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[Held in February and March 2024] “Hagi Kimono Jack 2024” Enjoy spring in Hagi City with kimono!

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Hagi Kimono Jack 2024 is an event where you can wear a kimono that matches the streets of Hagi City and enjoy walking around the city in spring. We will introduce the outline, schedule, and how to enjoy Hagi Kimono Jack 2024.

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What is Hagi Kimono Jack 2024?

Hagi City, Yamaguchi Prefecture, is a town with an atmosphere that still retains the townscape of the Edo period, when the samurai lived.

Hagi Kimono Jack is an event where you can enjoy walking around Hagi in spring while wearing a kimono that matches the townscape.

In Hagi City in spring, you can enjoy a variety of flowers such as camellias, plums, and Kawazu cherry blossoms.

In addition, please enjoy "Hagi" unique to this season, such as the Hina Doll Festival, which has been passed down in Hagi City since ancient times, while wearing a kimono!

Hagi Kimono Jack 2024 schedule

“Hagi Kimono Jack 2024” in 2024 is scheduled to be held from February 23rd (Friday/Holiday) to March 31st (Sunday).

The content of the event differs on each date. For more information, please check the Hagi City Tourism Association's official website "Hagi Kimono Jack" special page.

5 points to enjoy Hagi Kimono Jack 2024

Part 1) Kimono rental/dressing

Don't worry if you don't have a kimono! Kimonos can be rented and worn at the following stores.

Kimono Style CaféHagi Fukuya

Part 2) Kimono benefits

During the event period, those wearing kimono will receive a special gift!

Hagi Travel Pass

This is a passport with coupons for great deals on dining, shopping services, stamp rallies, etc.

・Hagi City cultural property facility 1-day ticket & Hina doll tour map

Admission to "Hina Dolls Festival" (6 venues) and "Hagi Doll Exhibition" held at the same time. You can use it.

 Part 3) Kimono DE Hanameguri Photo Rally

A photo rally will be held to visit three flower spots: camellia, Kawazu cherry blossoms, and plum blossoms!

At each venue, volunteer photographers will take pictures of you in kimono with beautiful flower scenery in the background.

The photos you take will be printed out on the spot and you will receive 2 free copies! (With original photo album)

・Camellia Venue: Kasayama Camellia Forest・Kawazu Cherry Blossoms: Shinsui Park・Plum Venue: Hagi Okan Bairin Park

Part 4) Events during the period

At Hagi Kimono Jack 2024, in addition to the above-mentioned "Kimono DE Hanameguri Photo Rally," various events will be held during the period where you can enjoy wearing kimono.

・Kimono DE Hina-sama Tour

・Kimono DE special sweets buffet

・Kimono DE Hanami Tea Ceremony

・Kimono DE Kakuuchi etc...

For more information, please check the Hagi City Tourism Association official website “Hagi Kimono Jack” special page.

Part 5) Instagram photo contest with the theme of “Hagi City, Flowers and Kimono”

Please post photos taken during the event period on Instagram with the hashtag “#hagikimono”.

The winning entries will be used for future tourism promotion of Hagi City!

Hagi Kimono Jack 2024 Event Details

・Date: February 23, 2024 (Friday/Holiday) – March 31, 2024 (Sunday)

・Venues: Various locations in Hagi City ( Kasayama Camellia Forest , Shinsui Park , Hagi Okan Bairin Park , Hagi Meirin Gakusha , etc.)

・Inquiries: Hagi City Tourism Association Tel: 0838-25-1750

・Hagi City Tourism Association official website:

・Access to Hagi City: Please check here

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The castle town of Hagi, including the ruins of Hagi Castle, samurai residences, townhouses, former homes of Meiji Restoration patriots, temples and shrines, has become an urban heritage that has been inherited to this day. Historic sites remain throughout the town, and Hagi is like an open-air museum.

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