TAANNERR is a leather brand born in Himeji, the sacred place for leather.

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Sanyo Co., Ltd. is a long-established leather manufacturer that has been in business for over 110 years and supports the Japanese leather industry from Himeji. We launched the leather item brand ``TAANNERR'' from Himeji, hoping to let as many people know that ``Himeji is a sacred place for leather''...


“Sanyo Co., Ltd.” Tannery with over 110 years of history

Sanyo Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Sanyo) was founded in 1911 (Meiji 44) at its current location (43 Togocho, Himeji City), taking over the Himeji Tannery, which was founded in 1905. As a tannery (leather manufacturer), we are one of the largest companies in Japan and a leading company in the leather industry.

A tanner is a company that performs tanning. ``Tanning'' is the process of causing a chemical reaction in the collagen in the skin using a ``tanning agent'' in order to maintain the functionality of the skin for a long time. There are several methods of tanning, and Sanyo is the only tanner in Japan that can perform three types of tanning: chrome tanning, tannin tanning, and white leather tanning.

Among these, ``tannin tanning'' is a tanning method that uses natural vegetable ingredients contained in trees (currently mimosa), which has been practiced since ancient times. Although it takes time and effort, the result is a material called ``tanned leather'' that is highly durable and does not lose its shape. The unique expression of leather is attractive, and it is a material that can enjoy different texture changes depending on the person who uses it over time.

Sanyo's large-scale pit tank, which is rare even in Japan<br>
Sanyo's large-scale pit tank, which is rare even in Japan

There are two methods for producing tanned leather: drum tanning and pit tank tanning. The difference between the two manufacturing methods is the degree of tannin penetration. Tanning in pit tanks allows the ingredients of the tanning agent to slowly soak into the leather over a period of about a month, resulting in a high fiber density. As a result, the leather is strong, has a very beautiful edge (cut surface), and can be finished with just polishing. Tanned leather tanned in a pit tank is called "genuine tanned leather" or genuine tanned leather. Sanyo has a large-scale pit tank, which is rare in Japan, and produces the highest quality pit tanned leather (genuine tanned leather).

Leather being dried after tanning<br>
Leather being dried after tanning

Sanyo's greatest strength is that it has equipment that allows it to perform integrated production at its own factory, which involves more than 20 processes, including tanning, from the raw material (meat skin) to the final product (leather). We are one of the few tanneries in Japan that handles everything from skin to reborn into the finest leather.

Inspect at least 3 times before shipping<br>
Inspect at least 3 times before shipping

Two things Sanyo wants to convey

Leather is familiar to us and is used in many situations, including interiors such as shoes, bags, and chairs, sporting goods, automobile interiors, and outdoor goods. However, there are some things that are surprisingly unknown. There are two main reasons. One is that Himeji is a "sacred place for leather." Another thing is that ``leather is a sustainable material.''

Himeji is a “sacred place for leather”

Himeji is the "sacred place for leather". It seems that many people do not know this. In fact, Himeji (including the Tatsuno area) accounts for approximately 70% of the domestic production of cowhide. The reason why it is called a sacred place is because it is described as a ``leather producing area'' in books dating back more than 1,000 years.

There are various theories about its origin, but all of them are old enough to be considered legends. During the Sengoku period, it was widely used for armor, armor, and horse harnesses, and during the Edo period, it was one of the main industries that supported the Himeji clan's finances.

Ogawa Bridge over Ichikawa. There are many leather companies in the Takagi area around this area.<br>
Ogawa Bridge over Ichikawa. There are many leather companies in the Takagi area around this area.

The reason why Himeji became a production center is because of the gentle flow of the Ichikawa River, which was essential for the manufacturing method at the time, the climate suitable for sun drying, the wide riverbed, and the easy availability of raw materials such as cow skin and salt, which made Himeji more popular than Kyoto and Osaka. This is said to be due to the location being close to the area. Today, there are approximately 100 leather-related companies in Himeji City, making it one of Japan's leading leather production areas, not only in terms of production volume but also in terms of quality.

Leather is a sustainable material

Part of the brand message written on Sanyo's official website<br>
Part of the brand message written on Sanyo's official website

Nowadays, we tend to focus on new technologies and new materials, but leather has been made for a long time. What's more, we only use the skin that comes out when we get meat from cows for meat. We don't take the lives of animals just for the sake of leather products; 100% of our products are meat by-products. This is upcycled material that would otherwise be discarded. The life I was given. I am filled with gratitude for being able to use things that can be used without wasting them. Leather is a gift from living things.

Leather item brand “TAANNERR” from Himeji

Himeji is a sacred place for leather. And leather is a sustainable material. I want many people to know this fact. However, Sanyo realized that it would be difficult for material manufacturers to directly reach consumers, and decided to create final products from Himeji that could be delivered directly to consumers.

Kenichi Toda, who was appointed as the 10th representative director and president in 2021, made a call (before he was appointed as president at the time), and the young employees who responded to this call thought about what the new business was and what the company's strengths were, and the 2022 The leather item brand "TAANNERR" was born in October 2017. (pronounced strongly with a slight extension of the “taan”)

"TAANNERR" is a coined word based on the English word for tanner, "TANNER," by overlapping the letters and connecting the logo, expressing the idea of ​​"something that continues beyond time." The biggest feature is the way we think about product creation. In general product development, the product concept comes first and then the materials are selected. What Sanyo cherishes is that ``the main character is leather.'' Based on the belief of ``developing products that make the most of the quality of carefully selected leather,'' Sanyo, the company with the most thorough knowledge of leather, has created leather that has been finished in the most suitable condition using the best materials and craftsmanship. It's a brand.

The first product of "TAANNERR" is "leather products for leather lovers". We decided to use the highest quality kip (cow leather between calf and adult cow leather) and rare pitted leather as the materials for development. The product lineup is full of luxury and gives an elegant impression to business settings and can be used for a long time.

First product of


First product of "TAANNERR" Business bag, tote bag, long wallet, bi-fold wallet, coin case, key case, card case

The highest quality leather created using Sanyo technology, carefully selected metal fittings and thread, sophisticated and simple design, the sewing of bags is entrusted to one of only seven people in the country who holds the first grade technical certification of the Japan Bag and Handbag Association, and accessories. The company has commissioned craftsmen from Toyooka to create the products, with the hope that the products will be loved for a long time.

Although it may seem expensive when viewed as a single item, even specialized leather buyers are surprised by the quality of the materials and technology that go into it.

Edge (cut surface) unique to pitted leather<br>
Edge (cut surface) unique to pitted leather

When you actually hold it in your hands, even those who are not familiar with leather can understand the texture. Although it is sturdy, it is not heavy. Above all, I am impressed by the elegant beauty of the pitted tanned leather and the feel of the highest grade calf used for the interior. Genuine leather has the unique characteristics of each cow, so when you hear that no two products are the same, you realize the importance of continuing to use it for a long time.

Leather is a material that allows you to enjoy aging (changes over time) with continued use and the joy of growing it. All products come with care cream and cloth. Everything is based on Sanyo's desire for Himeji-born products made from cowhide, a sustainable material, to be loved for a long time.

How to purchase “TAANNERR”

"TAANNERR" can be purchased from Sanyo's online shop as well as from the "Shopping" page of Local Prime.

Click here for the “TAANNERR” purchase page

The first product lineup is designed with business situations in mind, so it is sure to be a great gift for Father's Day or other celebrations. Of course, you can also use it as a reward for yourself. If you would like to see and touch the product before considering purchasing, please check the official website and SNS.

Although it is irregular, there is information on store openings such as pop-up stores and department store events. Once a month, the ``Sanyo Leather Classroom'' is held, which includes a factory tour, leather information session, and spot sale. We welcome a wide range of people, from people who are curious about what kind of company Sanyo is, to people who want to know more about leather, to people who have actually used leather and want to ask questions.

TAANNERR is also on display, so you can check it out and if you like it, you can buy it on the spot. Please check the official website for dates and how to apply.

(Writer Takashi Tsukamoto)

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