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Iwate, Tono Spring Event Information 2024: Tono Spring Festival

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The Tono Spring Festival will be held from Saturday, April 13, 2024 to Monday, May 6, 2024. During the festival, various events will be held at various venues in Tono City.

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We invite you to the Tono Spring Festival, where Tono City is in full bloom with spring in full bloom! Tono City is known for its rich nature, deep history, and unique culture. Now that the city is free from the harsh cold of winter and the fresh greenery is coming back to life, it's the perfect opportunity to fully experience the charms of Tono along with the breath of spring.

Tono City Museum Special Exhibition "Drawings of Tono Castle"

Nabekura Castle once existed in Tono. Also known as "Tono Castle," this castle had its main citadel built on Mt. Nabekura, with the Sarugaishi River and Hayase River as its outer moat and the Kurauchi River as its inner moat. In 1627, Hachinohe Naoyoshi renovated "Yokota Castle" and renamed it "Nabekura Castle," placing the highest point on Mt. Nabekura as the main citadel, with Ninomaru to the south and Sannomaru to the east. This special exhibition will feature a special display of the "Tono Castle Map," which depicts the castle in the Edo period.

    Location: Tono City Museum Exhibition Planning Room
    Period: Friday, April 12th to Sunday, May 12th, 2024

Tono City Museum

Tono City Museum X (old Twitter)

Nabekura Park Cherry Blossom Illumination at Night

The Tono Spring Festival begins with the illumination of the cherry blossoms at night in Nabekura Park.

Nabekura Park, built on the site of the former castle of the Tono Nanbu clan, has long been a famous cherry blossom spot representing Tono. You can enjoy around 1,000 different kinds of cherry trees, including Somei-yoshino, Ooyamazakura, Edohiganzakura, Washinoo, Goikou, Fugenzo, Taishanfukun, and Shogetsu.

Every year from late April to early May, the entire park is filled with beautiful cherry blossoms, and the observation deck, which is modeled after a castle tower, offers a panoramic view of the city center.

    Location: Nabekura Park
    Period: Saturday, April 13th, 2024 to Monday, May 6th (holiday), evening to 9pm

Carp streamer display

Carp streamers, announcing the arrival of spring in Tono, will be displayed at the Rainai River that flows around the ruins of Nabekura Castle and at Nanbu Shrine. Please note that the event period may change depending on the weather.

    Location: Nanbu Shrine, Kurauchi River
    Period: Saturday, April 13th, 2024 to Monday, May 6th (National Holiday)

Nanbu Shrine Homepage

Nanbu Clan Entry Procession into Tono: Saturday, April 27th

The "Nambu Clan Entry Procession into Tono" depicts the events that took place in 1627, when the 22nd head of the Hachinohe Nanbu Clan, Naoyoshi Nanbu, was ordered to be transferred to the Tono domain, and he and his mother-in-law, Seishin-ni, traveled about 200km to enter the Tono region. Dressed in period clothing, the procession of the lord on horseback parades through the town in a grand manner.

Actors Konoe Hana and Kuroki Shinji will be participating in this event as special guests.

Timetable for April 27th

10:45~ Before the entrance procession departure ceremony

Before the Nanbu clan's procession to join Tono, the Tono Junior High School brass band will perform on the special event stage at Kurano-michi Hiroba to liven up the event.

11:30~ Nanbu Clan Entry Procession into Tono

The procession is based on the historical fact that about 400 years ago, the people traveled a long way, about 200km from Hachinohe, to enter Tono-go during the cherry blossom season.

12:00~ Traditional performing arts of Tono

The "Shishi Odori" and "Jososhi Kagura", traditional folk dances from the Tono region, will be performed on the special event stage at "Kurano Michi Hiroba". Various local performing arts are handed down in Tono, and all of them are worth seeing.

13:00~ Performances by citizen bands etc.

At the special event stage at "Kuranomichi Hiroba," bands and various other performances by volunteers from the local community will be held to get you in the spring spirit.

Kuranomichi Square

Tono Station Square

Tono Marche: April 27th (Sat) 10:00~

The "Tono Marche" event will be held, selling craft goods and other items.

    Location: Tono Station Square
    Date and time: Saturday, April 27th, 10:00am

Reconstruction Support Cafeteria/Charity Bazaar: Sunday, April 28th, 10:00am

A reconstruction support cafeteria and charity bazaar will be held to support the areas affected by the Noto Peninsula earthquake.

    Location: Tono Station Square
    Date and time: Sunday, April 28th, 10:00am

Tonoza Theatre, the House of Tales of Tono

Tono Yokagura: May 3rd (Friday, national holiday) to May 5th (Sunday, national holiday) from 7pm

There are several schools of Kagura in Tono, and even the same performances can have very different masks, costumes, dance structure, rhythm, etc. There are also 13 Kagura groups in Tono, and they are handed down in two schools, "Yamabushi Kagura" and "Kamihito Kagura." The Shinhito school is characterized by its gentle grace, while the Yamabushi school is characterized by its quick and dynamic movements.

You can see Kagura dance up close, which is said to have originated as a ritual to appease the gods.

    Location: Tonoza Theatre, Tono Story House
    Date and time: May 3rd (Friday, national holiday) to May 5th (Sunday, national holiday) from 7:00 p.m.

Tonoza Theatre - Homepage of the Tono Story House

Nanbu Shrine: May 3rd (Friday, national holiday) to May 4th (Saturday, national holiday)

At Nanbu Shrine, religious ceremonies are held over two days, starting with a portable shrine parade through the city, followed by the Yomiya Festival and the main festival the following day.

After the representative of Nanbu Shrine conducts a religious ceremony, the spirit of the deity is transferred to the mikoshi. The mikoshi with the spirit transferred to it leaves the shrine accompanied by the Nagano Lion Dance and goes around the shops and houses in the city, praying for prosperity in business and safety in the home.

Nanbu Shrine, located on the middle slope of Mount Nabekura, was founded in 1882 and enshrines the first eight generations of the Tono Nanbu clan.

    Location: Nanbu Shrine
    Date and time: May 3rd (Friday, national holiday) 12:00~ Mikoshi procession May 3rd (Friday, national holiday) 18:00~ Yoimiya Festival May 4th (Saturday, national holiday) 11:00~ Annual festival May 4th (Saturday, national holiday) 12:30~ Local performing arts collaboration

Nanbu Shrine Homepage

Starting with the illumination of the cherry blossoms at night at Nabekura Park on Saturday, April 13th, exciting events will be held all over the city. In particular, on Saturday, April 27th and during Golden Week from Friday, May 3rd to Sunday, May 5th, there will be a plethora of special programs that allow you to experience the rich history and culture of Tono. We look forward to seeing you there.

Tono City Tourism Association Official Website "Tono Time"

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