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This is definitely a Kanazawa souvenir! 4 recommended souvenirs that can only be purchased here

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When you come to Kanazawa, we want you to take home a special souvenir. From delicious food to cute miscellaneous goods, this time we will introduce recommended souvenirs from Kanazawa!

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1 “UNFINI” chocolate

A sweets shop that combines Kanazawa's traditional Japanese sweets techniques with organic chocolate. You can get delicious souvenirs that will please even Japanese sweets lovers. There are sweets with a gentle sweetness that both adults and children will love.

2. Sake from “Sake no Osawa Omicho Market Store”

A liquor store that mainly sells Japanese sake. It is located in Omicho Ichiba. We have a wide selection of delicious sake from within the prefecture. We also sell mini bottle sizes that are perfect for souvenirs.

3 Engraving miscellaneous goods at “sayuu”

This is the atelier and shop of Mr. Takemata, a metal engraver from Kanazawa. Heavy, high-quality cutlery and beautiful handcrafted jewelry are on sale here.

4 “Gold leaf”

Kanazawa is very famous as a production area of ​​gold leaf! Kanazawa accounts for over 99% of Japan's gold leaf production, and you can even ``eat'' gold leaf.

Souvenir shops in the city sell dishes, sweets, and Japanese sweets made with gold leaf. The shine of the gold leaf is pleasing to the eye and will definitely make you feel luxurious. Why not try Kanazawa's gourmet food and gold leaf as a memory of your trip?

Let's take Kanazawa's specialties home!

Are there any famous souvenirs from Kanazawa that interest you? When you visit, be sure to check out the Kanazawa souvenirs we introduced this time. May it be a memorable trip!

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We are a community development company that creates and produces local HUBs. Based on hotel management, we will provide a comfortable and rich daily life = "The And Place"where people outside and inside the city connect beyond the boundaries. In Kanazawa, we operate a lifestyle hotel, LINNAS Kanazawa. The local hotel staff are experts in traveling to Kanazawa! We will dig deep into the charm of the region and introduce you to popular tourist spots and hidden famous shops that even the locals don't know about.

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