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5 Photography Services in Japan: For Weddings, Kimono Styling, and More

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Japan offers a wide variety of locations with stunning views for wedding photo shoots or self-portraits. These five companies based in Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka offer professional photography services in English and Chinese.

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Have Your Photo Taken in Japan by a Professional Photographer

Photography Services in Japan

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In this age of smartphones and digital cameras, most people can easily take photos, especially on sightseeing trips. But those interested in creating a truly special memory of their trip to Japan with someone special should definitely try to use the services of a professional photographer.

Experts in portrait photography will create a beautiful photo shoot for couples with a fitting backdrop, lighting, colors, and focus.

While the price range will easily be five figures in Japanese yen, the experience is worth the cost of preserving a one-of-a-kind memory.

This article features five photoshoot services in Japan, available in cities like Tokyo and Kyoto. They offer services in English and Chinese, so overseas visitors do not have to worry about language barriers.

This article is based on information from each company's official website. Information regarding multilingual photographers or prices is not listed on some sites, so please make a direct inquiry if you are interested.

Table of Contents

1. Capture My Japan (Couples/Groups/Profiles)
2. SweetEscape (Couples/Groups)
3. La-vie Photography (Wedding)
4. Decollte Wedding Photo (Wedding)
5. Kimono Miyabi (Kimono-Wearing Experience)

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1. Capture My Japan: Receive Advance Consultations before Booking

Capture My Japan

Picture courtesy of Capture My Japan official website

Capture My Japan is a photoshoot service for foreign nationals and visitors to Japan provided by Lovegraph, a Japanese company founded in 2015.

The company offers services throughout Japan, including Tokyo, Osaka, and Kyoto. In addition to couple and group photo shoots, they take self-portraits for customers interested in kimono-wearing experiences.

The biggest feature of Capture My Japan is the over 50 Japanese photographers who speak English, capable of making suggestions for shooting locations and offering knowledge of Japanese culture.

Clients can choose a photographer and inquire about the location, time, and clothes to wear before the shoot. They can obtain the perfect photograph based on their original ideas.

The price is 49,500 yen/hour and up, starting with 50 retouched photographs. MATCHA is currently offering a 3,000 yen discount coupon for using their Lovegraph's services, so give it a try if you're interested!

Official Website
Affiliated Photographers:

2. SweetEscape: Offering Worldwide Photography Service

Photography Services in Japan

Picture courtesy of SweetEscape official website

SweetEscape was established in 2016 by David Soong, an Indonesian businessman. They offer photography services in Southeast Asia, including Bali and Singapore.

The company shoots for groups in popular Japanese sightseeing destinations, such as Tokyo, Kyoto, Beppu (Oita Prefecture), and Fukuoka. They also handle portraits of couples and families.

Since April 2023, the price has been 269 US dollars and up, including a maximum of 100 retouched photographs. The price depends on the location and content. The company will choose the photographer in accordance with the requirement and schedule of the client.

Official Website: (Text in Japanese, English, traditional and simplified Chinese, Korean, Thai, Indonesian, and Spanish)

3. La-vie Photography: A Rich History of Wedding Photography

Photography Services in Japan

Picture courtesy of La-vie Photography official website

La-vie Photography was founded in Kobe in 1995. Known as the first Japanese company to sell customized wedding albums, La-vie takes photos of weddings and couples who decided not to hold a formal ceremony.

The company manages over 400 photographers and 15 studios in Japan, along with offices in Shanghai and Hong Kong.

La-vie Photography boasts a wide variety of wedding dresses, tuxedos, and kimonos. They also have makeup artists on their roster to fulfill clients' wishes.

The company will arrange a Shinto wedding (ceremony held at a shrine) for clients interested in making a once-in-a-lifetime memory in Japan.

Interpreters (English/Chinese) will be present at photoshoots, which is ideal for a commemorative portrait with your partner while conversing with the photographer.

Official Website: (Text in English and traditional Chinese)
Affiliated Photographers:

4. Decollte Wedding Photo: An Alternative Style of Wedding Photography!

Photography Services in Japan

Picture courtesy of Decollte Wedding Photo official website

Decollte Wedding Photo is a long-established company founded in 2001. They have 16 studios in Japan and an office in Hong Kong.

The company is booked at over 25,000 weddings annually in Japan and overseas. Additionally, the parent company is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, adding to its credibility.

Brides can choose from a wide variety of wedding gowns and kimonos. There are also various types of tuxedos for the groom. The company shoots in Tokyo, Osaka, and Kyoto, along with locations like Mount Fuji and Nara.

The price for a half-day light plan is 280,000 yen and up. An inquiry sheet is available in English and traditional Chinese.

Official Website: (Text in English and traditional Chinese)
Affiliated Photographers:

5. Kimono Miyabi: Snap Portraits While Wearing Kimonos

Photography Services in Japan

Picture courtesy of Kimono Miyabi official website

Those interested in a kimono-wearing experience in Tokyo or Kyoto should check out Kimono Miyabi!

The rental kimono company has two studios in Tokyo, and one in Kyoto, with experienced dressers assisting customers. They also offer hairdressing and makeup services, along with Japanese umbrellas and folding fans to be used during the photo shoot.

While some delight in wearing a kimono, the company hosts photo shoots for those interested in a portrait donning beautiful clothes.

The price for a 30-minute shoot is 12,800 yen and up, with 50 photos.

Official Website:

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Create Lasting Memories with a Wonderful Photographer!

Photography Services in Japan

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The end result of a photography session can completely change depending on the photographer. If you're interested in making long-lasting memories, spending money on a professional might be wise.

Some companies mentioned above have a list of affiliated photographers on their websites. Look for a service that fits your requirements to enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

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