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[Kamaishi] Enjoy the sea and mountains at the same time! Let's enjoy the nature of Sanriku through activities! [Tohoku/Iwate]

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Kamaishi is an area in the Tohoku region that has been welcoming tourists from Japan and abroad for over 20 years, including the ``Kamaishi Hamayuri International Triathlon Tournament.'' In the process of recovery from the Great East Japan Earthquake, which caused severe damage to the Sanriku coastl...

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1. Enjoy at Nehama Beach! Experience local culture rooted in the region

Fishery experience program

Kamaishi, which claims to be a ``city of iron, fish, and rugby,'' has a thriving fishing industry. In the fishing experience program, you will visit fishing grounds and aquaculture farms for seasonal fish and shellfish on fishing boats run by local fishermen. We will hear stories from fishermen about their daily lives, and experience fishing, harvesting seaweed, shipping, and more. After the experience, you can enjoy seafood prepared with freshly caught ingredients! This program allows you to enjoy seasonal flavors unique to Kamaishi while learning about local livelihoods.

Enjoy camping and marine activities!

The Nehama area, which has chosen to live in harmony with nature, has a campsite that is open year-round and is loved by locals. A short walk will take you to a white sandy beach and a shallow sea, where you can enjoy the clear air and beautiful night sky in both summer and winter. Especially in the winter, when the moon rises above the horizon, a beautiful moon path appears over the sea, and on nights with a new moon, you can spend time under a sky full of stars. The rest house has rental equipment such as tents and cooking utensils, as well as hot shower rooms and washer/dryers. We are also actively working to improve accessibility, including installing multipurpose restrooms.

At the rest house, you can also sign up for a full range of marine activities such as SUP, sea kayaking, and snorkeling. Because our local instructors are well-versed in ocean conditions, we can guide you to spots that match the season and weather. You can enjoy the sea of ​​Sanriku Geopark while listening to stories about life in the Nehama area.

2. Enjoy the coastline from the boat! fishing boat cruise

Highlights of the Kamaishi Bay course

Kamaishi Bay used to offer sightseeing cruises in the bay, but the sightseeing boats were destroyed by the tsunami caused by the earthquake. In 2021, 10 years after the earthquake, the cruise course resumed using fishing boats. You can see a part of Kamaishi's industry and history from the ocean, including the Kamaishi Daikannon that watches over Kamaishi, the world's deepest bay breakwater, and the Kamaishi gantry crane.

Highlights of Otsuchi Bay Course

Departing from Nehama Beach or Hakozaki Shirahama in Otsuchi Bay, you will visit Horai Island, which is the model for the puppet show "Hyokkori Hyotan Island" that many Japanese people know, Myojin Shrine, which is worshiped by local fishermen, and the strangely shaped rocks. You can enjoy the scenery. You can tour areas designated as ``Sanriku Fukko National Park'' and ``Sanriku Geopark'' from the ocean.

3. Michinoku Sea Breeze Trail and Mihakozaki/Senjojiki Hiking

In the Tohoku area where Kamaishi is located, there is the Michinoku Shiokaze Trail, which connects approximately 1,000 kilometers from Aomori Prefecture at the northern tip of Honshu to Miyagi Prefecture. This trail, where you can enjoy the charm of forests, villages, rivers, and the sea, takes approximately 45 days to traverse. The trail that passes through Kamaishi is about 40 kilometers along the coast, and it's interesting to walk through the topography of bays and peninsulas, natural scenery, and human settlements.

A popular course that allows you to enjoy hiking more casually is the Tohoku Nature Trail, which extends to the Hakozaki Peninsula. If you depart from the Osawa Ruins, which is about a 40-minute drive from Nehama Campsite (about an hour from Kamaishi Station), you can enjoy a round-trip hike of about two hours. Our destination is Senjojiki, one of the highlights of Sanriku Geopark. The spectacular view created by the huge granite rocks being carved by the waves is worth seeing. On the nature trail, you can enjoy observing vegetation such as the Japanese pepper that is used as a spice and the fragrant Japanese black moth, and encountering wildlife such as black kites and black-tailed black-tailed cats. We recommend applying for a guided tour at Nehama Rest House.

We have introduced some of the activities you can enjoy in Kamaishi! Please come and experience the charm of Kamaishi, which coexists with nature!

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The entire city of Kamaishi is likened to a museum without a roof, and the history of modern iron manufacturing, which is a World Heritage Site, community development after the Great East Japan Earthquake, disaster prevention learning, which unravels the evacuation behavior of schoolchildren praised during the earthquake, fishery and forestry. , offers an experience of the primary industry of agriculture. Kamaishi DMC, a local DMO, uses these tourism resources to refine the exhibits at the museum and deliver them to everyone.

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