[Tottori Prefecture] Stay overnight in Yonago City at Kaike Onsen, one of the most famous hot springs in the San'in area!

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A seaside hot spring resort representing the San'in region facing the Sea of ​​Japan. You can see the beautiful coastline and Mt. Daisen, the highest peak in the Chugoku region.

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"Salt water" is said to be a hot spring that promotes health and beautiful skin.

Because it is a seaside hot spring area, the hot springs have a high salt concentration. It is said to have high moisturizing properties, warm the body to its core, and can be expected to activate metabolism.

Kaike Onsen has various types of inns and hotels, from long-established inns to resort hotels.

Kaike Onsen accommodation

Just step out and you'll be at a resort spot!

Kaike Onsen offers a lot of fun that can only be found in a seaside hot spring area. In the summer, you can enjoy not only swimming but also various marine leisure activities at the beach right in front of your doorstep.

Kaike Onsen Beach “BEACH RESORT KAIKE”

Kaike Onsen Kaiyu Beach

Kaike Onsen Marine Athletic “KAI・KAI”

Kaike Onsen Marine Athletic KAI・KAI

Kaike Onsen recommended gourmet!

Enjoy a delicious dinner using seasonal ingredients such as rock oysters in the summer and Matsuba crab in the winter at an inn in Kaike Onsen!

"Iwagaki" is in season in summer. It is called the milk of the sea and is characterized by its rich taste.

Matsuba crab is the king of winter delicacies. You can enjoy the refined flavor.

Other restaurants where you can enjoy crab

One of the top raw tuna catches in the country. The king of fish, the bluefin tuna.

The balance of lean meat and fat is exquisite! "Tottori Wagyu" where you can enjoy the original taste of beef

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The center of the San'in tour. As befits a commercial city that represents the San'in region, it is the gateway to the San'in region, with convenient access to Sakaiminato City, which has well-developed expressway and railway land routes, and air and sea routes. In a prime location overlooking the national park Mt. Daisen and nestled on the Sea of ​​Japan, Kaike Onsen, one of the best in the San'in region, springs up, making it a bustling tourist resort that thrives on sports and leisure throughout the year. When traveling to the San'in region, start by visiting Yonago City. By linking it with the surrounding charming cities and towns, you should be able to comfortably fulfill various types of sightseeing, such as a trip to historical sites, a trip to gourmet food, and a trip to myths.

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