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Relax in a Shibuya Capsule: The Ladies-Only Nadeshiko Hotel

Relax in a Shibuya Capsule: The Ladies-Only Nadeshiko Hotel

Relax in a Shibuya Capsule: The Ladies-Only Nadeshiko Hotel

Translated by Lester Somera

Written by Maki

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Japanese capsule hotels are popular for being very affordable. This time, we would like to introduce you to a unique capsule hotel in Shibuya for women.

Translated by Lester Somera

Written by Maki

Capsule hotels, Japan’s unique lodging establishments, are popular for their budget-friendly pricing and convenience (*1).

However, capsule hotel facilities and amenities are relatively simple, and have a tendency to be male-only. This time, we would like to introduce you to a women-only capsule hotel, with an original vision which upends people’s common conceptions about what a capsule hotel can be: the Nadeshiko Hotel Shibuya.

(*1) Capsule hotels have box-shaped bed spaces for guests to sleep in instead of individual rooms, which makes them cheaper than regular hotels.

A Kimono-Clad Lady Welcomes You in the Heart of Shibuya

The Shibuya district, home of the Scramble Crossing, contains plenty of fascinating hotspots for fashion and culture, and crowds of people walk its streets daily. Nadeshiko Hotel Shibuya is located within walking distance from JR Shibuya Station.

Check in at the front, which is marked by a pink sign. If you’re lucky, you may be greeted by the proprietress of the hotel, dressed in a kimono.

After checking in, a yukata (light summer kimono) to wear in the hotel will be lent to you free of charge. Choose your favorite pattern!

The available amenities are a delight, with a Japanese-patterned cloth purse that contains not only a toothbrush and skin care products, but Japanese socks (tabi) and a body towel.

Comfortably Turn Over in the Sleeping Area

The sleeping area has a total of 24 capsules on the third and fourth floors. “Sudare” screens (*2) decorated with ukiyo-e patterns adorn the passageway, creating a modern Japanese vibe.

*2: Sudare is the general term for these sunshades and blinds, made by weaving finely-cut pieces of bamboo together with thread.

The inside of the bright white capsule feels pristine, and is spacious enough for you to turn over in bed. The soft and fluffy futon feels great to sleep on, too.

There is a USB port and electrical outlet at the base of the pillow, and guests can adjust the lighting, air conditioning and alarm clock settings in their own capsule. What’s more, every part of the building has Wi-Fi access.

Each floor has its own storage lockers, so you can rest assured that your valuables are secure.

Use these zōri slippers when walking around the hotel. Deck yourself out in a yukata and a pair of zōri, then accessorize with a cloth bag, and you’ll be the perfect image of a yukata-clad woman!

Soak in the Public Bath While You Gaze at Red Mt. Fuji

Photo provided by: Nadeshiko Hotel Shibuya

Guests use the large public baths on the second floor. Up to nine people at a time can fit into one of the bathtubs, which are decorated with images of a scarlet Mt. Fuji (*3). There are also “Goemon baths,” shaped like stoves, as well as “hinoki baths,” filled with the wafting scent of cypress. Here you can experience Japan’s unique bathtubs for yourself.

There are also showers available for people who don’t want to use the public baths.

*3: The image of red-colored Mt. Fuji evokes the last days of summer and beginning of autumn, when the morning sun dyes the mountain red.

The spacious powder rooms are stocked with dryers and free drinking water.

Free Drinks and Internet in the Public Lounge

There is a tatami lounge on the same floor as the public baths, with free green tea and coffee served until 3 AM. There are also unlimited snacks, so you may find yourself spending more time in this relaxing area than you had originally planned.

There are two PCs in the Internet corner, so you can easily search for sightseeing and restaurant information.

Get Drinks at the Izakaya, Then Get Dolled Up in a Kimono

We have just introduced the women-only spaces so far, but at Oishi Komachi Shinsen on the first floor, men and women alike can enjoy a Japanese meal along with more than 30 carefully-selected sake varieties from breweries across Japan. You can sample a glass starting at 420 yen, so you can easily do some taste tests to find your favorite.

The first floor has a souvenir shop where you can buy traditional Japanese towels, washcloths, origami and other Japanese souvenirs.

Photo provided by: Nadeshiko Hotel Shibuya

The most popular thing at the shop is the kimono rental service. The kimono designs available range from flamboyant and classically-Japanese patterns to simple and unadorned patterns; and prices for a one-day rental start at 6000 yen, which is surprisingly cheap. The shop also has an original photo corner set up, so if you do your own makeup, you can take photos in your kimono.

*Prices vary according to season.

In Closing

Nadeshiko Hotel Shibuya offers guests the original concept of a women-only capsule hotel. With an excellent location 10 minutes from Shibuya Station and reasonable prices starting at 6500 yen a night, how about making it your base when visiting the Shibuya district?
*Prices vary according to season.

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