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Top 5 Delivery Services in Japan: Uber Eats, Demae-can, Wolt, and More

Food delivery services are rapidly growing in Japan amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Some of the major companies are Uber Eats, Demae-can, Rakuten, Wolt, and menu. We compared the services and features of these companies.


The Rapid Growth of Food Delivery Services

In the past few years, delivery services have been rapidly growing in Japan due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Uber Eats is especially well-known when it comes to food delivery, whether for grocery shopping or restaurant orders. However, there are other unique services out there. We compiled a list of five food delivery services in the spotlight. Below is an introduction of their respective features, discount offers, and more!

1. Uber Eats: A Prime Example of a Food Delivery Service

Uber Eats

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Uber Eats launched its service in Tokyo in September 2016. It's safe to say that the company is the symbol of modern food delivery services.

Uber Eats’ best features are the easy-to-use app for ordering food and its abundant lineup of restaurants. It’s great to know they will accommodate any destination as long as it’s within their set delivery zone.

Additionally, the service offers delivery promotions and discount coupons. You can also manage your points via the Uber Eats app.

・First Uber Eats Order: 2,500 yen discount (Limited to orders over 750 yen as of April 2022).
・Refer a Friend Promo: Both users will receive a discount over 1,800 yen (Limited to orders over 1,500 yen).

Download the app or check out Uber Eats’ official website for more details.

2. Demae-can: Find Food You Want to Eat

LAWSON Delivery

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Demae-can is Japan’s largest delivery service. They are affiliated with over 100,000 stores from chain locations to private enterprises. The service mainly delivers pizza and bento boxes, but have recently expanded to groceries and daily necessities.

In the past, they have collaborated with animation movies such as Jujutsu Kaisen 0 and Doraemon the Movie: Nobita’s Little Star Wars. The service is gaining attention for holding limited-time campaigns commemorating these movie releases.

Additionally, Demae-can does not limit its drop-off locations. This makes it possible to get deliveries made to parks or cherry blossom viewing spots for a picnic.

・When you make your first order on the Demae-can app, you will receive a 2,000 yen discount coupon (Limited to orders over 2,100 yen). You’ll also receive a 1,000 yen promo discount to use on your next order (Limited to orders over 1,200 yen. Available for use 14 days after your previous order as of April 2022).
Download the Demae-can App

3. Rakuten Gurunavi Delivery: A Partnership Between Two Major Websites

Rakuten Gurunavi Delivery

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Rakuten Gurunavi Delivery is a delivery service by Rakuten, an e-commerce company, made in partnership with Gurunavi, a gourmet online food guide in Japan.

In particular, the service is committed to delivering bento lunch boxes to your home. They have partnered with popular Tokyo restaurants such as Marunouchi Tanita Shokudo to deliver bento lunch boxes with a diverse menu and excellent nutritional value.

Of course, you can place an order even if you’re not a Rakuten member. However, we recommend becoming a member to start earning Rakuten Points. Rakuten Delivery also provides support for residential water leaks, electrical and waterworks, and computer troubleshooting.

・Receive five times the points when you make your first order on Rakuten Gurunavi Delivery (as of April 2022).
Download the Rakuten Gurunavi Delivery App

4. Wolt: A Finland-Based Service


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A service called Wolt has been appearing on TV commercials in Japan these days.

The number of stores and restaurant partners falls behind Uber Eats and Demaecan. However, this proxy-buying service can be used at chains such as Costco, Natural Lawson, and Ikea. The service delivers both food and daily necessities.

Their delivery fee is also cheaper than other services, making it an easy selection. The fact you can order from certain stores only offered by Wolt is another charm.

Download the Wolt App

5. menu: Delivery and Takeout from Famous Restaurants

Japanese Delivery Platforms

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menu is a food app developed in Japan. The company makes it possible for users to easily order delivery or takeout with just a smartphone.

menu offers a delectable selection of stores and restaurants exclusive to their delivery and takeout services. This includes well-known restaurants, Michelin star restaurants, and even products from Queen’s Isetan.

The service also accommodates low-sugar, vegetarian, vegan, and halal diets, making this app a great choice for international visitors, too.

・menu Promo: Get a 2,500 yen discount on your first order (as of April 2022), along with many other promotions and specials.
Download the menu app

Side-by-Side Comparisons

Delivery Service Uber Eats Demae-can Rakuten Gurunavi Delivery Wolt menu
Promotions First-time users get a 2,500 yen discount Earn points via additional payment methods You can earn Rakuten Points First-time user discounts Several discount coupons available
Major Store Partnerships Starbucks Unique campaign menus Marunouchi Tanita Shokudo, Matsuya Ginza Costco, Ikea, Natural Lawson Michelin star restaurants, Queen’s Isetan Supermarket
Payment Methods 1. Credit card
2. Apple Pay
3. Line Pay
4. PayPay
5. Cash, etc.
1. Credit card
2. Apple Pay
3. AmazonPay
4. Line Pay
5. PayPay
6. Cash, etc.
Credit card 1. Credit card
2. Apple Pay
3. Google Pay
4. PayPay
5. Cash, etc.
Credit card
Features ● Combined deliveries, No.1 in store promotions ● Holds numerous movie campaigns, get original novelty goods ● You can set a specific delivery date. A strong selection of restaurants offering bento lunch boxes ● Has the lowest commission fees, proxy-buying available at Costco and Ikea ● Numerous discount coupons available for trending restaurants

In Japan, there may not be a huge difference in the selection of stores and restaurants offered by each delivery service. But isn’t eating delicious food without taking a step outside the biggest benefit of ordering online?

Find your favorite restaurant and order using promo codes and discounts!

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The information presented in this article is based on the time it was written. Note that there may be changes in the merchandise, services, and prices that have occurred after this article was published. Please contact the facility or facilities in this article directly before visiting.