Must Visit in Toyama! Restaurant Recommendations to Enjoy High-Class Seafood and Sake

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We will introduce 3 recommended sightseeing spots in Toyama where you can enjoy local seafood and sake.

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Where to Enjoy Toyama’s Gourmet?

The Higashiiwase area in Toyama City, Toyama Prefecture has flourished since the early Edo period as a port town for Kitamaebune ships that sailed up and down the Sea of ​​Japan. Omachi Street is lined with storehouses and shipping wholesalers, creating a beautiful cityscape. Many of the houses built in the Meiji period with their backs to the riverbank remain, allowing you to fully enjoy the quaint atmosphere of those days.

Recently, new shops have been opening one after another, including a gallery in a renovated storehouse of a shipping wholesaler, a select food shop, a beer pub, a sake bar, and a restaurant, making it a hot spot. Iwase is also the home of white shrimp fishing, and there are many restaurants where you can enjoy fresh white shrimp dishes.

To get to the port town of Iwase, we recommend taking the Fuiwa Water Line, which runs from Fuiwa Canal Kansui Park north of Toyama Station, or the tram from Toyama Station.

3 Restaurants to Enjoy Exquisite Seafood Dishes

Hokuriku Toyama is rich in fresh seafood, and the Higashiiwase area is also famous for its delicious seafood dishes.

We will introduce three recommended restaurants in the Higashiiwase area, which is lined with famous restaurants listed in the Michelin Guide Toyama 2021.

1. Piatto Suzuki Cinque

Piatto Suzuki Cinque is located in the Iwase area of ​​Toyama City, where the townscape that flourished as a port town for Kitamaebune ships remains. We are an Italian restaurant where you can enjoy Toyama's bounty as authentic Italian cuisine, serving dishes that make use of Toyama's rich ingredients and local alcoholic beverages that go well with your meal.

We have created a comfortable space where everyone, from families with children to authentic foodies, can warmly welcome everyone with a "Ciao!" and relax and enjoy their meal.

Please check the website for details.


“GEJO” opened in January 2020 in Iwase, a port town full of elegance. From cooking to sushi, you can enjoy an unconventional selection of special dishes. The young shop owner trained at famous shops in the prefecture and gained experience in various parts of the world, including France, Burgundy, and Bulgaria. We use carefully selected ingredients, including fresh fish from Toyama, that are carefully selected by our own eyes and tastes. We freely incorporate techniques and ideas from around the world to create a unique taste. You can enjoy Iwase's famous sake ``Majusen'', champagne, wine, and other alcoholic beverages at a leisurely pace.

Please check the website for details.

3. Cave Yunoki

Cave Yunoki, located in Higashiiwase, Toyama City, is a restaurant located in a renovated 100-year-old storehouse of a shipping wholesaler that prospered through the Kitamae-bune trade since the Edo period. The store's name, "cave", means storehouse in French, and represents the desire for the wine to mature slowly over time, like wine that is aged in a wine cave for a long time.

We have been featured in Gault & Millau for 7 consecutive years and received one star in the Michelin Guide Hokuriku 2021 Special Edition. In August 2021, we will reopen as a theater-style fully open kitchen to aim for even greater heights.

Please check the website for details.

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Treasure Trove of Sushi and Seafood: Hokuriku Toyama!

Toyama Bay is known to be rich in marine resources due to its topography where the deep sea and shallow sea meet. This is partly due to the fact that nutrients are brought in by rivers large and small, and there is an abundance of plankton, which is food for fish.

Approximately 500 species of seafood inhabit Toyama Bay, including famous white shrimp, oyster shellfish, and red snow crab. Toyama Bay is called a "natural fish tank."

Please come to Hokuriku Toyama where you can enjoy luxurious seafood and sake!

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