"Japanese Mazemen MARUTA" is a popular ramen restaurant in Kyoto that emphasizes Japanese style and texture.

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Japan is known as the mecca of ramen, and one place we particularly recommend is "Japanese Mazemen MARUTA" in Kyoto, a popular tourist destination. Located at the Kawaramachi Marutamachi intersection in Kyoto City, you can enjoy their proud flavor, which is made with a particular focus on aroma and ...

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What is "Japanese Mazemen MARUTA"?

Access to "Japanese Mazemen MARUTA"

"Japanese Mazemen MARUTA" is located in Kamigyo Ward, the center of Kyoto, a popular tourist destination for foreign visitors. It is about a 20-minute bus ride from Kyoto Station, a 5-minute walk from the nearest Keihan Jingu Marutamachi Station, and a 10-minute walk east from Marutamachi Station on the subway.

It is close to Kyoto Station, Kiyomizu-dera Temple, and the Kyoto Imperial Palace, so you can easily stop by during your sightseeing.

"Mazemen" with carefully selected aroma and texture

MARUTA is proud of its mazemen, which is as good as any other restaurant. They are so particular about it that they even named the restaurant after it. Mazemen is a type of ramen without soup, and is a dish where Chinese noodles are mixed with dashi and flavored oil .

MARUTA's mixed noodles are based on the noodles and soup stock learned from the master of "Okkundo" in Hiroshima, and are ramen that gives off a Japanese and seasonal feel that is typical of Kyoto, where the restaurant first opened.

We also place great importance on the aroma of our ingredients, including the soup, aged noodles, and fresh Kyoto vegetables.

*Kyoto vegetables: Vegetables that are a specialty of Kyoto. They are characterized by their strong fragrance and unique shape.

The owner was inspired by his encounters with chefs and ingredients from Kyoto, and since 2018 he has continued to make mazemen that focuses on the collaboration between Kyoto ingredients and the aroma of the noodles.

When you mix the soup stock, which has been carefully crafted to match the texture of the specially made flat, aged noodles , with our special aromatic oil , you can enjoy not only the taste but also the aroma.

Depending on the season, you can eat it hot or cold, you can add toppings, and everyone has their own way of enjoying mazemen. Find the bowl that best suits your taste.

If you can't decide, try this! The exquisite "seasonal mixed noodles"

If you can't decide which one to order from the many attractive menu items, why not try the owner's recommended "Seasonal Mazemen"?

Seasonal vegetables offer different flavors depending on the season, and are special foods that can only be eaten at certain times of the year.
The cooking technique used to incorporate these seasonal vegetables into ramen without compromising their flavor is nothing short of amazing.
In addition, the owner, who is a certified sommelier, believes that wine will bring out the best in the mazemen, so he also serves wine that can be enjoyed in small amounts.

Enjoy our hidden gem, the "Takikomi Gohan Set"!

If you want to try the hidden popular menu item that is loved by the restaurant's real fans, how about the "Takikomi Gohan Set" ?

I'm sure there are many people who would like to enjoy their mixed noodles with wine and then have one last bite of rice.

I highly recommend this to people like that.

You can eat it as is, or add it to the leftover mixed noodles soup to make it like risotto, or enjoy it in whatever way you like.

Ordering Method and Manners

Here we will introduce how to order and proper etiquette.

How to line up and points to note

When there is a line in front of the store, you have to wait in line.

There are a few things to keep in mind when doing this.

1. Line up at the back.

2. Line up once everyone is present.

3. Don't interrupt.

4. Do not block the entrances of other shops or homes.

5. Don't spread out too much on the road. Line up in a straight line.

Please follow the rules so that everyone can have a good time.

How to order

There are two main ways to order at ramen restaurants in Japan: buying a ticket from a ticket vending machine , or looking at the menu and ordering verbally.

If you order from the ticket machine, hand the ticket to the staff before sitting down and they will guide you to your seat. If you order verbally, you will be guided to your seat and you can order after you sit down.

In many restaurants, orders are made through ticket machines, but MARUTA and many other restaurants in Kyoto prefer to require verbal ordering in order to improve communication .

A word from the owner, Shodai Wakano Wakano

At MARUTA, we strive to provide hospitality that satisfies our customers and ensures that they can enjoy their meal.

We aim to be a mixed noodle shop like a soba restaurant where you can also enjoy alcohol, rather than a ramen shop with a high turnover rate. In 2020, we obtained sommelier qualifications.

While respecting the traditions of Hiroshima mazemen, we will continue to pursue new possibilities for mazemen by incorporating our passion for taking on new challenges at any time and every day, and the input we receive every day into our mazemen.

Please stop by our store when you visit Kyoto.

Souvenirs and mail order

MARUTA has an e-commerce website so that customers who are far away can enjoy our products from the comfort of their own home.
The owner also has his own recipe variations, so if you're interested, please give them a try.

*Please note that shipping may be limited to domestic destinations.

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