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What if you lived in Japan? Would you like to experience being a shrine parishioner?

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As an unprecedented experience, you will experience being a shrine parishioner for a day. You can help with cleaning the shrine grounds and collecting offerings with local parishioners, and learn about making special visits to express gratitude to the gods. Furthermore, he created a "goshuin" stamp ...

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About 2 and a half hours 6,000 yen per person (includes bento, tea, 2 types of red stamps, and sweets)

train Train
Meet at Saiku Station on the Kintetsu Yamada Line

Walk to Take Shrine

First, change into Samue (men) or Hibakama (women).

Listen to the explanation and cleanse yourself with water.

Using a rake (bamboo broom) for the first time, I am raking up fallen leaves and other debris from areas within the temple grounds that I would normally not be able to enter. A cleaning experience where you can become detached and reveal your heart.

God's path is also beautiful. The sunlight filtering through the trees makes your heart sparkle.

After cleaning, say thank you to God. I will learn from Mr. Miyaji.

We will also teach you how to formally visit a shrine.

Now, let's make a stamp with your own handwriting.

Very well done!

At the end, enjoy a delicious bento box made with ingredients passed down from the Heian period.

Walk back to Saiku Station on the Kintetsu Yamada Line

Experience location: Take Shrine 2757-2 Saiku, Meiwa-cho, Taki-gun, Mie 515-0321

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The entrance to Oise-san, Meiwa-cho. Meiwa Town is a town where the Miyako ``Saikyu'', where the princess of the imperial family, ``Saio'', who served Amaterasu Omikami at Ise Grand Shrine in place of the Emperor, once lived, remains as a historical site.

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