OMO3 Asakusa by Hoshino Resorts: A City Tourism Hotel With a View of Sensoji Temple

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OMO3 Asakusa by Hoshino Resorts will open on July 31, 2023. This hotel is where you can admire ancient and contemporary landmarks of Tokyo, including Sensoji Temple and Tokyo Skytree.

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Asakusa: A Town Full of Old and New Charm

Asakusa is one of Tokyo's traditional downtown districts.

During the Edo Period (1603-1868), it developed as a temple town (*) centered around Sensoji Temple. Various cultural entertainment originated here, such as rakugo (comic storytelling) and puppet shows.

*Temple town: a town that developed around temples and shrines.

Even today, there is a coexistence of shrines and temples, new and old shops, and cultural entertainment in Asakusa. Since visitors can sense the traditional townscape and downtown culture, it remains a bustling district hailed as one of Japan's leading tourist destinations.

OMO3 Asakusa: A Hotel Where Visitors Can Deeply Experience Asakusa

OMO3 Asakusa by Hoshino Resorts (hereafter OMO3 Asakusa) is scheduled to open in July 2023 in Asakusa, one of Tokyo's leading tourist destinations.

Located a mere minute walk from Sensoji Temple and a four-minute walk from Asakusa Station, visitors can marvel at Sensoji Temple and Tokyo Skytree® from anywhere in the hotel.

Additionally, the staff with first-hand experience walking around Asakusa will suggest the best way to enjoy the district, including coveted gourmet spots and lively streets bustling with shops. Guests can feel like locals and explore the deeper charms of Asakusa.

This article introduces two unique features and guest rooms at OMO3 Asakusa, which is the perfect hub for sightseeing in this popular tourist spot.

Feature 1: The OMO Base on the Top Floor with Views of Sensoji Temple and Tokyo Skytree®

The most prominent feature of OMO3 Asakusa is being able to see the stunning Sensoji Temple and Tokyo Skytree® from anywhere in the building.

Above all, the view from the OMO Base on the top floor (13F) is outstanding! You can enjoy the historic precincts of Sensoji Temple on the west side and Tokyo Skytree® on the east side. This allows visitors to simultaneously appreciate ancient and contemporary landmarks of Tokyo from one location.

OMO Base is a communal space where you can plan your trip, take a break, and spend time however you like. There is also an on-site shop called the OMO Food & Drink Station, where guests can easily purchase food and beverages 24 hours a day.

One recommendation for guests is to choose and purchase juice, alcohol, and snacks whenever they please to enjoy the night view of Sensoji Temple and Tokyo Skytree®.

Feature 2: The Go-KINJO Service for Guests to Dive Deeper into Asakusa’s Charms

Go-KINJO is a signature OMO service supporting guests to deepen their understanding of the city within walking distance from the hotel. This deep dive occurs by blending new discoveries and encounters unique to the city and neighborhood you're staying in.

This service features two activities: Local Guide Activities and the Go-KINJO Map (Local Guide Map).

Local Guide Activities

In addition to Sensoji Temple and Nakamise-dori shopping street—the main tourist attractions of Asakusa—OMO3 Asakusa is planning to hold tours and in-house activities where you can experience the gourmet food of the Oku-Asakusa area, which has garnered popularity for its Edo atmosphere and downtown culture.

Go-KINJO Map (Local Guide Map)

The Go-KINJO Map (Local Guide Map) features up-to-date information on the hotel's neighborhood that is not listed in guidebooks. You can get information on attractions off the beaten path, further enhancing the uniqueness of your walk around town.

When staying at OMO3 Asakusa, be sure to utilize the Go-KINJO service to experience the deeper charms of Asakusa for a memorable trip!

Rooms Can Be Selected According to the Trip’s Purpose

There are a total of 98 guest rooms across eight accommodation types.

You can choose the room according to your trip's purpose and number of companions, such as the special-concept "Yose Twin Room" inspired by Edo entertainment and the "Deluxe Quad Room" that can accommodate families and groups of up to four guests.

Concept Room “Yose Twin Room”

Since Asakusa is a vibrant downtown district that has spawned a variety of entertainment, this concept room incorporates Edo's entertaining past into the design. The Yose Twin Room is furnished with a red carpet and purple floor cushions inspired by the traditional yose comedy theaters in Asakusa.

Room rate: Starting from 20,000 yen per night (per room with tax, no meals included)

Details of OMO3 Asakusa

Facility name: OMO3 Asakusa by Hoshino Resorts

Address: Tokyo, Taito City, Hanakawado 1-15-5

Room rate: From 18,000 yen per night (per room with tax, no meals included)

Facilities: OMO Food & Drink Station, lockers, laundry, etc.

Number of rooms: 98 rooms (13 floors above ground)

Access: 4-minute walk from Asakusa Station (Tokyo Metro Ginza Line, Toei Asakusa Line, Tobu Skytree Line)

Reservation acceptance: From April 18, 2023

Opening date: July 31, 2023

Phone: 050-3134-8095 (OMO Reservation Center)

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What Is OMO?

OMO is city tourism hotel brand developed by Hoshino Resorts and found nationwide. The accommodation offers guests trips to fully enjoy the city with the local community.

All OMO hotels offer a service called Go-KINJO that supports walking around the town. There are 14 facilities throughout Japan, providing guests with the pleasure of city sightseeing trips in various places.

Learn More About Hoshino Resorts

In addition to OMO3 Asakusa, Hoshino Resorts operates hotels throughout Japan where guests can enjoy various accommodation experiences.

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