[Osaka's famous mixed juice is available in Daifuku] "Japanese and Western sweets Momoya" is a famous shop that you should visit before lunch

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A historic Japanese confectionery shop located at the entrance of Fuse shopping street. The specialty is daifuku made from "mixed juice", which is representative of Osaka's coffee shop culture!? "Momoya", a Japanese and Western confectionery that continues to fascinate the people of Fuse with uncon...

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Daifuku tastes like mixed juice when you put it in your mouth! ?

This is Momoya’s “Mix Juice Mochi”, which was created by the current fourth-generation president, who wondered if he could make a product out of his favorite and Osaka specialty mixed juice.

The “Mix Juice Mochi” is so popular that it sells out by lunchtime.

Inside the mochi, which has a good texture, there are fresh cream, pineapple, orange, banana, and a special milk bean paste, which do not mix with each other unlike the drink mixed juice.

The individual fruits inside the mochi, mysteriously, taste like mixed juice the moment you put them in your mouth!

They say that they thought hard about how to express the unique taste that is created by mixing each ingredient in your mouth.

Chestnut manju larger than the palm of your hand

Along with the “Mix Juice Mochi”, another specialty of Momoya is the “Oguri”, a chestnut bun that is bigger than your palm.

It is a chestnut bun with a filling made of 3 or 4 candied chestnuts, and its size is equivalent to 7 or 8 regular chestnut buns.

The “Oguri” is a product that has been around since the founding of Momoya more than 65 years ago, and has been loved by many people, not only those in Fuse.

You can take it as a souvenir, or if you want to try it on the spot, they also sell “Koguri”, which is the normal size of a chestnut bun, so we recommend that too.

The aim is in the morning!

When you actually visit Momoya and see various sweets such as western sweets, Japanese sweets, ramune, and rice crackers, you will surely have a hard time deciding what to buy. What we introduced this time is just a very small part of the attractive products.

Some items sell out by noon, so we recommend visiting in the morning.

Many sweets that have been developed over 70 years

Not only the year-round products such as “Mix Juice Mochi” and “Oguri”, but also seasonal products such as “Kashiwa Mochi Pie” in early spring and “Ice Kuzumochi” in summer are also devised with ingenuity.

Many of these sweets are apparently made by the company's president.

Momoya, which celebrated its 70th anniversary in 2023, has been located at the entrance of the shopping street just outside Fuse Station, and has been coloring the daily lives of the people of Fuse with its inventive sweets.

Please come and enjoy the sweets loved by the locals, or take them as souvenirs when you go home.

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