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Fukuoka: Heartwarming Winter Illuminations in 2023

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This article features four must-see illumination spots for visitors to Fukuoka. Sights that will warm your heart this winter include the symbolic Fukuoka Tower, Tenjin Central Park, Hakata Station Square, and Uminonakamichi Seaside Park!

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Fukuoka City is bustling with international visitors year-round. During the winter, the city hosts beautiful illuminations that have been highly acclaimed in recent years.

This article introduces four must-see illumination events in Fukuoka. Please let the glittering beauty of these lights warm your body and soul in wintertime.

Heartwarming Winter Illuminations in Fukuoka 2023-2024

1. Fukuoka Tower
2. Hikari no Forest- Tenjin Central Park
3. TENJIN Christmas Market- JR Hakata Station
4. Uminaka Christmas Candle Night

1. Fukuoka Tower: See a 108-Meter-Tall Christmas Tree

Fukuoka's Heart-Warming Winter Illuminations

Fukuoka Tower is one of Fukuoka's landmarks. Up until Christmas Day on December 25, the tower's facade transforms into an image of a gigantic shining tree.

As you look at this visual display, snow gently falls and starts to pile up as the green tree gradually changes into a white one!

Also, don't miss Santa Claus, who can be seen descending from above with his bag of goodies. Last year, a new version was introduced with five different color patterns.

While the view of the tower from the ground is impressive, we recommend heading up to the top for Fukuoka's spectacular night scenery.

Event dates: November 18 to December 25, 2023
Hours: 17:00 - 23:00 *Until 24:00 from December 23 - 25

2. QTnet presents Hikari no Forest: Tenjin Central Park's New Focal Point

Fukuoka: Heartwarming Winter Illuminations in 2023

Photo by PRTimes
At Tenjin Central Park, visitors can watch QTnet presents Hikari no Forest featuring its symbolic tree and illuminations.

Fukuoka: Heartwarming Winter Illuminations in 2023

Photo by PRTimes

Acting as the centerpiece of Ai Bridge is a dazzling Christmas tree created from hundreds of golden dazzling lights.

Fukuoka: Heartwarming Winter Illuminations in 2023
Fukuoka: Heartwarming Winter Illuminations in 2023

Photos by PRTimes

Other fantastic areas in the event include Kihinkan Square which is boasting its KBC 70th Anniversary FESTA de SANTA event, and the forest of light in Tenjin Central Park, where golden illuminations and creatures can be seen such as deer!

Fukuoka: Heartwarming Winter Illuminations in 2023

Photo by PRTimes
Combined with Nakasu Kibo no Hikari, an event where trees along Nakasu Central Street and Nagahama-dori Avenue are lit up, Fukuoka gets enveloped in a warm and cozy Christmas atmosphere.
There is a public market that debuts on Fridays and weekends.

Tenjin Illumination

Nakasu Hikarino Advent
Dates: November 1, 2023 - January 8, 2024
Hours 17:00 -24:00

Kihinkan Square
Dates: November 22 - December 25, 2023
Hours 17:00 - 22:00

Forest of Light
Dates: November 16 - December 25, 2023
Hours: weekdays 17:00 - 22:00, weekends 12:00 - 22:00

3. JR Hakata Station: Visit the Christmas Market

Experience Fukuoka's Heart-Warming Winter Illuminations in 2022-23!

Photo by Pixta

Hakata Station Square is a bustling area with people constantly coming and going. Each year in winter, the station is decorated with splendid illuminations themed around starlit skies.

An annual Christmas Market is also held at Hakata Station Square. While sipping mulled wine, why not enjoy the light displays around Hakata Station?

Fukuoka: Heartwarming Winter Illuminations in 2023

Photo by PR Times

Outside Hakata Station, visitors are greeted by the warm glow of PLEIADES presents TENJIN Christmas Market. The market is adorned with sparkling golden lights and Christmas ornaments featuring reindeer, Santa, snowmen, and nutcrackers. Shops sell delicious mulled wine and seasonal souvenirs!

Hakata Station Illumination

Dates: November 11 - December 25, 2023 *The Christmas Market runs from November 17 to December 25, 2023
Hours: weekdays 16:45 - 23:00, weekends 12:00 - 23:00

4. Uminonakamichi Seaside Park: See Japan's Largest Candle Art!

Experience Fukuoka's Heart-Warming Winter Illuminations in 2022-23!

Uminonakamichi Seaside Park, a family-friendly national park, hosts an event called Uminaka Christmas Candle Night.

The highlight of this event is a candle art display comprised of 10,000 candles. This is a slightly different illumination where visitors can enjoy the warm glow of candles.

About 300 fireworks will also be set off during this event. A collaboration between fireworks and candles is something you usually can't experience. Please allow the warm light of the candles and the fireworks display to send you into deep relaxation.

Of course, you'll be making some unforgettable winter memories here!

Event dates: December 16 - 17, 23 - 24, 2023
Hours: 17:30 - 20:45

We hope you enjoy the beautiful winter illuminations in Fukuoka.

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