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Floral Desserts in Kyoto! Itoh Kyuemon's Uji Matcha and Hydrangea Festival

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The well-established tea shop Itoh Kyuemon, with stores in Uji and Kyoto, offers a colorful lineup of desserts during its Uji Matcha and Hydrangea Festival 2024. Enjoy hydrangea-themed desserts that sweep away the gloom of the rainy season!

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Uji Matcha and Hydrangea Festival 2024 at Itoh Kyuemon

Itoh Kyuemon hydrangea

Kyoto's renowned matcha green tea specialty shop Itoh Kyuemon is offering a limited-time special line-up of hydrangea-themed sweets and treats. This allows everyone to not only appreciate the beauty of hydrangeas but also taste the seasonal delights with their sense of taste.

Itoh Kyuemon hydrangea

Hydrangea Parfait
Itoh Kyuemon introduced its hydrangea-inspired desserts 12 ago. The photos of the beautiful and delicate sweets leave viewers in awe!

The layers of the parfaits are topped with hydrangea-colored jelly, exuding a translucent hue that conveys a hint of refreshing early summer vibes. The top layer features matcha cookies adorned with blueberries, which resemble raindrops on leaves during the rainy season, presenting a full sense of the season.

Itoh Kyuemon hydrangea

Hydrangea Tea Gathering
This year, they have also introduced new creations such as the Hydrangea Matcha Ice Cream Bar and a set menu named Hydrangea Tea Gathering that includes a Hydrangea Parfait, a seasonal Japanese confection, and a bowl of matcha green tea.

They also offer Hydrangea Cheesecake, Japanese sweets inspired by hydrangeas, matcha hydrangea popsicles, and more.

Itoh Kyuemon hydrangea

Hydrangea Mini Parfait
To indulge in these delicacies, visit Itoh Kyuemon's main store in Uji, their JR Uji Station store, or the Itoh Kyuemon Gion Shijo store in Kyoto.

Please note that each store offers slightly different products. For more details, please refer to the information below. These seasonal limited desserts are expected to be available for sale until late June. Missing out might mean you have to wait another year!

Itoh Kyuemon hydrangea

Hydrangea Matcha Parfait Ice Bar and Hydrangea Parfait

Itoh Kyuemon's Uji Matcha and Hydrangea Festival: Product Information

Hydrangea Parfait
Available: from May 11, 2024 *Scheduled to be on sale until late June
- Single Item: 1,390 yen (tax included)
- Tea Set: 1,790 yen (tax included)
- Hydrangea Tea Gathering: 1,990 yen (tax included)
*The Japanese sweets included in the Hydrangea Tea Gathering change regularly.
Available at: Itoh Kyuemon Main Store in Uji, JR Uji Station Store, Gion Shijo Store

Hydrangea Mini Parfait
Available: from May 18, 2024 *Expected to be sold until late June
Price: Add-on price of 200 yen (tax included) when paired with Uji matcha soba noodles
Available at: Itoh Kyuemon Main Store in Uji, JR Uji Station Store, Gion Shijo Store

Hydrangea Cheesecake
Sales Period: from June 1, 2024
Price: 590 yen/piece (tax included)
Available at: Itoh Kyuemon Main Store in Uji

Uji Matcha Hydrangea Wagashi Set (2 pieces)
Sales Period: from June 3, 2024
Price: 860 yen per set (tax included)
Available at: Itoh Kyuemon Main Store in Uji, JR Uji Station Store

Hydrangea Matcha Parfait Ice Bar
Price: 740 yen (tax included)
Sales Period: from May 8, 2024 *Sales limited until sold out
Available at: Itoh Kyuemon Main Store in Uji, Higashiyama Store, JR Uji Station Store, Kyoto Station Store, Gion Shijo Store, Kiyomizuzaka Store, Sanjo Teramachi Store

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