from the Kurihara bus stop via the Chiba Kotsu Express Bus. The most convenient way to Kurihara bus stop is taking the express bus from Tokyo Station.

5. THE BAMBOO FOREST: Glamping Next to a Zoo in Chiba

Tokyo Luxury Glamping

THE BAMBOO FOREST is a glamping facility inside the zoo ANIMAL WONDER REZOURT. Giraffes, camels, and other animals live a small distance away on the other side. Guests will feel as if they're in the middle of a jungle.

The animals may be far from the tents, but guests can still see them through the fence. Once night falls, you’ll hear the chattering and calls of animals. You might even hear sounds they would make in the wild.

Tokyo Glamping

The lodging facilities are in a bamboo forest where you can experience a mystical world from dawn to dusk. The types of rooms available include tree houses, dome tents, and an onion-shaped tent called the Lotus Belle. The facility is illuminated at night and exudes an exotic ambiance.

Bathrooms are communal, but guestrooms have a private shower room. You won’t have to worry about fighting over the shower with other guests. Boardgames are also lent out for free.

Chiba Sightseeing Spots
Japanese Capybara

Stay at THE BAMBOO FOREST to get access to a service that makes it possible to eat breakfast with a giraffe right next to you! It’s something we hope you experience for yourself (separate charges apply with a maximum limit on people). This will no doubt get adults and children excited! You can also interact with animals alongside a guide after breakfast.

Take the express bus from Tokyo Station or Haneda Airport and alight at the Ichihara-Tsurumai Bus Terminal. From there, take the free shuttle bus for around 10 minutes (advanced reservation required).

6. BIO-RESORT HOTEL & SPA O Park OGOSE: Immerse Yourself in Scandinavian Design

Scandinavian Glamping

Facilities featuring Scandinavian design have gained popularity in Japan since the opening of Moomin Valley Park in Saitama Prefecture. BIO-RESORT HOTEL& SPA O Park OGOSE is one such facility.

Various events are held seasonally. Guests can enjoy unique experiences including picnics with wine, popular Scandinavian sports, and much more! The facility is also furnished with a library, housing a collection of 8,000 comic books and magazines. There are even a kids’ space and table tennis tables for guests to use during their stay.

Japan Luxury Glamping
Japan Luxury Glamping

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There are a total of nine different guestrooms. Want to maximize your Scandinavian-like stay and feel like you’re actually in Northern Europe? Then we recommend the Moomin Special Room—surrounded by Moomin-themed goods and items—or the Aerial Glamping Dome decorated with Northern Europe-style furniture.

The Sauna Suite Cabin is a special room made in collaboration with Finlayson, a Finnish textile and design manufacturer. The room is furnished with a sauna—a Finnish specialty—and a cold bathtub so guests can immerse themselves in the Finnish lifestyle.

10 minutes by car or taxi from Ogose Station along the JR Hachiko Line or Tobu Ogose Line (shuttle buses are also available).

7. Myogi Green Hotel & Terrace: A Luxurious Getaway in Gunma


Myogi Green Hotel & Terrace opened in 2018 and is a slightly extravagant glamping hotel. The resort is covered entirely in grass since it originally opened as a hotel and golf course.

Their selection of rooms is full of character. The Luxury Tent provides a view of Mt. Myogi from your room while the Airstream gives you the experience of glamping in a camper trailer.


Located about 15 minutes away from the terrace is a natural hot spring flowing from the resort’s own source. Gazing at Mt. Myogi while soaking in the waters will feel like the ultimate bliss. You can also play golf at the resort, which is enjoyable by a wide age range.

Access to Myogi Green Hotel & Terrace
Travel to Takasaki Station from Tokyo Station via the JR Nagano Shinkansen or Joetsu Shinkansen, then take the shuttle bus for 10 minutes (advanced reservations required).

Enjoy Glamping near Tokyo!

Glamping is gradually gaining popularity in Japan. Compared to our writer’s home country, Taiwan, Japan has longer seasonal periods suited for glamping in the great outdoors. She hopes that more people will learn about the fun of glamping within the luxury of modern comforts and amenities.

Take this opportunity to fall in love with glamping and get a taste of freedom awaiting you in nature.

The information presented in this article is based on the time it was written. Note that there may be changes in the merchandise, services, and prices that have occurred after this article was published. Please contact the facility or facilities in this article directly before visiting.