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S-PAL Ekichika souvenir street

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Introducing “Ekichika Souvenir Street” where you can find all kinds of souvenirs from Miyagi

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Ekichika souvenir street

Ekichika Souvenir Street, located on the basement floor of the S-PAL department store, which is directly connected to Sendai Station, is perfect for people who want to kill time waiting for the train or buy Sendai souvenirs. The entire street is lined with stores, offering a wide variety of products, including Sendai's classic sweets ``Hagi no Tsuki'', the popular ``Zunda Mochi'', and various specialty products such as ``Monaka'' and ``Hasekura Yaki''. Sweets are must-buy souvenirs when you come to Sendai. While you're shopping, why not try some of our famous gourmet foods such as ``Zunda Shake'', ``Sasa Kamaboko'', and ``Sendai Beef Tongue''? ``Ekichika Souvenir Street'' has a variety of stores, and you can enjoy shopping without leaving the station.

Hagi no Tsuki

``Hagi no Tsuki'' is a famous Sendai confectionery made with plenty of original custard cream with a mellow and gentle flavor and wrapped in fluffy castella. This is a sweet that you would definitely want to take as a souvenir.

Zunda mochi

These bite-sized zunda mochi are made with the local flavor of Sendai, loved by Lord Masamune, into a modern-day confectionery. Since you can carry it around at room temperature, it is also recommended as a small souvenir.

Hasekura ware

Walnut-flavored white bean paste is wrapped in a moist skin made with fresh butter, eggs, sugar, and flour, then placed in a wooden mold and shaped to reveal the words "Hasekura Yaki" before being baked. Please take this as a souvenir of the taste that will never change.

Sasa kamaboko

Sasa kamaboko, one of Sendai's most famous delicacies, is best eaten as is while it's still fresh. Recommended ways to eat it include wasabi soy sauce, ginger soy sauce, or mayonnaise.

beef tongue chili oil

A dish made with minced beef tongue and garlic marinated in spicy chili oil. It is also recommended as an accompaniment to alcohol.

Detailed information

Address: 1-1-1 Chuo, Aoba-ku, Sendai, Miyagi 980-8477

Access: Directly connected to JR Sendai Station (S-PAL Sendai basement 1st floor)

Credit card: accepted

Business hours: 10:00 - 21:00 (Ekichika souvenir street)

Closed days: Open every day *Please check the official website for temporary closure days.

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Located only 90 minutes away from Tokyo, Miyagi Prefecture offers unique and diverse experiences. Sendai, the cosmopolitan capital of Miyagi, is populated with lush greenery and yokocho alleys, while to the west is the iconic crater lake of Mount Zao, and to the east lies Matsushima, known as one of the Three Most Scenic Places of Japan. Miyagi also provides direct access to all the other prefectures of the Tohoku region, a vast unexplored area full of nature and rich culinary traditions, completely different from typical tourist destinations of Japan.

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