Stay in Tokyo! karaksa hotel: Features and Child-Friendly Services

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karaksa hotel is a great choice for its convenient access and services for international visitors and families when staying in Tokyo. In this article, we introduce karaksa hotel’s features before diving into the charms of its two Tokyo locations.


karaksa hotel: Functional and Pleasant Services


karaksa hotel TOKYO STATION. Picture courtesy of KARAKSA HOTELS Corporation
karaksa hotel is a hotel chain developed for leisure travelers where guests can receive functional and pleasant services.

Established in 2016, the chain has expanded to three locations in Kansai, including the karaksa hotel grande Shin-Osaka Tower in Osaka, two locations in Tokyo, and one location in Hokkaido for a total of six locations nationwide. The chain’s most recent addition, karaksa hotel colors Tokyo Yaesu, is their third Tokyo location near Tokyo Station and opened on March 31, 2023.


karaksa hotel colors Tokyo Yaesu. Picture courtesy of KARAKSA HOTELS Corporation

In this article, we dive into karaksa hotel’s charms and introduce two convenient hotels to stay at when traveling in Tokyo.

International Visitors and Families Welcome! The Features of karaksa hotel

karaksa hotel’s customer base consists of international visitors in a proportion of 70%. The hotel is also extremely popular among families traveling with children.

We will introduce three features of karaksa hotel. Why do international visitors and families choose this hotel? Let’s jump straight into it and find out the reason!

1. Excellent Access!

Tokyo Station Yaesu Exit

Tokyo Station Yaesu Exit. Photo by Pixta
The first feature is the outstanding access to the hotel.

karaksa hotel pursues comfort and convenience for travelers. All seven karaksa hotels across the country are located within a ten-minute walking distance from the nearest station, making it very convenient in location for travelers carrying large suitcases or those traveling with children.

2. A Substantial List of Child-Friendly Services

karaksa hotel Ginza

The second feature is their substantial list of child-friendly services.

Reserve one of their special family offers, exclusive to reservations made through karaksa hotel’s official website, and you can get access to benefits such as free stays for children under 12 (*1) that share a bed with an adult along with an all-inclusive breakfast.

*1 This service is usually available only for children under 7 years of age.

Other special offers allow guests to choose a toy gift with their accommodation plan or receive a set of baby amenities. There are also many triple rooms, ideal for families, and connecting rooms (*) that can accommodate up to six guests.

*Connecting room: two guest rooms adjacent to each other that are connected by inner doors.

3. Multilingual Support for International Visitors


Picture courtesy of KARAKSA HOTELS Corporation
The third feature is the fact they provide multilingual support with international employees on staff.

International employees make up 30% of the hotel chain’s staff. Hotel brochures placed in rooms are also printed in multiple languages.

This means that international visitors can have a relaxing and enjoyable stay even without knowing any Japanese!

Below, we introduce two karaksa hotels you’ll want to stay at during your Tokyo travels.

1. karaksa hotel premier Tokyo Ginza – Enjoy a Luxurious Stay

karaksa hotel premier Tokyo Ginza is located near Ginza’s main roads and easily accessible from the airport.

This hotel’s charms are found in its luxurious, high-quality space that offers service a step above other karaksa hotels. You can, of course, spend time sightseeing in Tokyo while also having a fulfilling time together with your family in the hotel.

Spacious and Comfortable Connecting Rooms

connecting room

An example usage of a Connecting Room that utilizes Standard Twin and Superior Twin rooms
The rooms at karaksa hotel premier Tokyo Ginza, 57 rooms in total, are characterized by luxurious and spacious designs. Room types (*1) include Double, Twin, and Connecting Rooms that can accommodate up to four guests.

Connecting Rooms have their own respective bathrooms (*2) and toilets, which make it a super convenient feature!

Staying in a hotel room with only one modular bathtub, bathroom, and toilet with several people is bound to lengthen waiting times whenever someone uses the bathroom. It especially gets busy during the mornings and evenings when everyone is focused on their daily routines and may even end up cutting into your precious travel time.

If you stay in a Connecting Room, with each room equipped with a separate bathroom and toilet, then you can reduce the amount of waiting time. This makes for a pleasant stay even with children or on a three-generation family vacation.

*1: The number of guests mentioned here refers to the maximum capacity of adults. On a standard plan, children aged six and under may stay at the hotel free of charge if they share a bed with their parents. (Please note there is a maximum of one child per adult for each bed installed in your room.)
*2: Connecting rooms in karaksa hotel premier Tokyo Ginza will include a bathtub in one room and a shower in the other room.

karaksa hotel bed

Deluxe Twin
The guest rooms at karaksa hotel premier Tokyo Ginza feature several other meticulous qualities.

The hotel uses custom mattresses made by Serta, a high-quality mattress brand, for their beds to ease guests’ fatigue from travel. They also place careful consideration into how international visitors and families can have a comfortable stay by equipping each room with plug adapters, purifier humidifiers, and other facilities.

In Room Breakfast Service

room service

Hotel breakfast, one of the things to look forward to in the morning, is served to your room as an in-room dining service to be enjoyed inside. Families will be able to take their time in the mornings as this saves the trouble of having to go to the hotel restaurant for breakfast.

The menu changes daily between a Japanese-style and a Western-style breakfast, both featuring the subtle flavors of dashi stock otherwise an essential ingredient in Japanese cooking. Breakfast is served Japanese style in a bento box!

Free Drinks and Food! A Lounge That Can Be Enjoyed by Both Children and Adults


There are lounges in karaksa hotel premier Tokyo Ginza that will keep everyone from children to adults entertained.

Lounge TWO, located on the second floor, offers an abundant variety of free drinks and foods for guests. Guests are free to choose whatever they please including confectioneries with fun designs, ice cream in a cup, juices, and more, so the children will no doubt be jumping for joy!

Japanese sake

During the evening hours, you can select up to two glasses of your preferred wine or sake per adult. Once you and your child are happy with your respective choices, savoring your drink in the privacy of your hotel room would be another great option.

2. karaksa hotel TOKYO STATION – An Affordable, Yet High-Quality Hotel

karaksa hotel TOKYO STATION is a location that is more approachable than karaksa hotel premier Tokyo Ginza while still maintaining their high-quality service.

This hotel location is also equipped with facilities and services that allow families to have a pleasant time during their stay.

The Best Travel Hub! Amazing Access from Tokyo Station

Tokyo station buses

Tokyo Station Limousine Bus Stop
Tokyo Station is a major station in Tokyo. It is serviced by a substantial number of public transportation means including trains, shinkansen (bullet train), and limousine buses.

karaksa hotel TOKYO STATION is a mere five minutes on foot from Tokyo Station. It’s the perfect accommodation for guests who want to enjoy day trips by limousine buses or bullet trains while based out of Tokyo or for guests who want to travel around the city of Tokyo by train.

Luggage can be stored at the hotel before check-in or after check-out (*). On a trip with children when you’re prone to having extra luggage, being able to leave your luggage at the nearest hotel from the station is a huge bonus.

*If you are storing your luggage after check-out, then pickup must be within the same day.

Diverse Room Types and Popular Traditional Japanese Rooms!

Japanese room

Japanese Family Room. Picture courtesy of KARAKSA HOTELS Corporation
karaksa hotel TOKYO STATION offers diverse room types with a total of 151 rooms across 12 floors.

Among them, connecting rooms, family triple with sofa beds, and Japanese-style rooms, which offer a culturally Japanese lodging experience, are recommended to families with children. These rooms can accommodate up to four or six guests.

connecting room

An example usage of a Connecting Room that utilizes two Standard Twin rooms with sofa beds. Picture courtesy of KARAKSA HOTELS Corporation
This hotel also has separate bathrooms (*) and toilets in each room, so guests can have a comfortable stay even with multiple people.

*Japanese rooms are equipped with a bathtub, while other room types will only have a shower.

Fun, Comfortable Services and Facilities


Picture courtesy of KARAKSA HOTELS Corporation
karaksa hotel TOKYO STATION is also equipped with services and facilities that everyone from children to adults can comfortably and happily enjoy.
8S Café, where you can enjoy a welcome drink and breakfast buffet, is one of those services. Guests are free to choose their favorite items from a variety of drinks and food, so each person in the family can have breakfast personalized to their own tastes.

There are several other free services and facilities that families will appreciate. They include a nursing room that parents are free to use, a game rental service, and an amenities bar where you can get essential amenities and toiletries only in the amount you need.


Official Website Exclusives! Convenient and Discount Special Family Plans


On the website karaksa hotel for families, you can select one of four family plans offered to combine with your hotel stay.

There are four available plans: “Children Under 12 Stay Free,” “Toy Gift of Choice Set of 3,” “Travel Light with Baby Items,” and “Free Parking for One Vehicle” (*). All plans include free breakfast for every guest.

For example, the plan “Travel Light with Baby Items” includes baby wipes, diapers for the duration of your stay, and a toiletry set so parents can look forward to traveling light!

*This offer is only available at karaksa hotel Sapporo as of February 2023.

A New Hotel in Yaesu, Tokyo! Stay at a karaksa hotel With Children!

karaksa hotel

Picture courtesy of KARAKSA HOTELS Corporation
karaksa hotel, filled with services that both parent and child can enjoy, is a hotel that guests can comfortably and happily enjoy when visiting as families with children or as a multigeneration family.

karaksa hotel colors Tokyo Yaesu had its grand opening on March 31, 2023! Stay at one of these hotels the next time you travel to Tokyo!

Visit karaksa hotel's official website

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