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Japanese Business Hotels - Cheap and Comfortable Accommodation

Japanese Business Hotels - Cheap and Comfortable Accommodation

Translated by Lester Somera

Written by Mayu

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Japan has many places for international visitors to stay, such as business hotels. We'll explain how these simply furnished and reasonably priced hotels work.

Business Hotels are Cheap and Have Easy Access to Neighboring Stations

Business hotels were originally used by Japanese businessmen on work-related trips, but due to their comfort and reasonable rates, they are used more and more frequently by domestic travelers and visitors from overseas.

While business hotels may not have the extravagance of international hotel chains or well-established hotels, the staff are courteous and you can relax during your stay.

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Averages Prices at Business Hotels

Most of the time, staying at a business hotel is cheaper than staying at a regular hotel, with one night’s stay ranging from 6,000 to 15,000 yen. Generally, the most you’ll have to pay for a room is 12,000 yen.

Business Hotel Rooms

Business hotel rooms are compact, but the beds are wide enough for you to get a good night’s sleep, and are perfectly suitable for getting rid of fatigue after a long day of traveling.

Other than the bed, each room is equipped with a table, chair, TV, small refrigerator and closet. The rooms also have bath towels and pajamas, so you essentially don’t need to bring anything. The bathrooms are smaller than those at traditional Japanese inns and regular hotels, and feature unit baths which combine the shower and tub.

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Business Hotel Amenities

Business hotel rooms are stocked with shampoo and body soap, hand soap, toothbrushes, razors and combs. The amenities do not include skin care products and cosmetics for women, so bring them yourself if you need them.

Internet Setups at Business Hotels

Most Japanese business hotels are set up for both wireless and wired Internet, which can be used without additional surcharges.

However, many of these Internet connections require a password, so when you arrive at the hotel, confirm the login information for using the Internet at the front desk.

Meals at Business Hotels

Business hotels do offer breakfast on request. The kinds of breakfast items available vary by hotel.

Some business hotels offer Western-style breakfasts with bread, salad and the like, while others offer Japanese-style breakfast with rice and miso soup. There are also places which do buffet-style breakfasts. Many business hotels do not offer dinner, so find a nearby restaurant or stop by a convenience store or supermarket to pick up a bento.

Other Facilities

Many business hotels have coin laundromats set up on the premises, which is convenient for travelers who need to do laundry during their trips.

There are also business hotels which offer dry-cleaning services for a fee. If you want to avail of these services, inquire at the front desk.

Who Should Stay at Business Hotels

If you’re looking to stay at a cheap hotel in Japan which is close to a train station, and plan to be out of your hotel until the wee hours, enjoying the sights or traveling around, we recommend staying at a business hotel.

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