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[Matsuyama City, Ehime Prefecture] Right next to Dogo/Asuka no Yusen. After the hot springs, enjoy a quick delicious beer at Dogo Beer Museum Annex

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Asuka-no-yu, part of the Dogo Onsen annex, is a hub for disseminating new hot spring culture, similar to an art museum. After enjoying the new hot spring culture and soaking in a hot spring, your mind and body will feel warm. First of all, why not enjoy a quick beer? We would like to introduce Dogo ...

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A “base for disseminating new hot spring culture” that is both a hot spring and an art museum.

Dogo Onsen is the oldest hot spring in Japan and is loved by many people.

Have you been to “Asuka no Yu” in Dogo Onsen Annex yet?

(Asuka-no-yu Exterior at dusk)<br>
(Asuka-no-yu Exterior at dusk)

Asuka no Yusen, which opened in 2017, is a hot spring facility with a different style from the main building.

The works are a combination of ``Ehime's traditional crafts'' and ``cutting-edge art,'' and although it has the name of a hot spring, it is a ``base for disseminating new hot spring culture'' that is more like an art museum.

(Projection mapping of women's bathroom)<br>
(Projection mapping of women's bathroom)

In the bathroom, there is a ceramic mural made of Tobe ware, a traditional craft from Ehime Prefecture, that surrounds the bathtub.

Each of them expresses the worldview of the song; the men's bathroom has a motif of "Mt. Ishizuchi" from a song by Yamabe Akahito, and the women's bathroom has a motif of "Nukata no Okimi". The motif is ``The Sea of ​​Nikitatsu (Setouchi)'' from the song ``Nikitatsu''.

You can enjoy the hot springs while being surrounded by the scenery from Japanese poems related to Dogo Onsen expressed in Tobe ware.

Even in the rest room where you can relax after soaking in the hot springs, the worldview of legends and stories related to Dogo Onsen is created using Ehime's traditional crafts. Traditional crafts and art are scattered throughout the facility, creating a fun space.

While relaxing and relaxing in the hot springs, traditional crafts and art will stimulate your sensibilities and give you new ideas and energy.

(Large lounge)<br>
(Large lounge)
(Special rest room)<br>
(Special rest room)

After the hot springs, it's definitely beer!


After enjoying the new hot spring culture, soaking in a hot spring, and feeling warm in mind and body, many people say, ``It's beer after all!''

``In the evening, I'm going to eat some delicious food from Ehime, but before that, I'd like to have a beer.''

Is there any place that can satisfy that feeling?

In such a case, the standing bar "DOGO STANDING BAR Dogo Beer Museum Annex" is perfect for you!

The location is right in front of Dogo Onsen Annex "Asuka-no-yu". (close!)

This is a stand bar style restaurant where you can easily quench your thirst after taking a bath. Stop by and have a drink in a stylish space. How do you like it?

This store is directly managed by Minakuchi Sake Brewery, a brewery that has been making sake in Dogo for over 120 years.

You can enjoy draft "Dogo Beer" delivered directly from the nearby brewery.

In addition to Dogo Beer, we also have Dogo Ale, a fruit beer made with fruit juice from Ehime Prefecture, as well as Dogo's local sake and shochu, including limited-edition sake only available directly from the brewery. We also have non-alcoholic drinks, so everyone can enjoy them.

If you want to enjoy more Dogo beer and delicious food, come here.


As you might have guessed from the name ``Dogo Beer Museum Annex,'' there is also the ``Main Building'' of the Dogo Beer Museum.

At the main building, Dogo Beer Museum, you can enjoy delicious dishes from Ehime Prefecture along with drinks. This is a sit-down style, so you can enjoy Dogo beer and sake in the ``annex'' and enjoy it even more! If so, please feel free to visit the main building.

This article introduces ``Dogo Beer Museum.'' ↓

We are waiting for you at "Dogo Beer Museum Annex"

Enjoy a new hot spring culture at a hot spring resort with an old history and beer in a stylish space.

Find a new way to spend your time in Dogo and enjoy your own “Dogo Monogatari” even more!

basic information

DOGO STANDING BAR Dogo Beer Museum Annex

Address: 14-16 Dogo Yunocho, Matsuyama City, Ehime Prefecture 790-0842

Phone number: 089-931-6616

Business hours: [Weekdays] 17:00~LAST, [Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays] 12:00~LAST

Closed: Wednesday


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Founded in 1895, this is the only sake brewery in the Dogo area. Located a 5-minute walk from the main building of Dogo Onsen, this sake brewery has grown together with Dogo Onsen. In addition to the sake ``Nikitazu,'' we also manufacture and sell a variety of other alcoholic beverages, including ``Dogo Beer,'' which has become popular after hot water, craft gin ``Dogo Gin,'' ``Dogo Shochu,'' and liqueurs. Our top priority is to bring back good memories of Dogo with everyone who visits Dogo, and we will connect "people to people" and "people to things" through alcohol.

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