From Popular Areas to Locals! Sokoiko!Cycling Tour with a Local Guide

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Sokoiko! is a cycling tour originally born in Hiroshima. Cycle around different areas, from famous tourist areas to locals, and enjoy their stories.

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Discovering the Hidden Gems of the City 

In addition to the spots that everyone knows, there are many important episodes that have created the city. When you cycle around with a local guide, you will make many such discoveries and deepen your trip. For example, this tree in Hiroshima suffered great damage during the war, but it survived and still lives on today, giving courage to people.

Cycling with a Local Guide: Enjoy their Stories 

The sokoiko! tour guides are people who actually live in this city, and they share stories with guests about things they've heard from their families and things they've noticed and felt in their own lives. We will add special episodes to the tour. We value communication and convey the real charm of the city!

Certified by TripAdvisor! Check our Reviews!

We have received many reviews from our guests who have participated, and we have been certified by TripAdvisor for four consecutive years since 2019. For example, ``I was able to feel the power of Hiroshima, which I could not have known unless I went around with a guide.'' ``I was able to hear the guide's personal stories and see many local places away from tourist spots.'' I am very satisfied!'' We have received many happy comments. Please give it a try and let us know what you think!

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Sokoiko! means "Let's go there!" in Japanese. There are famous tourist spots in the area, but the local area is very attractive to know more deeply. Ride a convenient electric bicycle and ride a distance of about 20km instead of a long distance, and the guide will show you the points that represent the story of the area along with special episodes. sokoiko! was born in Hiroshima in 2017. The founding members are from Hiroshima. Having grown up in the local area, we know that there are many beautiful scenery and unique places in Hiroshima besides tourist spots. I created this tour with the idea that "If you take a bicycle, you should be able to see more areas." In addition to Hiroshima, there are dramas in various regions. sokoiko! currently guides story tours in Hiroshima, Tsuwano Town, Shimane Prefecture, Nagasaki, Asuka Village, Nara Prefecture, and Tokyo, with many tourists and local guides all over the country. By all means, let's go on a trip not listed in the guidebook with us! !

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