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Surprisingly Easy! Two Ways from Kansai International Airport to Kyoto

Surprisingly Easy! Two Ways from Kansai International Airport to Kyoto

Translated by UCHACA

Written by Keishi Kawakami

Kyoto 2014.05.14 Bookmark

Oide Yasu, Kyoto .(Welcome to Kyoto from your long trip.) You'll be getting at Kyoto soon, so I'll inform you on how to get to Kyoto smoothly after arriving to Kansai international airport.

Two routes you can take to get to Kyoto with a minimum number of transfers.

There are many routes to get to Kyoto from Kansai international airport but you may take a long time from station to station without knowing where to transfer or how to get to the next station. So, I will introduce two ways to go to Kyoto quickly. By the way, both ways I'll introduce to you today will be on the JR lines.

Part 1 : Transfer-free! "Kansai International Airport Express Haruka"


 photo: JRおでかけネット

You can go to Kyoto directly from Kansai international airport by taking the JR "Kansai International Airport Express Haruka". After you get on, you don’t need to transfer. And this station is connected directly with the passenger terminal building in Kansai International Airport, so you can go without getting lost on your way to the station. This way is the simplest way to reach Kyoto smoothly.

  • Price: Seat without reservation is 2770 yen
    ¥1,830(basic fare ticket)+940 yen(express fare ticket)
    Reserved seat is 3080 yen
    ¥1,830(basic fare ticket) +1,250 yen(express fare ticket)
    Time : about 80 minutes to Kyoto

Part 2 :One transfer. The root of the "Osaka Kansai International Airport → Osaka→ Kyoto"


Next, I recommend the route with one transfer: “Kansai International Airport → Osaka→ Kyoto ”
Take the rapid train from Kansai International Airport to Osaka, and after that, take the new rapid train from Osaka to Kyoto.
Both of them are JR lines, making the transfer inside Osaka station so it is very easy to understand.

  • Price: ¥1,830 ( basic fare ticket only )
  • Time : about 95 minutes to Kyoto

When you choose the route from Osaka to Kansai international airport, you must take the first 4 cars.Car’s number 1 through 4 are bound for Kansai Airport.
If you take the last 4 cars, you will go to Wakayama.

View the Japanese true value from trains

Can you decide the route to come to Kyoto?
Actually, there are a lot of routes to go to Kyoto by train (using different lines),buses and taxis.
But, the routes I described above are the best ways to go to Kyoto smoothly.
In addition, buses or taxis are good if you want to travel inside the city of Kyoto .
But, when you go to Kyoto, please try to use the train.
I’m sure you'll like Japanese trains because of their cleanliness, punctuality and politeness.

On a side note, there is a route that you can take that transfers at Hankyu Umeda Station from JR Osaka Station and then taking the train from Umeda will get you to Kawaramachi (downtown Kyoto), so that might be useful accordingly.

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