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The Features Of All Nippon Airways (ANA), The 5-Star Japanese Airline

The Features Of All Nippon Airways (ANA), The 5-Star Japanese Airline

Translated by Shinji Takaramura

Written by MATCHA-PR

2017.03.13 Bookmark

ANA, a prominent Japanese airline, is also one of the highest ranking worldwide airlines, offering a safe, sound trip to its passengers.


1. ANA - Japan's 5-Star Airline
2. Dependability, Safety and Comfort
3. Creating Repeat Customers
4. The No.1 Share in the Domestic Market

ANA - The 5-Star Airline

ANA is a Japanese airline founded in 1952, and a member of the Star Alliance.

ANA (All Nippon Airways) connects 49 Japanese cities with 113 routes, and 42 cities overseas with 87 routes, serving 4.2 billion passengers every year. Vanilla Air and Peach Aviation, Japanese low-cost carriers, are members of the ANA Group.

A 5-Star for Four Consecutive Years


All Photographs provided by ANA

ANA is the first Japanese airline to be awarded the rating of "The World's 5-Star Airlines."

"The World's 5-Star Airlines" is a classification of the airlines by the British company Sky Trax. From 2013 to 2016, ANA achieved the highest category in quality ranking for four consecutive years, and has been rated as an airline providing world-class service.

Dependability, Safety and Comfort


The Key to Dependability

Eighty-four percent of ANA's scheduled flights run on-time. This percentage ranks among the top 10 international airlines, and it means that a flight delay is very rare. Passengers can be assured that their travels will start smoothly.


All ANA employees go through safety training courses, and all aircraft are serviced by ANA staff. This policy has lead to the aforementioned classification.


ANA deploys new aircraft to both domestic and international flights. Thanks to the expert cleaning staff, passengers can travel in a clean atmosphere.

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