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Experience The Warmth Of The Locals At Nuttari NARI In Niigata

Experience The Warmth Of The Locals At Nuttari NARI In Niigata

Translated by Lester Somera

Written by madoka hasegawa

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NARI, a guesthouse and bar located in Niigata's Nuttari area, is a fusion of historic and modern construction which has been open since January 2017.

Chat with Locals and Fellow Travelers in the Bar Area

A draft beer at NARI

Photos provided by: Nuttari NARI

The guesthouse has a bar and lounge where locals gather. On the day we visited, we chatted with the folks who had casually gathered there. Of course, that chance to mingle is one of the fun things about traveling. The vibe at Nuttari NARI makes it easy for conversations to start naturally.

The NARI lounge

Naturally, the bar stocks local Niigata sake, and also has beer on tap and cocktails. There are also herbal teas and soft drinks. There are also places to drink around NARI, so after carousing outside, it’s great to be able to come back and stop in for one last drink at your accommodation.

Nari Japanese room

The lounge is not just a space with sofas. There is also a Japanese room with a Ryukyudatami mat floor (*2). Sitting around a low table and chatting is a quintessentially Japanese experience to have on your trip.

*2 Ryukyudatami: varies from regular tatami with its border-less design and half-mat sizes.

Shared Kitchen

Shared kitchen

Of course there is a shared kitchen. Pots and other cooking utensils are all available, so you can cook with ingredients you buy in Niigata.

A Modest, Warm Gesture in Frigid Niigata

A hot-water bottle

Winter in Niigata is seriously frigid, and people who come from the southern parts of Japan may find it much colder than they had imagined, with nights getting so chilly that falling asleep is impossible.

However, Nuttari NARI prepares a modest gift for guests to keep their spirits warm in bed. That present is a hot water bottle. Fill it with hot water and use it to warm the inside of your futon during winter in Niigata.

You can request next-day breakfast (500 yen), with a quintessentially Japanese menu of rice balls and miso soup. The warmth of NARI’s staff was packed into our meal, and we felt quite at home.

The Reason Behind the Name NARI


Photos provided by: Nuttari NARI

Have you ever heard the word “nari”?

A word used by carpenters, “nari” refers to the process of building something in a way that suits the place’s atmosphere and requirements. Many different kinds of people come to an inn every day. The name came from the owner’s desire to create a guesthouse which had different faces and atmospheres to offer, to fit each day’s guests.


The owner, Omomo-san, said that her goal was to turn Nuttari NARI into a gateway to Niigata; a guesthouse like a terminal. In order for guests to be able to use the guesthouse as a base to gather information for beginning a trip, Nuttari NARI has magazines to guide you around all of Niigata prefecture, as well as Nuttari. In addition, if you ask the staff or the locals whom you meet at the bar, they may lead you to some new discoveries too.

In Closing

Nuttari is a warm-hearted town with friendly people. The people who gather in Nuttari, not to mention the staff at NARI, will welcome you with open arms, and the connection you forge with them may become the best part of your trip. If you want to relax and experience people’s kindness on your travels, by all means, plan to stay at NARI.

なり - nuttari NARI -

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