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[Okayama] 8 must-visit spots in Yunogo Onsen ~ Spectacular views, nature, museums, lodging ~

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Yunogo Onsen, located in Okayama Prefecture, is a nationally known hot spring resort with a history of approximately 1,200 years. It has been popular since ancient times as a medicinal hot spring that is effective against illnesses and injuries. It is also very accessible, taking about 1 hour and 20...

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What is Okayama Yunogo Onsen, a famous hot spring known nationwide?

Okayama Prefecture is actually famous for its hot springs. Among them, Yunogo Onsen is a particularly popular hot spring area.

It can be reached in about 2 hours from Osaka or Kobe, making it highly accessible!

Yunogo Onsen is full of sightseeing spots such as scenic spots, rich nature, and museums that you must see when you visit. There are also many inns and hotels in the hot spring town area, where the famous hot springs will soothe your tired body.

This time, we will introduce 8 carefully selected spots that you must visit when you visit Yunogo Onsen.

1. Oyama Observation Deck where you can see a sea of ​​clouds

An observation deck located 5 minutes by car from Yunogo Onsen Town.

It is a spectacular observation spot where you can see the Yugo Onsen town, the Yoshino River, and in the distance the mountains beyond the Tsuyama Basin, including Okayama Prefecture's highest peaks, Ushiroyama and Nagisan.

From October to February, you can enjoy a fantastic view of the sea of ​​clouds in the early morning hours (around 6:30 to 8:00) on a cool, sunny day.

As you ascend the approximately 2.5km mountain path to the top, you will be greeted with a mysterious view of the sea of ​​clouds below.

It is also famous as a little-known night view spot, and the night view is also worth seeing.

Note: The sea of ​​clouds may not be visible depending on the weather that day, such as rain or cloudy weather.

2. Otanigawa kasen Park where fireflies dance

Picture courtesy of Okayama Prefecture Tourism Federation

Otanigawa kasen Park is located a 5-minute walk from the center of Yunogo Onsen.

Approximately several thousand Genji fireflies and Heike fireflies dance wildly from late May to mid-June every year. There is also a promenade, making it a great spot for watching fireflies, even if you are bringing children.

During firefly season, guests can often be seen walking along the promenade with lanterns hanging and the sound of geta clogs playing.

3. Beautiful terraced rice fields of Ueyama

Picture courtesy of Okayama Prefecture Tourism Federation

The rice terraces of Ueyama are located about 20 minutes by car from the center of Yunogo Onsen.

The Ueyama district is said to have once had 8,300 rice terraces.

In 2009, full-scale reconstruction work to restore the terraced rice paddies began in earnest in an attempt to restore the beautiful terraced rice fields that had declined, and the original landscape is gradually being restored.

4. Tetsudo Model Museum & Retro Toy Museum

Picture courtesy of Okayama Prefecture Tourism Federation

At the Tetsudo Model Museum & Retro Toy Museum in Yunogo Onsen, you can find a wide variety of toys such as railway models, retro toys, and minicars.

The sight of trains running on the Kishin Line, a railway model (N-gauge) that runs through Yunogo, will make you feel nostalgic.

You can also rent Plarail and have fun actually running the train (for a fee).


Wednesday (the next day if it is a holiday)

Adults (junior high school students and older) 400 yen, children (elementary school students) 150 yen, kindergarteners and younger free of charge

That Day's Toy Box Showakan

That Day's Toy Box Showakan is a tourist spot in Yunogo Onsen town that exudes a retro atmosphere.

More than 13,000 nostalgic goods from the Taisho era to around 1955 are on display, and the space will make you feel like you've slipped back in time to the nostalgic Showa era.

It has one of the oldest operating vending machines in Japan, and rare manga is displayed in the book corner, and you can actually read it in the table corner.


Wednesday (the next day if it is a holiday)

Adults: 400 yen, children: 200 yen (elementary school students and older *Infants are free)

6. Modern Toy Museum/Music Box Yumekan

Picture courtesy of Mimasaka City HP

About 600 toys are on display, including music boxes, mechanical dolls, and European building blocks from over 100 years ago.

In addition to daily music box concerts and toy tours that introduce toys, there is also a museum shop where you can purchase recommended toys and music boxes, and a playroom where you can play with toys such as building blocks and playing house corners.

The Modern Toy Museum and Music Box Yumekan is located in Yunogo Onsen Town.

9:30-17:00 (last entry 16:30)

Wednesday (the next day if it is a holiday)

Adults (junior high school students and older) 800 yen, Children (4 years old and older - elementary school students) 400 yen, Under 4 years old free, 65 years old and older 640 yen

7.Okayama International Circuit

Picture courtesy of Okayama Prefecture Tourism Federation

An international standard circuit that opened in Mimasaka City (former Aida Town) in 1991 as a course officially recognized by the Federation Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA). It is famous as one of the most technical courses in western Japan, consisting of two long straights and 13 corners of various sizes.

It is popular because the racing course and the spectator stands are close to each other, allowing for an immersive viewing experience.

In addition to 2-wheel and 4-wheel races, a wide variety of other events are held here.

8. “KIFU NO SATO”, a relaxing traditional Japanese Inn where you can enjoy flowers

There are 12 traditional Japanese Inns and hotels in Okayama Yunogo Onsen. One of the most recommended places to stay is KIFU NO SATO.

At KIFU NO SATO, seasonal flowers arranged throughout the facility and colorful seasonal dishes will soothe your soul.

Yunogo Onsen has a history of more than 1,200 years as a therapeutic hot spring and a hot spring for beautiful skin.

KIFU NO SATO hot springs are weakly alkaline NaCa chloride springs containing nitrogen gas, which is one of only three in the world. Since the small bubbles that adhere to the body do not cool the body, it is possible to take a long bath at a low temperature.

There are also stone-paved open-air baths and medicinal steam baths to soothe your tired body and skin.

There are 4 newly renovated suite rooms, guest rooms with open-air baths, and standard guest rooms where you can relax in the scent of wood.

Official website: “KIFU NO SATO”

1 night 2 days model course

If you have 2 days and 1 night, you can visit most of the major spots introduced this time.

If you live in the Kansai or Chugoku region, if you leave in the morning, you will arrive at Yunogo Onsen around noon. Visit the rice terraces of Kaminoyama around Yunogo Onsen, the Tetsudo Model Museum, the Retro Toy Museum, and the Toy Box Showa Museum of That Day, then check in at KIFU NO SATO in the evening.

Let's enjoy hot spring and cooking slowly. Depending on the season, you can see fireflies at Oyagawa Kasen Park, or see the sea of ​​clouds at Oyama Observatory. At KIFU NO SATO, there is a free bus for guests only.

On the second day, we recommend taking your time to enjoy the Okayama International Circuit, the Museum of Modern Toys, and the Yumekan Music Box Museum.

Access to Yunogo Onsen

It takes about 2 hours by car from Osaka or Kobe.

From far away, if you go to JR Okayama Station by plane, Shinkansen, or express bus, there is a shuttle bus to Yunogo Onsen.

If you are planning to stay at KIFU NO SATO, there is a free shuttle bus. For details, please check the KIFU NO SATO official website .

Enjoy your trip to Yunogo Onsen!

Yunogo Onsen is surrounded by nature, and you can enjoy the superb view and the original scenery of Japan. Access is also very convenient, with shuttle buses available from various locations including JR Okayama Station.

How about feeling the energy of nature and soothing your daily fatigue in a famous hot spring with a history of about 1,200 years?

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