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Awaji Island's BEST Theme Parks

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Awaji Island is known for its nature, food, and history. However, it is also famous for its theme parks! In this article, we introduce you to some of the best theme parks on Awaji Island.

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1) Nijigen no Mori: Enter the World of Anime at Awaji Island's Anime Theme Park

Welcome to Nijigen no Mori Anime Theme Park, where the world of anime and pop culture comes to life! This unique Awaji Island attraction has been a tourist hotspot since its opening in 2017. Nijigen no Mori features permanent attractions where you can enjoy content and activities related  to popular stories such as Naruto, Godzilla, Dragon Quest, and Crayon Shin-chan. The prefectural park itself is free with fees only charge for specific attractions.

Getting to Nijigen no Mori

Travel to Awaji Island is easy, just an hour from Kobe and an hour and a half from Osaka. Most routes first take you to Sannomiya, where you can find direct transportation to Awaji Island.

From Sannomiya in Kobe, we recommend taking the Awaji Resort Bus – Kita-Awaji Nishi-Kaigan Line. This direct bus service covers Awaji Island's popular destinations along its gorgeous West Coast, including Nijigen no Mori.

Direct bus from Sannomiya to Nijigen no Mori

Another option to reach Nijigen no Mori is via Awaji IC (Awaji Interchange). From Awaji IC, you can take advantage of the free shuttle bus service to Nijigen no Mori.

Please refer to the following pages for more about transportation to the park.

Awaji IC to Nijigen no Mori

Godzilla Interception Operation

Experience the arrival of the legendary monster on Awaji Island! Dive into the story of how this mythical creature was captured and help save the world by helping to keep the beast contained.

The Godzilla attraction, developed in collaboration with Toho Studios, features a short film, zipline, shooting game, museum, a shop, and themed food available at the Mori no Terrace restaurant.

Dragon Quest Island Adventure

Go on an adventure within Nijigen no Mori at Dragon Quest Island, an outdoor field RPG attraction where you step into the role of the main character in the world of “Dragon Quest”, the smash hit video game set in medieval times.

Join us to complete quests, conquer the final boss to save the day, and afterward, unwind with well-deserved refreshments at the iconic Luida's bar!

NARUTO & BORUTO Shinobi-Zato

Explore the ultimate ninja manga Naruto and its sequel Boruto at their own theme park on Awaji Island! Channel your inner ninja as you try to solve mysteries and collect ninja scrolls to reach the final stage of your journey.

At the park, walk through the iconic Konoha village gates, visit the headstones of previous Hokages, and take photos with the Nine-Tailed Fox Kurama. After your adventure, relax and dine at Ichiraku Ramen while capturing memorable moments with photos!

Crayon Shin-chan Adventure Park

Crayon Shin-chan, a beloved children's anime in Japan, portrays the everyday life of a little boy named Shin-chan. At this attraction, immerse yourself in the anime world through an interactive obstacle course, an adventurous zipline, a maze inside Shin-chan's preschool, and an exhilarating "horror" house. It promises lots of fun for the whole family!

Nijigen no Mori


Get ready for an adventure with 2 thrilling areas to explore: the "Heartthrob Maze," an interactive maze inspired by the TV animation "SPY×FAMILY," and the "Flower Park," where visitors can take memorable photos with characters in a floral-themed setting. If you like Spy x Family, then this area is ideal for you!

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2) HELLO KITTY Theme Parks on Awaji Island

Many people are unaware that Awaji Island is home to Hello Kitty-themed attractions, including a theme park, restaurant, and various facilities. Whether you're a Hello Kitty fan or simply seeking something out of the ordinary, Awaji Island is the perfect destination for you.

Access to these facilities is similar to Nijigen no Mori. You can reach them by taking the Awaji Resort Bus – Kita-Awaji Nishi-Kaigan Line or a bus from Awaji Interchange.


HELLO KITTY SMILE is the only Hello Kitty-themed gallery in Japan, featuring the latest media art of Hello Kitty by the ocean, as well as related merchandise and a 360-degree theater.

At HELLO KITTY SMILE, visitors are transported into a world of digital multimedia animated imagery inspired by the ancient Japanese folk tale, "The Palace of the Dragon Princess." Don't miss the photogenic spots with entire walls covered in Hello Kitty motifs and interactive touch-sensitive animations. In the gallery and restaurants, Hello Kitty herself makes appearances to greet visitors!


The HELLO KITTY SHOW BOX is a vibrant venue for shows, dining, and shopping. During the all-vegan lunchtime show, you can enjoy the widely acclaimed HELLO KITTY JAZZ BAND, featuring dynamic live performances and projection mapping animation. The show changes every season, making it a favorite for fans who love to return again and again.

The creative menu of vegan dishes, crafted entirely from plant-based ingredients without any animal products, offers a healthy way for fans of the feline figure to enjoy their time at HELLO KITTY SHOW BOX. After the meal, explore shops offering a wide range of original Sanrio character souvenirs.


HELLO KITTY APPLE HOUSE proudly holds the Guinness World Record for being the "largest building in the shape of an apple". Located next to HELLO KITTY SHOW BOX, it has become a beloved destination for Hello Kitty enthusiasts. Inside, visitors can enjoy a mesmerizing 360° projection mapping experience, inspired by Hello Kitty.

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Theme Restaurants on Awaji Island

Beyond theme parks, Awaji Island also has unique theme restaurants where you can savor dishes inspired by famous anime franchises and HELLO KITTY. While HELLO KITTY SHOW BOX is a popular option, there are several other themed dining experiences to explore.

Mori no Terrace - Unique Anime-themed Creations

At Mori no Terrace, you can enjoy a variety of foods designed in collaboration with the attractions, such as different types of Godzilla curry, Anya Bento Boxes from SPY x Family, and many more.

Ichiraku Ramen - Naruto's Beloved Ramen is available on Awaji Island!

Located inside the Naruto & Boruto Village, the famous Ichiraku Ramen offers the most delicious set of ramen to enjoy after completing your ninja mission.

Restaurant Tamatebako - Adorable Hello Kitty-themed Dishes

Inside HELLO KITTY SMILE, you can visit a restaurant offering Hello Kitty-themed Chinese dishes, creating a unique dining experience on Awaji Island.

There you have it! Check out all the popular anime and amusement parks on Awaji Island. Whether you're a fan of the franchises or simply looking for a unique destination, Awaji Island is the place for you! The website below has much more content about Awaji Island!

Awaji Island West Coast

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