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You can go around in 2 days and 1 night! 6 Must-See Sightseeing Spots in Kanazawa

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In this article, we have carefully selected 6 popular sightseeing spots in Kanazawa City, Ishikawa Prefecture that you absolutely can't miss! Even within a limited amount of time, you can have a rich experience while feeling the atmosphere and history of Kanazawa.

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Feel the tradition and history of Japan in Kanazawa

Kanazawa is located in the center of Ishikawa Prefecture and is a city that prospered as a castle town centering on Kanazawa Castle . You can feel the unique culture and history of the beautiful townscape that retains the atmosphere of good old Japan. There are many things that can only be seen here in Japan, such as delicate and elaborate traditional crafts, beautiful gardens, historical buildings and museums.

Kanazawa has a wide variety of sightseeing spots, but in this article, we have picked up 6 spots that are particularly attractive . Since these sightseeing spots are concentrated in the center of the city, it is possible to visit them all in one night and two days! Please fully enjoy the unique charm of Kanazawa.

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1, Kanazawa Castle

Kanazawa Castle was built in the 16th century and prospered as the home of Toshiie Maeda and his family, the Maeda family.

Starting with the restored castle gate and gojukken nagaya, the castle's structures are magnificent and exude a majestic atmosphere. Exhibitions are held inside the building that restored the watchtower and warehouses, and you can experience the history and culture of the castle.

In addition, Kanazawa Castle's "stone walls" have been devised with special techniques and designs depending on the location, such as the entrance and garden, and have been repaired many times. As a result, Kanazawa Castle is also known as the "Ishigaki Museum" .

2. Kenrokuen

Kenrokuen is a garden built in the early 17th century that spreads out next to Kanazawa Castle. There is also a walking path to enjoy the tea house and scenery. It is counted as one of Japan's three most famous gardens for its excellent landscape that expresses unique aesthetics and the well-balanced garden.

Plum blossoms and cherry blossoms bloom in spring, and beautiful autumn leaves can be seen in autumn. Also, in winter, you can see yukitsuri to protect the trees from the weight of the snow. It is a spot where you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of Japan in each season .

3. Higashi Chaya District

Higashi Chaya District is a teahouse district that prospered during the Edo period. The old buildings and cobbled streets have a historical atmosphere . Please take a leisurely walk and take a stroll.

Today there are many restaurants and shops. You can stroll around town wearing a kimono, visit Japanese cafes, and purchase beautiful gold leaf crafts. It is crowded with tourists during the day, but the atmosphere becomes calm in the evening and at night. If you're looking for a bar or restaurant that's perfect for a special trip or anniversary, Higashi Chaya District is the place to go!

4. 21st Century Museum of Art

The 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art is a museum specializing in contemporary art that opened in 2004. The building itself has been evaluated as a work of art and is attracting attention from all over the world. The works on display are by artists from Japan and abroad, and you can feel the trends of contemporary art. The museum consists of an exhibition zone and an exchange zone. The exchange zone is free of charge and can be entered until 22:00.

There is a lawn in the surrounding area, and it has become a place of relaxation for local people. There are also cafes and shops in the museum, so you can relax while enjoying art.

5, Omicho Ichiba

Omicho Market is a market with a history of 300 years , and is the perfect place to enjoy Kanazawa's food culture and local specialties. They sell fresh seafood, agricultural products, and Kaga vegetables that are difficult to buy in other areas. In addition to sushi restaurants and seafood bowl restaurants, there are also fresh fish shops where you can eat fish and shellfish on the spot.

The lively atmosphere is appealing, with the fishmongers shouting, "It's cheap!" and "It's fresh!" Because it is a market that locals use on a daily basis, tourists can shop with peace of mind.

6. D.T. Suzuki Museum

Photo courtesy of D.T. Suzuki Museum

The D.T. Suzuki Museum is a museum built near the site of his birthplace that introduces the Buddhist philosopher D.T. Suzuki. Inside the museum, you will find exhibitions about D.T. Suzuki's writings and letters, as well as Japanese culture and Zen teachings. D.T. Suzuki played a role in connecting Western and Eastern cultures and contributed to the spread of Japanese Zen thought to the world.

For those interested in Japanese culture and philosophy, it is a place of deep insight. The building itself is stately, and you can spend a relaxing time there.

Buses or shared bicycles are recommended as a means of transportation

Most of the major sightseeing spots in Kanazawa City are on the route of the "Castle Town Kanazawa Sightseeing Bus", so purchasing the "Kanazawa City 1-Day Pass" is very convenient for sightseeing in Kanazawa City. You can purchase the "Kanazawa city 1-day pass" at Kanazawa Station. With the same ticket, you can ride the "Kanazawa City Tour Bus", the "Kanazawa Flat Bus", and the fixed-route bus in the designated area of ​​Kanazawa city center.

The public bicycle sharing service "Machi-Nori" is a very convenient service for sightseeing, as it can be rented at any of the multiple cycle ports and returned anywhere. Many cycle ports are set up not only in the central city area but also in the surrounding areas. Since it is an electric assist bicycle, it is easy to drive long distances as well as slopes. You can easily register and use the docomo bike share smartphone app.
* A smartphone and credit card are required for registration.

When traveling to Kanazawa, be sure to visit these 5 places!

We have carefully selected and introduced 5 popular sightseeing spots that you absolutely cannot miss. Even if you have limited time, it will definitely be a memorable trip. If you come to Kanazawa, please visit the spots introduced here!

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