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How to Travel to Fukuoka from Tokyo (2023): Which Transportation Is Best?

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Fukuoka, Kyushu's largest city, has many shopping and sightseeing spots. But which mode of transportation is best when traveling from Tokyo? We compare travel by airplane, shinkansen, highway bus, and rental car in terms of cost and convenience.

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The Best Ways to Get to Fukuoka: A Comparison

Fukuoka―the largest city in Kyushu―is one of Japan's most popular destinations.

Fukuoka City is home to several large-scale shopping spots starting with the Tenjin area. Also, in recent years, the city has seen its entertainment scene continue to grow with the renewal of Marine World Uminonakamichi and the opening of Gundam Park Fukuoka.

Also, be sure to not miss out on Fukuoka's unique cuisine including Hakata ramen.

This article takes a look at the best modes of transportation when traveling from Tokyo to Fukuoka, using available information as of December 2022. We'll do a thorough comparison of prices, required travel time, and level of convenience.

We Recommend Traveling by Airplane to Fukuoka


Each day, from 06:00 in the morning to 20:00 at night, more than 50 flights go from Tokyo's Haneda Airport to Fukuoka Airport. This route is served by several airlines including Star Flyer Airlines and Skymark Airlines, not to mention ANA and JAL.

Boarding time is roughly two hours. The large number of flights makes it convenient and so easy to make your travel plans.

One-way fare ranges from 11,047 yen to 48,430 yen for ANA and JAL. For Skymark and Star Flyer, the fare can sometimes be even less than 10,000 yen with their special package deals.

Also, low-cost carrier (LCC) Jetstar Airways flies to Fukuoka from Narita Airport. The one-way fare is 6,080 yen―the cheapest of all the carriers. However, please keep in mind that getting to Narita from central Tokyo takes anywhere from one hour to 90 minutes by limousine bus or train, and the fare is 1,000 yen to 1,500 yen.

Fukuoka Airport is close to the heart of Fukuoka and is also serviced by the subway, making access highly convenient. It also has many shops and restaurants, so right after landing you can have an enjoyable time right inside the airport!

Check here for Tokyo-Fukuoka air tickets: skyticket>

Shinkansen: Perfect for Train Enthusiasts!


From: Shinkansen - How To Buy Bullet Train Tickets

The shinkansen (bullet train) is a reliable form of transportation that's rarely disrupted by typhoons and other bad weather conditions.

It leaves for Hakata Station once every 30 minutes from Tokyo Station. It takes five hours and the one-way fare is 22,220 yen.

The EX Hayatoku―a discount for making an early reservation―and the Hayawari Ofuku Kippu ticket are also good options. A return ticket to Hakata costs a reasonable 34,970 yen.

Compared with air travel, the shinkansen takes more time and is more expensive. However, for travelers who want to take in Japan's breathtaking beauty, the shinkansen is the better choice.

International visitors can also purchase a JR PASS, which offers unlimited travel on the shinkansen for a flat fee, and the JR KYUSHU RAIL PASS, which offers unlimited travel within the Kyushu region on both JR limited express trains in addition to the shinkansen.

This is a great bargain for visitors planning a tour of Japan, so please check this out!

Check here for details on the JR PASS: A real bargain for international visitors!
Check here for the JR KYUSHU RAIL PASS: A convenient way to see Kyushu!

Highway Bus: Ideal for Those Wanting To Travel at Night


It's been said that overnight buses going from Tokyo to Fukuoka travel the greatest distance among night buses. The fare for these highway buses starts at 8,500 yen and the required travel time is about 14 hours. This bus is a great option when you're unable to make a plane or shinkansen reservation.

Premium Class on the Highway Bus Hakata Go, is expensive at over 18,000 yen but very famous for its supreme comfort. It's characterized by spacious semi-enclosed seating that offers iPad access and massage functions. The seats also come with tables, so it's possible to get caught up on a little work as well.

Upon arrival in Fukuoka, another attractive feature is the Central Wellness Club's shower-sauna-pool-gym facility at Solaria Plaza, which bus passengers can use at a discounted price.

While it's perfectly fine to quickly head to your hotel and retire for the night, we also recommend these extra features for people who want to relax and enjoy a luxurious trip together with their accommodation.

Highway Bus Reservations: reservations can be made from 3 months prior to 20 minutes before departure time. WILLER TRAVEL
More details (Japanese)

Renting a Car Is Best for Those Who Enjoy Driving


When traveling from Tokyo to Fukuoka via expressway and even making use of an ETC discount, expressway tolls will cost about 15,620 yen. It's a distance of about 1,100 kilometers so you'll also need to calculate your gas expenses.

Looking at the total cost it's obviously not cheaper than other modes of transportation, and it also requires quite a bit of traveling time. However, we do recommend renting a car for people who have lots of time and a flexible schedule, or for those who'd like to take a detour with a friend in a camping car on the way to Fukuoka.

Car Rental Reservations: Compare prices for all major car rental companies with Tabirai!

MATCHA is currently offering international visitors a 10% discount coupon for use with NIPPON Rent-A-Car, one of Japan's leading car rental agencies.

NIPPON Rent-A-Car has several sales offices at the Fukuoka Airport and also in Fukuoka City. If you'd like to rent a car after arriving in Fukuoka by plane or shinkansen, please drop in at one of their offices and check out their services.


Many people choose to travel by airplane when going from Tokyo to Fukuoka. But travelers have other options as well. For those times when you're unable to book a plane ticket or you'd just simply like to give another mode of transportation a try, please use today's article as a handy reference.

Complete Your Travel Plans with Hotel and Wi-Fi!

Once we've finalized our Fukuoka travel schedule and decided on our method of transportation, next up is accommodation, right?

When looking for reasonably priced accommodation in Fukuoka it's best to enlist the help of Agoda and

Also, the MATCHA article directly below, introduces some recommended fashionable hotels within Fukuoka City. For those who'd like to plan a trip with that someone special, please refer to this article.

On a different note, the number of places in Japan that offer free Wi-Fi is somewhat limited. So international visitors will find it convenient to rent pocket Wi-Fi.

MATCHA is currently offering a 20% off discount coupon (English) for use on Ninja Wi-Fi. So please be sure to take advantage of this great deal.

 How to Travel to Fukuoka from Tokyo (2023): Which Transportation Is Best?

In closing, we hope that everyone has an enjoyable Fukuoka excursion that's filled with some unforgettable memories!

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