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Travel To Fukuoka From Tokyo! A Thorough Comparison

Travel To Fukuoka From Tokyo! A Thorough Comparison

Translated by Allie

Written by MATCHA

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Fukuoka is the largest city in Kyushu and is known for its unique culture, historical landmarks, and great cuisine. This article covers how to travel efficiently and comfortably between Tokyo and Fukuoka, using the Shinkansen, airplane, and highway buses.

Getting to Fukuoka from Tokyo


Fukuoka, the largest city in the Kyushu Region by population, is one of the most popular destinations to visit in southern Japan as it has famous local dishes and many tourist attractions. We will introduce methods to travel between Tokyo and Fukuoka and compare them.

By Plane - Most Recommended Way


Image from How To Stay Overnight In Haneda Airport's International Terminal

Airplane is a great way to travel to Fukuoka. There are more than fifty flights per day from Haneda Airport to Fukuoka Airport operated by ANA, JAL, StarFlyer as well as Skymark Airlines which allow you to arrange your plan as you want. The flight between the two cities takes about 2 hours. A one-way flight run by ANA or JAL costs from 15,990 to 41,390 yen. On the other hand, one-way flights run by  StarFlyer and Skymark Airlines sometimes cost less than 10,000 yen if you catch their campaign period.

A budget airline, Jetstar, also operates services from Narita International Airport. The price starts at 6,390 yen. But if you fly from the Narita International Airport, you need to take a bus or train to get to the  Narita Airport, which takes about one to one and a half hours and costs 1,000 to 1,500 yen.

Fukuoka Airport is close to the city center and there are subway lines connecting the airport and the city, making it easy to reach your destination after arriving at Fukuoka Airport. Also, the airport itself has shops and restaurants which allow you to enjoy the time spent there.

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By Shinkansen - Ideal For Train Lovers


Image from Shinkansen - How To Buy Bullet Train Tickets

The Shinkansen is a comfortable and relaxing option for getting to Fukuoka from Tokyo. However, the schedules of the Shinkansen could be affected by the weather, for example by typhoons.

Shinkansens runs every 30 minutes between Tokyo station and Fukuoka Station. The ride takes about 5 hours and costs 23,390 yen one-way. Compared to the flights, it takes longer and costs you more. But if you like to get to see the landscape on the way, it can be a great option.

By Bus - Inexpensive Travel at Night

Travel To Fukuoka From Tokyo! A Thorough Comparison

Picture from Budget-Friendly! Use The Night Bus To Save Time And Money

Night buses between Tokyo and Fukuoka have the longest travel time during the night among the Japanese bus lines. The price of the tickets starts from around 7,500 yen. The ride takes 14 hours. It would be the option to take when flight tickets and Shinkansen tickets are sold out.

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By Car - Take a Road Trip in Japan


The highway tolls between Tokyo and Fukuoka cost 12,000 yen, and you need to pay for fuel to drive for about 1,100km. When you consider all of these costs, taking a car is not going to be the cheapest option. But, if you are with friends and want to stop by different places on the way it will be a lot of fun.

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Most of the people who travel between Tokyo and Fukuoka choose to go by airplane. But there are some more options to take into consideration, as mentioned in this article. So if you would like to try other methods beside flying and enjoy your own style of traveling, please consider the options above.

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