About 20 minutes from Kyoto! What kind of city is Kusatsu City, Shiga Prefecture, which is full of history and nature?

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Kusatsu City, Shiga Prefecture is the only place in Japan where the Tokaido and Nakasendo roads, two of the major roads of the Edo period, diverged and merged. It developed as an important post station where large numbers of people and goods came and went. It has been an important hub not only for l...

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What is Kusatsu City, Shiga Prefecture?

Kusatsu City is located in the southwestern part of Shiga Prefecture, and is the second most populous city in the prefecture, facing Japan's largest lake, Lake Biwa. The area stretches approximately 13.2 km from north to south and 10.9 km from east to west, and consists of an agricultural zone along the shores of Lake Biwa, a bustling town zone in the center, and an industrial zone on the hills.

A town with a rich landscape of lakes, ridges, and rural scenery.

Lake Biwa and sunset taken in Shina, Kusatsu City<br>
Lake Biwa and sunset taken in Shina, Kusatsu City

Kusatsu City has fertile land, a warm climate, abundant water, and one of the largest clusters of greenhouses in the Kinki region, making it a major producer of cultivated vegetables. Taking advantage of the natural environment around Lake Biwa, various crops such as rape and rice are grown here.

Kusatsu City, the root of the phrase “hurry up and turn around”

There used to be a ferry on Lake Biwa, and when going from Kusatsu to Otsu, there were two routes: one was to cross Lake Biwa by land via Seta-no-Karabashi Bridge (12km), and the other was to cross Lake Biwa by boat via Yabashi-no-Watari (6km). )had. It is faster to take a boat, but from winter to spring, there is a season called ``Hiei Oroshi,'' when the river blows down from the opposite shore. It is said to be the origin of the proverb ``hurry up, but around'' because it is more reliable to walk along the Tokaido route than to take a shortcut by boat, even if it is a detour.

A convenient and environmentally rich place

Agricultural land spreads along the shore of Lake Biwa, and the center is a lively area with a harmonious blend of old and new, including Kusatsu-shuku Honjin. The hilly area to the east is thriving with industry, and each area has a different appearance. With convenient transportation, Kusatsu City is centered around JR Kusatsu Station and JR Minami-Kusatsu Station. Kusatsu Station is connected to the JR Tokaido Main Line and the JR Kusatsu Line, and Minami-Kusatsu Station has good access to Kyoto and Osaka.

Let's know more about Kusatsu City! Q&A

Is it true that the population is increasing?

Kusatsu City is one of the few municipalities in Japan whose population continues to grow. It is a popular city among people raising children, as it has good access to Kyoto and Osaka, and an environment suitable for raising children.

How to get to Kusatsu City?

About 17 minutes by train (JR) from Kyoto Station. Approximately 50 minutes from Osaka Station. It is also connected to the expressway and is easily accessible by car.

Can you enjoy Kusatsu City by walking?

There are many historical spots and gourmet spots around Kusatsu Station. To get to the shores of Lake Biwa, we recommend renting a bicycle or renting a car.

Speaking of gourmet food in Kusatsu?

It has the largest number of restaurants in Shiga Prefecture. We have an abundance of delicious agricultural products from Kusatsu, including Omi beef, which is representative of Shiga prefecture. The great thing about Kusatsu is that you can eat anything and everything is delicious.

Is there a place I can enjoy with my family?

There are many spots that the whole family can enjoy visiting, such as the Lake Biwa Museum and parks with athletic fields and pools. There are many places where you can feel safe even with young children.

Lake Biwa Museum

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