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Recommended spots in Oita Prefecture introduced by a guide interpreter Vol.2

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Hello everyone. My name is Jo Bunsei. Originally from China, I have lived in Japan for over 20 years. My work includes Chinese-Japanese interpretation, translation, tour guide, and custom tour planning. This time we will introduce some highly recommended places to visit in Oita Prefecture.

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Shojin ryori that is definitely worth going to

“Zen Flavored Cuisine Seigetsuan” in Usuki City

This is a vegetarian restaurant run by a temple.

The 800-year-old Buddhist cuisine has been passed down, and the 60 types of ingredients and nearly 20 dishes are all designed by high priests of the Rinzai sect.

Each dish is carefully prepared and each ingredient has its own unique flavor.

The famous sesame tofu also starts with grinding sesame seeds.

This high priest said: “If you pursue it to the fullest and there’s nothing more to do, that’s fine.”

Unlike typical vegetarian cuisine restaurants, this restaurant is run by a temple, so it does not strive for advanced techniques or the quality of ingredients.

We handle ingredients with Zen and normalcy, and cook by taking advantage of the characteristics and cooking methods of each ingredient.

When you eat the Shojin ryori here, you will be amazed and think, ``This is real Shojin ryori. Shojin ryori allows you to experience Zen and enrich your life's wisdom.''

Click here for access to Zen Taste Cuisine Seigetsuan

Hot springs that are definitely worth visiting

"Hyotan Onsen" in Beppu City

This hot spring facility in the Kannawa area of ​​Beppu is very spacious, so you don't have to worry about waiting time. We also have a wide variety of baths, including rock baths, cypress baths, indoor and outdoor baths, steam saunas, cold baths, and more. Children can also enjoy it without getting bored. In addition to the large public bath, there is also a private bath for families, so you can enjoy the hot springs in private.

What I would also like to recommend is the sand bath. Wear a yukata and lie down in the sandbox while the staff spreads sand over your body. The sand is very heavy, and at first your heart will race so hard you can't breathe, but after a while your blood circulation will be stimulated and your whole body will become warm, and before you know it you'll be asleep. It's so relaxing that the staff wakes you up.

Hot spring eggs are also sold in the courtyard, and you'll be hungry after taking a hot spring, so be sure to try some of the fragrant hot spring eggs. If you want to experience "Jigokumushi" even more, try eating Jigokumushi cuisine at the restaurant inside the hot spring facility.

Not only can you soak in the best hot springs, but you can also enjoy Beppu's famous Jigokumushi (Jigokumushi) and Onsen Tamago (hot spring eggs), which is a great way to save time.

Click here for access to Hyotan Onsen

An island definitely worth visiting

Tsukumi Dolphin Island in Tsukumi City

Aquariums and zoos are favorite places for both children and adults, and seeing animals is very soothing. Particularly in Japanese zoos and aquariums, zookeepers treat the animals like friends or family, and even performances that require training are done to increase visitors' sense of respect for the animals. It has been devised. Zookeepers have a very strong passion for animals.

Dolphin watching has become very popular these days, and the reason we recommend Dolphin Island is because there is a program where you can swim with dolphins. While touching the dolphin with your hands, gently say ``Nice to meet you,'' and when you grab the dolphin's dorsal fin with both hands, it will swim with you. It is a wonderful experience to feel the rhythm of dolphins.

Click here for access to Tsukumi Dolphin Island

Thank you everyone for reading. We would like to continue to introduce more fun, delicious, and beautiful Japan to you, so we look forward to your continued support.

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