Niigata's Murakami City: Enjoy Fun Events, Sightseeing, and Local Cuisine!

Hawaii Cycling Team Customized Tour

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If you want to enjoy Japan with your cycling team, please take a look. A cycling team from Hawaii enjoys the Usa City and Nakatsu City areas located in the northern part of Oita Prefecture, which have a rich food culture on the vast plains, a castle town with a sense of history, and nature created o...

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①Karashima, Kokuno kura

An experience facility where you can enjoy sake and other limited edition alcoholic beverages with all five senses.

②Nakatsu Castle

The oldest modern castle in Kyushu

Welcome ceremony: sword dance, koto

③Walk around the castle town

Soy sauce brewery tour

④Guest House Suehiroya

This is a guest house in Nakatsu Castle Town run by an American and a Japanese couple. They not only introduce sightseeing spots, but also coordinate tours according to the activities you want to experience.

Tea ceremony experience

welcome party

Let's all make gyoza, inari sushi, sekihan, etc. together and have a toast~

Click here to access Guest House Suehiroya


① Nakatsu City - Yabakei Ride Tour

Departure of the ride tour from Nakatsu city to Yabakei

The approximately 36 km long cycling road that extends from Nakatsu Station uses abandoned railway lines, so the slope is gentle, and you can enjoy cycling as you pass through tourist spots such as Ao-no-domon, Kourakan, and Yamakei Bridge along the way. can.

Yabakei Cycling Tours

A shop with guided tours, bicycle rentals, and cycle cafes that explore the seasonal scenery of Yabakei and the Bakakei Satoyama. We provide services to help you enjoy cycling comfortably. In addition to information, air pump maintenance, beverage replenishment, and restrooms, we also carry carefully selected special products from Yamakei and Nakatsu.

②Farmhouse Midori-sanchi

Enjoy fresh vegetables and local cuisine unique to this area.

Agricultural experience, mochi pounding experience

What did you think of the cycling team tour? If you want to enjoy a trip to Japan as a team, please refer to it. Let's fulfill the various requests of the team and make it the most enjoyable trip.

English version of cycling tour introduction video

Korean version of cycling tour introduction video

Chinese version of cycling tour introduction video

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