[Shimanto City, Kochi Prefecture] A thorough guide to accommodations in Shimanto City! List of accommodation facilities!

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There are surprisingly many accommodation facilities in Shimanto City, Kochi Prefecture, and if you are not familiar with the area, it can be difficult to know where to stay... In this article, we will introduce accommodations in Shimanto City all at once. We hope you can find an inn that suits your...

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Hot spring facility

New Royal Hotel Shimanto

Address: 26 Koshocho, Nakamura, Shimanto City TEL: 0880-35-1000

[Fees (estimate)]
¥6,300~ (raw)
From ¥7,600 (breakfast included)
¥11,800~ (2 meals included)

HP/ http://www.nrh-shimanto.co.jp/

♨Hot spring available
It is an 8-minute walk from the Shimanto River and is located near the downtown area of ​​Shimanto City, close to various sightseeing spots such as sightseeing boats, canoeing, whale watching, and river hunter experiences, making it a convenient base for business and sightseeing.

Nagomiyado Asjuan

Address: 1815 Nakamura, Shimanto City TEL: 0880-35-3184

[Fees (estimate)]
From ¥17,400 (half board only)

HP/ http://www.anjuann.com/

♨Hot spring available
Our hermitage is a 9-room inn located on the top of Shiroyama, the ruins of Nakamura Castle. For this reason, the environment is so quiet that it is hard to believe that it is located in the center of Shimanto City.
The open-air hot spring bath overlooking the Shimanto River is very open, and if you listen to the chirping of birds and the sounds of insects at different times of the year, you will be able to experience the beauty of flowers, birds, wind and moon with all five senses.
In order to allow our guests to relax and enjoy their stay, we do not accept drop-in baths or preschool children.

Shimanto Inn

Address/Kitaebisuyama, Shimoda, Shimanto City TEL/0880-33-1600

[Fees (estimate)]
¥11,330~ (raw)
From ¥12,650 (breakfast included)
¥18,700~ (2 meals included)
*Single price for 2 people in 1 room (no single)

HP/ https://www.shimantonoyado.co.jp/

♨Hot spring available
This is a resort-type hotel designed with the concept of coexistence with the ecosystem and breathing with nature.
A Japanese-style room with a calm atmosphere and an elegant and simple Western-style room.
Each room offers a relaxing environment suitable for a relaxing journey.


Nakamura Prince Hotel

Address: 4-1 Nakamura Yayoicho, Shimanto City TEL: 0880-35-5551

[Fees (estimate)]
¥6,450~ (raw)
From ¥7,250 (breakfast included)

HP/ http://www.np-h.com/

From the windows of Nakamura Prince Hotel, which stands majestically on the banks of the Shimanto River, you can see the city area reminiscent of the capital of Kyoto and the clear flow of the mother river, the Shimanto River.
Enjoy canoeing, fishing, sea bathing, sightseeing on the Shimanto River, sightseeing at Cape Ashizuri, and Tatsukushi in the rich natural environment.

Hotel Crown Hills Nakamura

Address: 383-6 Uyama, Shimanto City TEL: 0880-34-2811

[Fees (estimate)]
¥6,680~ (raw)
From ¥6,980 (breakfast included)

HP/ http://breezbay-group.com/s-nakamura/

Hotel Crown Hills Nakamura is about 5 minutes walk from Nakamura Station. Conveniently located just off National Route 56.
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The breakfast buffet (charges apply) is also popular. (^_-)-☆

Nakamura Daiichi Hotel

Address: 5-15 Ekimaecho, Shimanto City TEL: 0880-34-7211

[Fees (estimate)]
¥6,000~ (raw)
From ¥6,700 (breakfast included)
¥9,000~ (2 meals included)

HP/ Nakamura Daiichi Hotel [Official] | For sightseeing and business along the Shimanto River (nakamura-d1.com)

Nakamura Daiichi Hotel is located in front of Nakamura Station, can be seen from National Route 56, and is close to the Shimanto River, making it a popular base for business and sightseeing.
The sound of the bells of Daiheiji Temple is a unique atmosphere of Shimanto City, Little Kyoto.
Please stop by for sightseeing on the sightseeing boat on the clear Shimanto River, Ashizuri, and Tatsukushi.

Hotel Century Shimanto

Address: 13 Higashishitacho, Nakamura, Shimanto City TEL: 0880-35-0033

[Fees (estimate)]
¥5,000~ (raw)

HP/ http://www.century-shimanto.com

Great location in the center of Shimanto city. Close to the downtown area, convenient for dining and going out.
Hotel Century Shimanto offers excellent convenience as a base for business and sightseeing.
For those who value their time, this will add new excitement to their travels.

Business Hotel Ichijo

Address: 2-25 Nakamurahonmachi, Shimanto City TEL: 0880-34-1500

[Fees (estimate)]
¥3,600~ (Basic)

HP/ http://bh-ichijo.com/

Why not stay cheaply at Business Hotel Ichijo, which has free indoor parking near the downtown area, and enjoy fresh fish at a nearby cheap and delicious izakaya in the evening?
Breakfast is delicious and cheap, and there are restaurants and coffee shops nearby.

Hotel Sunriver Shimanto

Address: 383-15 Uyama, Shimanto City TEL: 0880-34-8875

[Fees (estimate)]
¥6,500~ (raw)
From ¥7,000 (breakfast included)

HP/ https://www.hss-40010.com/

Close hospitality Just like a sunflower blooming facing the sun, we treat each customer individually.

Hotel Kokomo

Address: 366 Uyama, Shimanto City TEL: 0880-34-9331

[Fees (estimate)]
From ¥5,200 (includes free breakfast)

B&B etc.

Minshuku Tosa

Address: 5-13 Ekimaecho, Shimanto City TEL: 0880-34-2929

[Fees (estimate)]
¥3,960~ (raw)
From ¥5,170 (breakfast included)
From ¥6,380 (dinner included)
From ¥7,590 (2 meals included)

HP/ http://www.tosa40010.net/

At Minshuku Tosa in front of Nakamura Station, we serve handmade seafood and river delicacies.
This is a homely guesthouse run by a father and son.
We are also proud of the home-cooked flavors we create using seasonal ingredients, such as overnight-dried sweetfish, river shrimp, and green seaweed tempura.

Minshuku Sakura

Address: 9-5 Ekimaecho, Shimanto City TEL: 0880-34-3062

[Fees (estimate)]
¥4,000~ (raw)
From ¥4,700 (breakfast included)
¥5,800~ (dinner included)
¥6,500~ (2 meals included)

HP/ http://ww8.tiki.ne.jp/~psakura/

Minshuku Sakura is a homely guesthouse located right next to Nakamura Station on the Tosa Kuroshio Railway in Shimanto City, located downstream of the Shimanto River in western Kochi Prefecture.
Please use our guesthouse for business, sightseeing, sports expeditions, surfing, pilgrimage, etc.

Minshuku Nakamura

Address: 2-16 Ekimaecho, Shimanto City TEL: 0880-34-3059

[Fees (estimate)]
¥3,500~ (raw)
From ¥5,000 (breakfast included)
From ¥7,150 (2 meals included)

HP/ http://www.minshukunakamura.jp/

It is used for a wide variety of purposes, including travel, business, and surfing.
Every day, we prepare daily meals using ingredients from the Shimanto River.
In addition, for guests who don't have enough food, Minshuku Nakamura's special curry and rice is available every day, 365 days a year.

New Minshuku Nakamura

Address: 5 Uyama, Shimanto City TEL: 0880-34-9311

[Fees (estimate)]
¥3,850~ (raw)
From ¥4,950 (breakfast included)
¥5,500~ (dinner included)
¥6,600~ (2 meals included)

HP/ http://new-minshukunakamura.com/

It is used for a wide variety of purposes, including travel, business, and surfing.
Every day, we prepare meals that change daily using ingredients from Shimanto.
In addition, for guests who don't have enough food, New Minshuku Nakamura's special curry and rice is available every day, 365 days a year.

Minshuku Suzu

Address: 7-11-6 Nakamuraohashidori, Shimanto City TEL: 0880-34-5655

[Fees (estimate)]
¥3,990~ (raw)
From ¥4,700 (breakfast included)

HP/ http://suzu3suzu3.com/misuzu.htm

We are pleased with our customers who are making pilgrimages to Shikoku. There is a children's park on the south side where you can get some exercise.
There is a tributary of the Shimanto River right next to it, and there is also a 5km jogging course.
Convenient for surfers, Hirano Beach is a 15-minute drive away.
Convenient for long-term stays, students, working adults, and sports camps.

Travel Inn Jukichi

Address: 1813-14 Nakamura Marunouchi, Shimanto City TEL: 0880-35-3552

[Fees (estimate)]
¥4,400~ (raw)
From ¥5,170 (breakfast included)
From ¥7,880 (dinner included)
From ¥8,580 (2 meals included)

Minshuku Koban

Address: 6-10 Satsukicho, Uyama, Shimanto City TEL: 0880-34-5923

[Fees (estimate)]
¥3,000~ (raw)
From ¥4,000 (breakfast included)
From ¥5,000 (dinner included)
¥5,500~ (2 meals included)

HP/ http://ww82.tiki.ne.jp/~koban/

7 minutes walk from Nakamura Station.
Since our establishment in 1954, we have provided a relaxing and worry-free stay to a wide range of customers, from business travelers to Shimanto River sightseeing, pilgrims, surfing and other leisure travelers, with a spirit of hospitality.

Minshuku Shimantogawa

Address: 3-4 Uyamamotomachi, Shimanto City TEL: 0880-34-4100

[Fees (estimate)]
¥4,400~ (raw)
From ¥5,000 (breakfast included)
¥6,600~ (2 meals included)
*Prices vary depending on the room and number of people. Please contact us by phone.

HP/ https://inn-shimantogawa.com/

A 5-minute walk from the train station.
``Minshuku Shimantogawa'' is located along National Route 56 in Shimanto City and is marked by a blue building.
This is a homely guesthouse, so please relax and enjoy your stay.
Please come and visit the magnificent nature of Shimanto, the sea of ​​Tosa, and the delicious local cuisine that can only be found in tourist destinations...

Ryokan Fukuda

Address: 4-18 Nakamuraohashidori, Shimanto City TEL: 0880-35-4108

[Fees (estimate)]
¥4,950~ (raw)
From ¥5,830 (breakfast included)
From ¥9,075 (2 meals included)

HP/ https://ryokan-fukuda.com/

This is a homely inn that also allows pets. Please contact us by phone.

Cafe/Inn Hoteiya

Address: 1347-3 Shimoda, Shimanto City TEL: 0880-33-1213

[Fees (estimate)]
¥3,000~ (raw)
From ¥3,500 (breakfast included)

2 minutes by car to the mouth of the Shimanto River, 5 minutes by car to Hirano Surf Beach.
This is a small guesthouse that accommodates only one group per day.
You will stay in a separate space with two 8 tatami rooms connected to each other.
The main building is open as a coffee shop in the morning, so please use it for breakfast.

Pension Hirano

Address: 4097 Hirano, Shimanto City TEL: 0880-33-1839

[Fees (estimate)]
¥4,000~ (raw)

HP/ http://www.pensionhirano.com/

Private accommodation

Shimanto River Inn Yube-tei

Address: 2082-7 Fuwa Kamimachi, Shimanto City TEL: 0880-34-8787

[Fees (estimate)]
¥17,000~ (main building, 2 adults)
¥14,000~ (annex for 2 adults)
*Prices vary depending on the room and number of people. We are currently offering accommodation only for overnight stays.

HP/ https://www.yuubetei.com/

Yube-tei is located on a hill overlooking the Shimanto River.
This is a villa that can be rented to only two groups per day. Please spend a relaxing time with your family, group, or couple.
We also have a large table that seats 12 people and a whiteboard, so please use it for in-house training or exhibitions.

riverside cottage

Address: 2447 Sada, Shimanto City TEL: 090-4782-8894

[Fees (estimate)]
¥5,000~ (raw)

HP/ http://sadatinka.blog72.fc2.com/

Shimanto Riverside

Address: 38-1 Sada, Shimanto City TEL: 0880-34-1518

[Fees (estimate)]
¥5,500~ (raw)
From ¥6,600 (breakfast included)
¥9,000~ (2 meals included)

Pension Bee

Address: 260-4 Naga, Shimanto City TEL: 0880-31-9115

[Fees (estimate)]
¥20,900~ (2 meals included)
*Limited to 2 people per group per day

HP/ https://hpdsp.jp/bee-shimanto/

Petit Pension Private Inn. This is an inn that specializes in sashimi and is limited to one group per day, for two people.
Would you like to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and refresh yourself on a pleasant beach?
Enjoy delicious food and drinks while listening to the beautiful morning sun and the sound of waves.

rental lodge field

Address: 14 Naga, Shimanto City TEL: 0880-36-2757

[Fees (estimate)]
¥4,500~ (raw)
¥2,500~ (6-15 years old)
¥1,000~ (3 to under 6 years old)

Old folk house inn A fox that sleeps well

Address: 2285 Otokita-no-kawa, Warabioka, Shimanto City TEL: 070-8547-2485・0880-35-4121

[Fees (estimate)]
¥17,000~ (base) (up to 3 people for whole house rental)
+¥3,000 per person from 4 people
Limited to 1 group per day

HP/ https://www.netsukiiiikitsune.com/

Log guest house

Address: 404 Itanokawa, Shimanto City TEL: 0880-34-0151

[Fees (estimate)]
¥20,000 (base) (up to 5 people per house)
Or ¥8,000 per person
From 2 people ¥6,000

Private Inn Hotori

Address: 857 Mazaki, Shimanto City TEL: 070-3772-5612

[Fees (estimate)]
Adults (12 years and older)…¥6,000~
*Limited to one group per day (prices start from 2 people)

HP/ https://www.morikote-shimanto.com/

Minshuku Kamogawa

Address: 2393-46 Nakamura, Shimanto City TEL: 090-1005-6842

[Fees (estimate)]
Adults ¥8,000~
*Minimum of 2 people as the entire building is rented.

guest house

Guest House Masashi

Address: 1251 Sada, Shimanto City TEL: 090-4787-1594

[Fees (estimate)]
¥3,000~ (raw)
From ¥3,500 (breakfast included)
¥6,500~ (2 meals included)

Instagram/ https://www.instagram.com/guesthouse_masashi/

camping facilities

Shimanto Canoe and Camp Village Kawarakko

Address: 24 Tadenokawa, Shimanto City TEL: 0880-31-8400

[Fees (estimate)]
Campsite ¥3,300~

HP/ http://www.kawarakko.com/

Auto campsite Tomarotto

Address: 3535 Shimoda, Shimanto City TEL: 0880-33-0101

[Fees (estimate)]
Tent site ¥4,100~

HP/ http://www.tomarotto.com/

Shimantogawa Campsite

A campground located upstream on the same side of the Shimanto River Bridge (Akatetsu Bridge). It is available for free.

*Shimantogawa Campsite is not an auto campsite. Vehicles are not allowed to enter the campsite.

*Campsite users are required to notify us, so please contact us below.
Notification address: Shimanto City Park Management Corporation TEL: 0880-37-0608

Nishitosa area

Hotel Seira Shimanto

Address: 1100 Nishitosayoui, Shimanto City TEL: 0880-52-2225

[Fees (estimate)]
¥7,700~ (raw)
From ¥9,350 (breakfast included)
¥13,200~ (2 meals included)

HP/ http://www.seirashimanto.com/

♨Hot spring available
A hotel overlooking the Shimanto River. The meals are seasonal flavors made with ingredients from the Shimanto River.
Natural hot springs are effective in recovering from fatigue. 5 minutes walk to the canoe hall.

Minshuku Konpira

Address: 1100 Nishigakata, Nishitosa, Shimanto City TEL: 0880-52-1313

[Fees (estimate)]
¥6,000~ (raw)
From ¥6,500 (breakfast included)
¥8,000~ (2 meals included)

HP/ https://minsyuku-konpira.jp/

forest cottage

Address: 1071-4 Nishitosa Okuuchi, Shimanto City TEL: 0880-56-1229

[Fees (estimate)]
¥8,000~ (plain) (3 or more people)
¥12,000~ (1 meal included) (3 or more people)
¥10,000~ (plain) (1-2 people)

HP/ https://www.morikote-shimanto.com/

River Station Canoe Hall

Address: 1111-11 Nishitosayoui, Shimanto City TEL: 0880-52-2121

[Fees (estimate)]
¥16,200~ (Log house, up to 3 people)

HP/ http://www.canoekan.com/

Shimanto Gakusha

Address: 408-1 Nishitosa Nakahan, Shimanto City TEL: 0880-54-1230

[Fees (estimate)]
¥4,500~ (raw)

HP/ http://gakusya.info/jp/

Those who want to know more about Shimanto City!

The Shimanto City Tourism Association also rents bicycles!
Also, please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about sightseeing in Shimanto City or if you would like to receive a pamphlet.

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The Hata region of Kochi Prefecture is located at the southwestern tip of Shikoku, and is a peninsula that juts out into the Pacific Ocean, facing Tosa Bay to the east and Bungo Channel to the west. It is made up of three cities, two towns, and one village: Hara Village. It is a natural powerhouse rich in blessings, including the nationally famous Shimanto River and Cape Ashizuri, the blessings of the Kuroshio Current that flows along the coast, and the blessings of mountains that boast the largest area of ​​forests in the country.

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