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Gajiro from Fukusaki-cho becomes the first champion! Creepy character competition "Kimo Character Grand Prix" held in Shiga

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The "Kimochara Grand Prix", which determines the creepiest mascot, was held for two days on April 13th and 14th at Shiga Agricultural Park Blume no Oka. Seven groups of Kimochara participated, with Gajirou (Fukusaki Town, Hyogo Prefecture) being selected as the first Grand Prix winner.

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Blume Hill (Hino Town, Gamo District, Shiga Prefecture)<br>
Blume Hill (Hino Town, Gamo District, Shiga Prefecture)

The "Kimo Character Grand Prix" was an event jointly planned by the Shiga Prefecture genius Biwako-kun and the experiential agricultural park "Blumenooka," and was held over two days, April 13th and 14th.

More about Biwako-kun

Participants were seven groups of eccentric characters, including Gajirou from Fukusaki Town, Hyogo Prefecture.
Other characters who participated included "Pretty Unko Man," "Shikissy," "Bol Neesan," "Harimatoyabashi," and "Funazushi-kun."



From "Gajiro-san" Official X

Biwako-kun... He loves money and women, but he loves power even more. He is an unofficial character of Shiga Prefecture. X has 97,000 followers (as of April 2024).

Pretty★Unkoman...A mascot character created to solve the social toilet problem of children being too embarrassed to poop at school.

Gajiro...An unofficial mascot character of Fukusaki Town, Hyogo Prefecture. A kappa monster.

Shikissy... Born to spread the diversity of portraits. Also participates in international portrait competitions.

Bouldering Neesan... A fairy who came to the human world to spread the appeal of bouldering. She is affiliated with the talent agency Ota Production.

Harima and Yabashi... Fairies born from Harimayabashi Bridge (Kochi Prefecture), one of Japan's three most disappointing sightseeing spots. They are twin fairies born from the grudge of being constantly told they are "disappointing," and contrary to their appearance, they have kind hearts.

Funazushi-kun...Biwako-kun's new partner

The event will feature a unique program, including an opening ceremony that is hard to watch, face-to-face interaction time, and a farewell that will make you feel sad to say goodbye.

It's not hard to imagine that the venue became a chaotic space with seven creepy, eccentric characters all gathered together.

Promoting Fukusaki Town to Biwako-kun<br>
Promoting Fukusaki Town to Biwako-kun
Gajiro and Pretty Unkoman<br>
Gajiro and Pretty Unkoman
Gajiro and Harima and Yabashi (Yabashi)<br>
Gajiro and Harima and Yabashi (Yabashi)
Gajiro and Bol Sister<br>
Gajiro and Bol Sister

Leaving aside the question of whether they "wanted to pretend it never happened," the official Blume Hill website had a detailed page up until the day of the event, but the page was hidden the day after the event.

Google search results 4/15<br>
Google search results 4/15


4/15 "Blumen Hill" official website

Were dark forces at work?

Postscript: The results were announced on the Blume no Oka official website on April 16th.

Blumenhoe Official Website

The "Kimo Character Grand Prix" was held over two days.

On the first day, Harimatoyabashi from Kochi Prefecture received the most votes, but after two days' combined votes, Gajiro overtook them and took the Grand Prix by a narrow margin.

The event was reported on Gajirou's official social media accounts, with grand prize winner Gajirou expressing his joy by saying, "It's been 10 hard years since I was discovered and captured in Tsujikawayama Park. Finally, I did it!! I've won my first title."

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