The Features Of All Nippon Airways (ANA), The 5-Star Japanese Airline

The Features Of All Nippon Airways (ANA), The 5-Star Japanese Airline

ANA, a prominent Japanese airline, is also one of the highest ranking worldwide airlines, offering a safe, sound trip to its passengers.


1. ANA - Japan's 5-Star Airline
2. Dependability, Safety and Comfort
3. Creating Repeaters
4. The No.1 Share in the Domestic Market

ANA - The 5-Star Airline

ANA is a Japanese airline founded in 1952, and a member of the Star Alliance.

ANA (All Nippon Airways) connects 49 Japanese cities with 113 routes, and 42 cities overseas with 87 routes, serving 4.2 billion passengers every year. Vanilla Air and Peach Aviation, Japanese low-cost carriers, are members of the ANA Group.

A 5-Star for Four Consecutive Years


All Photographs provided by ANA

ANA is the first Japanese airline to be awarded the rating of "The World's 5-Star Airlines."

"The World's 5-Star Airlines" is a classification of the airlines by the British company Sky Trax. From 2013 to 2016, ANA achieved the highest category in quality ranking for four consecutive years, and has been rated as an airline providing world-class service.

Dependability, Safety and Comfort


The Key to Dependability

Eighty-four percent of ANA's scheduled flights run on-time. This percentage ranks among the top 10 international airlines, and it means that a flight delay is very rare. Passengers can be assured that their travels will start smoothly.


All ANA employees go through safety training courses, and all aircraft are serviced by ANA staff. This policy has lead to the aforementioned classification.


ANA deploys new aircraft to both domestic and international flights. Thanks to the expert cleaning staff, passengers can travel in a clean atmosphere.

Creating Repeat Customers


ANA has also secured Sky Trax awards for the "Best Airline Staff in Asia" and "World's Best Airport Services," so its high-quality service is guaranteed.

Here are some of the examples in the economy class of the international flights.

International In-flight Service

In-flight Meals: Supervised by Famous Chefs


An example of the in-flight meal
ANA took a poll on the most popular in-flight meals via social media, and offers menus such as hamburger steaks and kaisen (seafood) chirashizushi. Meals for vegetarians and Muslims are also available, so passengers should ask for them in advance.

Beverages: A Japanese-brand Soup


Soft drinks (apple juice, coffee and soup) and alcoholic beverages (beer and wine) are served for free on international flights.

Our recommendation is the vegetable soup, which is a joint development product of the Japanese company Kayanoya and ANA. The soup is cooked from vegetables produced in Japan and made without chemical seasoning and preservatives.

In-flight Entertainment


Movies currently showing in Japan, music, games, TV dramas and digital books - they are all part of the entertainment program (*1) provided by ANA.

*1: Please note that programs change each month, and some programs may not be available on certain aircraft.

Airport Services

A Stress-free Check-in


ANA check-in counters can easily be found on the airport departure floors. The procedures are done swiftly, so the waiting time tends to be short.

Automatic Check-in and Baggage Check


The automatic check-in machine at Japanese airports

Automatic check-in and baggage check machines are also available. The automatic baggage check machine is user-friendly, as it reads the bar code on the ticket and prints the tag, which the passenger sticks on the baggage (*2).

*2: Please note that some tickets need to be processed at the check-in counter.

The No.1 Share in the Japanese Market

ANA boasts the No.1 share in the Japanese market and connects 49 Japanese cities, including airports located on islands such as Ishigakijima and Miyakojima in Okinawa. By flying with ANA, passengers from abroad can easily transfer to domestic flights.

Some aircraft also offer Wi-Fi connections for a fee. Classical music and Japanese pop are also available as part of the in-flight audio entertainment.

Premium Class - A Class Above

ANA's domestic flights offer reservations for Premium Class seats, which is an equivalent of business class seats on international flights. This seat has various privileges and is perfect for those who want to enjoy their luxurious travels.

Airport Lounge


An example of a lounge

Premium Class offers exclusive check-in counters and lounges at the main Japanese airports. After the check-in procedures, the passengers can relax in the lounge.

Reclining Seats


Reclining seats

The seat pitch is set at 50 inches. Some aircraft are equipped with an electric-powered reclining seat, enabling the passengers to stretch their legs (*3).

*3: Please note that the seats differ depending on the aircraft.

In-flight Meals: Delicacies of the Season


An example of the in-flight meal

Premium Class passengers can enjoy special in-flight meals served in a type of Japanese picnic box called jubako (*4). The meal is a delight, as all the dishes are arranged beautifully and prepared with seasonal and local delicacies.

Domestic Discount Tickets

To the visitors from abroad, ANA offers special one-way tickets for domestic economy class seats, priced at 10,800 yen. The number of tickets is limited, so they may be sold out on some flights. If you plan to visit Japan, be sure to check in advance.

For further information, please read Up To 80% Off! ANA's Domestic Travel Tickets Are A Bargain!

Also take a look at ANA's special site.

In November of 2016, ANA formed an official partnership with the Japanese Ministry of the Environment. ANA will be introducing all the Japanese National Parks on their website, and also be planning park tours, so stay tuned.

ANA Official Site: ANA

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