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NAKED, INC. participatory art that allows you to experience the tea ceremony has appeared at JR Kyoto Station, the gateway to Kyoto.

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“NAKED ART STATION -KYOTO-” second edition will be held from October 13th (Friday) to October 21st (Saturday)!

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"NAKED GARDEN ONE KYOTO 2023", a city event where real and virtual crossover, will be held at the JR Kyoto Station Building Grand Staircase as an autumn garden, following the summer! The second installment features two types of art: participatory art and experiential art, where you can easily experience the traditional Japanese culture of the tea ceremony and the aesthetics of Sen no Rikyu, who popularized the tea ceremony.

The first is "CHASEN," an experiential art piece that appears on the grand staircase on the 4th floor of the JR Kyoto Station building. Digital technology reads the movement of the chasen as you carefully brew matcha, and the linked LED art spreads across the entire grand staircase. This is a uniquely modern tea ceremony experience that uses digital technology to express the spirit of "once in a lifetime chance."

The second is an experiential art installation of Tai-an, Sen no Rikyu's masterpiece tea room, which appears in front of the information desk on the 2nd floor of the JR Kyoto Station building. When you enter a large object modeled after the national treasure "Taian," you will see a reproduction of the function and structure of the tea room using projection mapping. This is a space where you can enjoy learning about the ingenuity, history, and episodes of Sen no Rikyu that have been put into just 2 tatami mats of Taian through projection mapping.

Experience Japan's traditional culture, the tea ceremony, through digital art.

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Tea ceremony experience art: JR Kyoto Station Building Grand Staircase (4F Muromachi Koji Square)

Taian: JR Kyoto Station Building 2F Information Front

October 13th (Friday) - October 21st (Saturday)


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NAKED, INC. is a creative company founded by Ryotaro Muramatsu in 1997. Pursuing the philosophy of "Core Creative, Total Creation, and Borderless Creativity", the company has presented works across various genres to uncover new values in various scenes of life spanning from art, entertainment, traditional culture, education, music, food, sports, and more. In recent years, NAKED has presented innovative experiences that integrate and enhance online and offline entertainment experiences. Since 2022, the company has been undertaking the “NAKED GARDEN ONE KYOTO” initiative that incorporates virtual platforms and technology with real-life venues to promote and enhance Kyoto’s cultural experiences. Other notable works include the Tokyo Station projection mapping showcase "TOKYO HIKARI VISION", floral-themed immersive art exhibition "NAKED FLOWERS", AI music production system "HUMANOID DJ", and immersive art and gastronomy restaurant "TREE by NAKED yoyogi park”.

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