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How To Find Garbage Cans And Handle Your Trash In Japan

How To Find Garbage Cans And Handle Your Trash In Japan

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With few garbage cans and lots of arcane sorting rules, Japan can be a hard place to get rid of trash. This article explains the system and offers some tips.

Translated by Lester Somera

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It can be a little difficult to throw away trash in Japan.

You have to carefully separate it into categories, and it can be almost impossible to find a garbage can anywhere other than convenience stores or train stations. For travelers who are unused to the idea, it seems like figuring out the system takes an unreasonable amount of time and effort. However, these troublesome little rules are the reason why Japan preserves its tidy cityscapes. In this article, let’s learn the rules about burnable garbage, non-burnable garbage, recyclable garbage, and all the other complicated trash disposal rules in Japan.

How Do You Throw Away Garbage in Japan?

When throwing away household garbage in Japan, you first have to check what trash category is picked up on that day. Japan has fixed days for each trash category, and certain areas may define some items differently or have different sorting categories.


Furthermore, when throwing out the garbage, you must put it in a garbage bag, then place it in the designated pickup area the night before. This is because waste collectors come to take the trash away early in the morning. In addition, some places will cover their garbage pickup areas with netting to keep away pigeons and other animals that will tear open the bags.

City halls and ward halls will have garbage sorting rules available to view on their homepages, and if you go directly to your city hall, you should be able to receive a guide for garbage disposal rules in your language. People who are staying for an extended period of time, or who plan to live in Japan in the future, should research this information.

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