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A popular store where you can easily enjoy! Introducing “OnigiriBurger” and “KIX BEER”♪

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``OnigiriBurger'', where you can eat Kobe beef like a hamburger, was developed by the owner of ``Sushi Kizuna'', a restaurant in Kyobashi, Osaka, where reservations are difficult. Also, don't you want to drink beer after eating Kobe beef? At the nearby beer cafe "KIXBEER", you can enjoy craft beer m...

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Kobe beef turned into onigiri burger "OnigiriBurger"

I want to spend time shopping before boarding for departure, but I'm hungry! How about some quick and easy gourmet food? In the new international departure area of ​​Terminal 1, which just opened the other day, there is a restaurant that sells onigiri burgers that use Kobe Wagyu beef, a high-quality ingredient, but can be eaten with one hand just like a hamburger. Moreover, if you are at Kansai International Airport, you can enjoy the taste of Japanese restaurants that are difficult to reserve!
The entire OnigiriBurger menu was developed by the owner of Sushi Kizuna, a restaurant in Kyobashi, Osaka that is difficult to reserve. The most popular menu is definitely the one that uses the finest Kobe beef! In addition to the Kobe beef sukiyaki burger, the Kansai International Airport main store has added a new Kobe beef steak burger! There are also 10 other dishes on the menu, including miso thick-fried tofu, fried shrimp, teriyaki chicken, and yakiniku. When you see the steak grilled on an iron plate through the glass, you'll be drooling! It might be fun just to go and smell it.

Kobe beef Kansai style sukiyaki “SUKIYAKI”<br>
Kobe beef Kansai style sukiyaki “SUKIYAKI”

“KIX BEER” won the gold medal at the International Beer Cup

Also, don't you want to drink beer after eating Kobe beef? There is a beer cafe "KIXBEER" near "OnigiriBurger". Here you can enjoy craft beer made at the brewery closest to Kansai International Airport. The beer here won the gold medal at the International Beer Cup at the end of 2021, and is popular among locals. "Amber Ale" has a roasted malt taste and coffee-like aroma with a citrus bitterness, and "Weizen" has a banana-like fruity taste without bitterness. We have a wide selection of unique beers. In addition, the lineup changes depending on the season, including fruit beers made with locally grown seasonal fruits, such as blueberries from Misaki Town, which is close to Kansai International Airport, and oranges from Kaizuka City.
There will also be casual meat dishes that go well with beer supervised by the long-established Yakiniku restaurant Tendan, which has a history of over 50 years in Kyoto, as well as special items selected by veteran brokers at Kyoto's wholesale market, so you can have a short time before your flight. But it's easy to enjoy fresh beer!

Store name: OnigiriBurger, KIX BEER
Business hours: 6:30-24:15 (LO23:45)
Address: Terminal 1 International Departure Area 2F After security check *The above is Japan time.

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