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[Southern Okinawa Main Island/Nanjo City] “Wellness Resort Okinawa Yuinchi Hotel Nanjo” is a hotel with a free-flowing hot spring, which is rare in Okinawa.

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Yuinchi Hotel Nanjo is located in the southern part of the main island of Okinawa, surrounded by rich nature. It is built on a hill and has an outstanding location where you can see the ocean of Okinawa. During your stay, enjoy meals made with ingredients carefully grown by local producers, work up...

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Access to Yuinchi Hotel Nanjo

Yuinchi Hotel Nanjo is a resort hotel approximately 40 minutes by car from Naha Airport.

From Naha Bus Terminal to Nanjo City Hall, it takes about 60 minutes by Okinawa Bus (system no. 39, system no. 40, system no. 309, system no. 399) or Toyo Bus (system no. 37). About 6 minutes walk from Nanjo City Hall.

A room with a panoramic view of the Okinawa sea from the top of the hill

"Yinchi Hotel Nanjo" is located in the southern part of the main island of Okinawa, and is built on a hill surrounded by rich nature, with an outstanding location overlooking the ocean of Okinawa. Each room is spacious enough to accommodate up to 4 people, and each room is a ``Western deluxe'' type room (32㎡) with a bathroom facing the balcony and an ocean view. There are two types of rooms: ocean colors and earth colors, which differ depending on the floor.

We also have a ``Japanese Style Deluxe'' type room (12 tatami mats for up to 5 people) and a ``Japanese Style Room with Natural Hot Spring'' (8 tatami mats) where you can enjoy hot springs of the same quality as the natural hot spring Sashiki no Sarujin Yu. Maximum of 4 people) is recommended for families and groups.

At the natural hot spring "Enjin no Yu", enjoy the beautiful scenery and the natural hot spring water that is rich in skin-beautifying ingredients.

Enjin no Yu, a rare natural hot spring in Okinawa, is a natural hot spring that is fed directly from the source without any filtration, heating, or addition of water. The view is outstanding, and you can enjoy the blue sky and sea during the day, and the night view of Nanjo City and the starry sky at night. The hot spring water of "Sarujin no Yu" originates from different sources, from 2,119m to 1,500m underground, about 5 million years ago (Cenozoic Era Neogene/Pliocene) and about 54 million years ago (Paleogene Eocene). It is something that has sprung up from the strata of the time and has been naturally blended before reaching the surface. It contains ancient fossilized seawater from the time when Ardipithecus ramidus, a kind of ape-man, the oldest human being, was born. Although it has 80% of the salt content of current ordinary seawater, it also has properties that are completely different from seawater, such as containing a lot of metasilicic acid, calcium, iodine, iron, and nutrient salts, which are said to have a skin-beautifying effect. there is. Please fully enjoy the natural blessings flowing directly from the source without any filtration, heating, or water addition.

A buffet where you can appreciate the blessings of nature grown in Nanjo City and enjoy carefully selected ingredients from producers.

We offer a wide variety of food, including approximately 50 types of food featuring seasonal flavors and Okinawan menus, approximately 20 types of desserts, and 10 types of original drinks. If you are staying with breakfast included, you can use the breakfast buffet.

[Pool] There are two popular pools: a seasonal leisure pool and an indoor pool. You can play to your heart's content in the pool in the summer!

The facility also features a leisure pool and an indoor Jacuzzi with a view. Please relax and enjoy with your family.

[Buggy] A thrilling outdoor experience where you can feel nature with your whole body!

A full-fledged buggy ride through the forest. Enjoy the thrilling ride where you can feel the vibrations that directly touch your exposed body and the undulations of the earth.

Check out the rooms at “Wellness Resort Okinawa Yuinchi Hotel Nanjo” now!
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