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Let's enjoy Doinaka! Satoyama tours to enjoy with storytellers now on sale

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A platform for land-based travel products attended by storytellers (guides) who convey the charm of the local area has opened. Based around Unnan City, Shimane Prefecture, we are selling content that allows you to experience historical culture and food culture!

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Experience the reality of the Japanese countryside with a storyteller

The platform “ThoughINAKA” operated by Tabikala, based in Unnan City, Shimane Prefecture, has opened. As a site that connects the reality of Japan's countryside with people living in cities and foreign tourists, we sell land-based travel tours accompanied by local storytellers (guides).

Issues faced by rural areas in Japan

The hilly and mountainous areas of Shimane Prefecture, far from Tokyo and Osaka, are facing serious depopulation due to aging and population decline. The population of Unnan City, where Tabikala is based, has decreased by more than 10,000 people since 20 years ago. As a result, industries such as agriculture, traditional crafts, and local culture that have been practiced in this region for a long time are facing a decline. It is a very difficult situation to maintain family businesses and traditional industries.

A tour to see the real countryside

We cannot afford to give up just because the situation is difficult. Tabikala plans tours that allow travelers to see the sites of local issues, interact with local people, taste local food, and experience the real countryside. We have started selling tours accompanied by local storytellers, so that we can convey not only the charm of the area but also the history and culture behind the charm to travelers.

Introducing the world view with videos

Apply here

You can apply for a tour that allows you to enjoy the Japanese countryside as it is, rather than the tourist spots that have been created, from the official website of ThoughINAKA.

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Unnan City, Shimane Prefecture is a mountainous area located south of Izumo City with a population of approximately 35,000 people. Natural landscapes such as cherry blossoms, waterfalls, and rice terraces decorate the area throughout the four seasons, as well as folklore sites related to Izumo myths and the remains of the ancient Japanese iron manufacturing method, ``Tatara Iron Works''. We are also proud of our diverse food resources, including grilled mackerel, dairy products, local sake, and wine. Please come and experience the many ``authentic things'' of Unnan City that are preserved by the hands of the people who live here.

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